Living in Edge Hill

It is a long time to let my blog empty, because the study is busy and get familiar with language is not an easy task for me. After a long time study, this semester almost over, so I have more time to write about my own things now.

I have been to Edge Hill nearly half a year; it is the first time for me to stay in another country in such a long time. I miss all of my friends, my parents and my hometown very much, but there is no chance to go back home because the air journey is not cheap and there are also massive assignments for me to complete, therefore, during the Christmas holiday I think I will stay in room to deal with my works.

During the first semester, the experience for me is very useful, because I am a student assistant in CIE and they offer me some job to do, hence I have done lot of things which I did not do before, it is a good practice for me. Thanks for this job, I met a lot of people and have more friends than if I simply study and go back hall; my spoken English is also improved sharply than I went to England before, so I feel more confident now.

Christmas is coming, I hope I can finish my assignment soon so that I will have time to travel around.

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Fly to UK

 I have arrived in UK for some days, It is a new world and new environment for me, everything in my eyes is different from China. Before I took off from Chengdu airport I was so exciting that I did not feel any homesick or unwilling to part, after said goodbye to my parents and my uncle. I passed the Check station seating in the plane. The 747 is a kind of large plane so there were many people in the passenger compartment, two old Chinese seated in chair closed to me. They were the first time to have a flying journey and go abroad. After plane took of there came the pain,the flying time was 10hours, I had never experience such a long flight like this, the narrow leg space and the continual engine noise that make people tired and crazy. After landing on the Amsterdam airport I was so tired but I must waiting for another flight to Liverpool with my heavy luggage. Its a disaster! When I came to Liverpool and Mrs Iona picked me up,due to the jet lag and out of energy I even could not feel myself. So at that night the first impress of Liverpool was windy and cold. I think I will find a free time to go to this city again after I settle in my University.

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Prepare for leaving

I have booked the flight ticket which is from Chengdu to Liverpool in May 25th . The time is coming, I’m busy preparing for everything that I would bring to UK. It is a big job because a great deal of things must be bought such as a new suitcase some new clothes, I have not bought new clothes for three years, some daily essentials and so on, which takes me much time to think about it and to buy it. Fortunately, almost everything is ok, I’m waiting for my first oversea fly.

I will go to Chengdu in 21st this month, the flight will take off in Chengdu , there is no flight to UK in Chongqing, so I must go to Chengdu in advance , and there are some relatives I have to visit such as my younger female cousin who comes to this world in last month, she is my first sister who is almost 24 years younger than me. Oh that sounds funny . in 25th I plan to go to airport early so that I can accomplish the exit procedures smoothly.

I hope everything will be successful.

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To get the Visa

The Visa application had been rejected due to I did not pack my transcript in the materials which should be given to the Visa officer. I was very depressed,it also wasted my time and money,because I must resend my materials to have an new application. 

Fortunately,after 15days,my Visa has come smoothly,I have been permited to go to UK next month,which set my parents’ heart at rest, and now we are preparing everything for going abroad.such as clothes and all living stuff (daily necessities),it will take my some days to buy all of these.It is the first time to go to a foreign country I feel very exciting and can not wait to begin my travel.

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English to Chinese students

I will be a new student in Edgehill,I am from the China which is a big country with the largest population.In our country,to go abroad is not very easy so I have to pay more effort to make my dream come ture.The english test,IELTS,is an difficult examination for most Chinese students,because I think the english that we have been tought is not very useful in western country,it is not practical especially in communication english,In our generation we have not been tought how to communicate with a foreign people,one skill we were trained most of the time was reading,this situation makes a low level of spoken english  in contemporary Chinese students,if some one wants to enhance in this aspect who must pay more effort and money to find another way to satisfied the requirement,this is why more and more english education agency opened in China.I also studied in one of this agency to improve my english level,first it is expensive,second,I have to take more time to correct the wrong way of useing some world and any other mistakes which were tought by our teathers in past ten years.Fortunately I got an satisfied score in IELTS. Now I am waiting for the VISA,I hope it will be smooth.

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Anime start in April

The anime in April are very excellent  haha,but to describe this Japanese shows in English is a difficult things to me. (┬_┬)

 Steins;Gate,シュタインズ・ゲート  , I like it,the episode I is very attractive, I can not wait for the new episode in next week.

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