Sinister Preparations

Hello again,

As you can see, this week sees the launch of our brand new blog, Inside Edge. Whilst in previous years, all of the bloggers operated independently, they now all contribute solely to this one blog, in order to provide a better all-round presentation of the University. I recommend reading posts from all of the bloggers, but for those who want to focus on my own posts, you can do so by clicking this link:

This week has been one of evil intent, as my time is being evenly split between rehearsals for my upcoming show ‘The Capeman’ which will be staged at The Arts Centre next month, and finalising everything for the upcoming event ‘Once Upon A Crime’, an interactive Murder Mystery that I’ve written, which is being performed Friday 19th October. My next blog will most likely follow it, so be prepared for an excited recount of mayhem, murder and fancy dress, complete with photos!

Yours maliciously,
Joey x

Rear Window

Hello again,

After the stresses of Freshers Week, I found myself quite unwell, and after an excruciatingly long wait in the walk-in centre, was told to take a couple of days of bed-rest.

Five days later, I’ve gone insane, staring out of the window from my bed, wishing that something more interesting that a magpie would go past.¬†With the next Murder Mystery event less than a fortnight away, I can’t help but wish for some shady plot to unfold outside my window…

Yours Hitchcockedly,
Joey x

My Night Off!

Hello again,

I’ve passed on! I am no more! I have ceased to be! I’ve expired and gone to meet my maker! I’m a stiff! Bereft of life, I rest in peace! My metabolic processes are now history! I’m off the twig! I’ve kicked the bucket, I’ve shuffled off my mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible!

In short, I’m dead. Between working as a Student Assistant, and volunteering with the Students’ Union, Freshers’ Week has completely and totally drained…

Can someone wake me around Christmastime?

Yours ex-parrotly,
Joey x

The Night Before…

Twas the night before Sunday, when all through the hall
Not a creature was stirring, nobody at all.
The campus was tidy, the corridors bare,
Awaiting the freshers that soon would be there…

It’s the day before the biggest event in my professional calendar: Welcome Sunday!

For those of you that don’t know, Welcome Sunday is the day where all the residential students (those who live on campus) move into their halls. As a Student Assistant, it’s my job to be on-hand to tackle any issues, questions and queries that might arise. It’s a long, tiring day, but it’s certainly worth it.

Forgive the short post this week, but I need to get to bed or I’ll sleep through my shift!

Yours poetically,
Joey x

My grand return!

Hello again,

Guess who’s back on campus?
(The answer is: me!)

Freshers Week doesn’t start for another seven sleeps, but all Student Assistants are required to move back onto campus a week early in order to undertake their training. It’s hard to choose the right words to describe my excitement, so I might just rely on Google images to demonstrate…

This is how I felt on my journey back to Uni!

Can’t wait to see you all next week!

Yours anticipatory,
Joey x

The countdown begins…

Hello again,

There are fourteen sleeps till the mayhem of Freshers’ Week begins, and with every morning, I’m waking up with greater nerves and even greater excitement!

Having already spoken to a number of my hall residents, I can’t wait to have everyone move in, and the fun can begin. Apologies for the short post today, even as I type this, I can hear Facebook going crazy as questions from the new intake fill my inbox – this is definitely the best job ever!!

Yours overeagerly,
Joey x

Very exciting news!

Hello again,

This week, I checked my emails and discovered that I’ve been invited to continue blogging throughout the 2012/2013 academic year, which is an offer I simply couldn’t refuse.

Blogging has been a wonderful opportunity for me to document the changes to my life over the last year, and I look forward to one day looking back and realising that my final two years of University have been recorded for posterity.

Leave your comments below on what you’d like me to blog about in the upcoming year!

Yours nostalgically,
Joey x

Whistle While You Work…

Hello again,

Goodness, I’m exhausted. I’ve spent all day working for the Accommodation Team at their Off-Campus Meet’n’Greet Sessions, answering questions about various accommodation options and generally pointing people in the right direction.

If you were one of the 20 people I saw today, I sincerely hope I was of some help – 19 of you walked out smiling, which means I must have been doing something right. I feel bad for the one young woman who I wasn’t able to help fully, though, and I hope you were able to find something suitable for you. Leave a comment below letting me know if you saw me today, and if I was any good!

Yours sleepily,
Joey x

Making the Grade!

Hello again!

Well, what an incredible week! Results Day has come and gone, and congratulations to everyone who received the grades that they needed to get into University. It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I was in your position, but time flies when you’re having fun!

Also, the first accommodation contracts have been sent out, meaning that I can start introducing myself to the residential students who have been allocated into one of my halls. If you’re in Elm, Holly, Larch or Maple, leave a comment below!

Yours excitedly,
Joey x

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!

Hello again,

Preparations are well under-way for Freshers’ Fair – the day where all of the student-run societies get to set up a stall and try to entice people to join. There’s something for everyone, and if there isn’t something that interests you then you can always start your own society by going to the Students’ Union.

Eager to impress you, the Murder Mystery Society have been working all summer on a number of things that they are hoping will get them the attention they deserve. Now under new management, check out their brand new website at and sign up for their informative newsletter The Poison Pen Post, in order to be told of their events over the coming year.

Yours conspiratorially,
Joey x