Working in summer? Yes!

Dobar Dan!

The sun is still shinning and everyone is enjoying summertime demo version 0.9. As for me, after being pretty busy for a week or so, I decided to make myself a little vacation and visit my friend in London. Staying in the capital since Monday I’ve managed to spend time with my childhood friend Nick, who’s recently graduated and also meet my wonderful cousin Tanya. London is a perfect place for me to hang out, go to pubs and restaurants or just randomly wander around the city. However, I didn’t have 100% vacation time. Having attended couple of meetings, I’ve ticked several boxes in my calendar called “necessary things to do”. That gave some sort of feeling of accomplishment 🙂

Like many other students in Edge Hill I’m currently looking forward my work placement. As far as I could understand, it is getting more and more popularity every year. Being able to gain some practical skills in the sphere of your interest is an amazing opportunity that should not be neglected. However, it is not as easy as it seems from the first view. There is definitely a limited number of places in British companies for those, who seek industrial placement and one should be carefully analysing the situation and acting fast in order to secure a good place. Another cool option is to have a placement abroad. With various companies like Disney or Nestle advertising placement options for international students one has a possibility to enrich the CV with the lines, describing international working experience, which is an important asset for every serious employer.

Getting enough work experience before you graduate is crucial. During my first years of student life I’ve been actively involved in volunteering, and this is a great thing to get diverse experience and gain new skills and knowledge. Moreover, it shows your future employer that you are not motivated just by money. Every type of volunteering, starting from helping the people, finishing with organizing events for pupils/students can give you valuable communication, teamwork and administration skills and experience. These are kinds of things every employer is looking for in graduates’ CVs 😉

Finally, don’t forget that you can always invest your time resources into studying, if you didn’t manage or want to find a job or a placement. Apart from university studies, there are many opportunities to improve the knowledge in various spheres of interest or even add a qualification to the CV. This can be achieved by various courses, seminars and conventions, which can make your knowledge up to date, flexible and substantial. Not only will this be helpful in your future studies, but it will also beneficial for your future work life.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”

– Auguste Rodin.



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