Peter Tatchell

This might be of interest to any of you that live near to Edge Hill, or are going to be around visiting at the start of May.

I’m part of the LGBT society at Edge Hill, and recently we’ve been trying to organise a few events to raise our profile around the uni. This started with a bake sale to raise money, but we’ve managed to arrange for Peter Tatchell (a human rights campaigner) to come and give a public lecture for us on the 9th of May.

Peter Tatchell Lecture Poster

Peter Tatchell Lecture

If anyone is interested in attending then book a place (for free!) at

Decisions, decisions….

Well, that’s it, I’ve officially chosen which modules I’ve taken next year and have my provisional timetable!

I know a lot of you might have chosen a specific pathway when you’ve applied through UCAS, and that would mean that you won’t have a huge amount of choice when it comes to module choices this time next year, which is exactly what I thought when I applied for Web Systems Development. But, because of the way the course at Edge Hill is set out, everyone does the same work in first year, which means you can still pick any modules or pathway you want at the end of 1st year, even if its different to the one you first applied for.

So, I’ve decided to transfer from Web Systems Development to Computing (which is really easy – just one form!) and I’m taking these modules:

  • Graduate Enterprise
  • Research and Development Methods
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Computer Systems Architecture
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Physical Computing – Input and Output

This means that I can still carry on with some Programming, which I have been enjoying this semester, but also cover other topics at the same time, as I am still not sure what I want to actually do after my degree!!

Easter Already!

So that’s it, university is finished for the 3 week Easter break! This term has definitely gone quickly, and I’ve just submitted my module choices for second year! I can’t believe I’m almost through my first year already – and I’m sure a few of you are feeling the same about leaving college/6th form.

Time does fly, so if you are off for Easter now then don’t waste it! I know that you don’t want to be working during holidays, but trust me, if you leave any coursework/exam revision to the last minute you’ll regret it! (I’m speaking from experience on this one…) So enjoy your last few weeks of college/6th form, and don’t panic about exams, they’ll be fine, and before you know it you’ll be moving out!

SU Elections

Last week saw the university campus covered in posters encouraging students to vote in the Students’ Union Elections. As this is my first year at university, I had no idea what it was all about at first, but I got involved in the campaign team for one of the candidates for Vice President of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. All of the canditates have gone out of their way to publisise themselves and to find out what students want from the SU next year.

The elections allow students to vote for a new Students’ Union President, Vice Presidents of each of the three faculties – Education, Health and Arts & Sciences; as well as for NUS Delegates and Student Governors.

After a week of intense campaigning the positions have now been filled with what should be very capable candidates, which will no doubt mean an even better Students’ Union for next year!

Decision time

Its getting to that time of year now when you’ll be deciding which universities and courses to choose as your firm and insurance choices, which is no doubt going to be a difficult decision. I know that when I was doing this I was really worried about choosing a university where I wasn’t going to know anyone at all – but don’t worry! That doesn’t last long!

Here at Edge Hill it is really easy to make friends, even before Fresher’ Week. When I found out I was coming here, I joined the “Edge Hill Uni Friends Group” on Facebook (, which was set up by someone who is now in second year to help new students to meet people in the same halls/courses before enrollment. Since I’m not in halls, I found this really useful as it meant that I met a few people from my course, that I’m now really good friends with.

As well as that, in Freshers’ Week everyone is really friendly, and the main thing I can say is don’t be afraid to talk to people.

So, basically, don’t let the universities your friends are going to influence your decision – make sure you choose the uni you think is going to be best for you! 🙂

Almost results time….

So its getting near to that time of year again, when exam and assignment results are about to be released. I got an e-mail last week to say my semester 1 results are ready to collect from my module leaders, and I know that its around now, if not in the next few weeks that A Level and equivalent results will be out. Just remember, no matter what you think the results are going to be, don’t panic! Just stay calm, exams never go as bad as you think they have, so its probably going to be fine! Concentrate on the last couple of months of your courses that you have left instead, you can’t do anything about the exams you’ve already sat, or assignments you’ve already submitted – but the results aren’t final until August and you can still change them with anything you have left to do!

Applicant Visit Day

Yesterday was the first Applicant Visit Day for Business and Computing students. We had a really good turn out, and everyone there seemed to enjoy the day.

Since I didn’t come to a visit day when I applied, this was my first experience of them, and I as I had expected, they seem to be a really useful experience for applicants to help decide if Edge Hill is where you want to go.

If anyone has been invited to a visit day and hasn’t booked yet, I’d really advise you to because it is a great chance to see the facilities you’ll be using when you start your course, and to meet some of the tutors too!


Back to sport…at last!

This week I’ve finally got back to playing sport, after training being off because of the bad weather – the rugby pitch was unplayable to for quite a few weeks! But now, just over a week before Championships, Gaelic Football training started again, and I feel a lot better now that I’m back to doing exercise! Looks like, despite most of our girls being off on placements for teaching and nursing, we might actually stand a chance in Championships on Saturday, but I’ll tell you more after they’re done!


The fun of house hunting…

This is rather excited, if (hopefully) short post!

Tonight I signed for a house for next year with 3 of my friends…although I will actually only be living with 2 of them! (I’ll explain that later!). :D.

Its been a long journey to get this point…I started looking in November and it took us until today to sign on somewhere! Now, this is partly to do with us wanting something quite specific having been here for a year already…when you want not to spend more than £90 a week, but want broadband, a land line, double beds and parking it is fairly challenging! But all I can suggest for that is look at as many places as you can….there will be something out there to suit everyone, trust me :).

My major piece of advice for anyone looking for private accomodation for September is that if you are in a group, make sure everyone is commited and not going to drop out! We started with 7 and now have 3, which certainly says something for the commitment of my friends! Especially since one pulled out AFTER signing the tenancy agreement tonight…I’m not sure this will be too relevant to anyone starting first year in September, but its worth mentioning anyway. If you’re new to Ormskirk though, I’d definitely recommend living with people you don’t know in first year, even if you don’t want to be in halls…its definitely helped me meet lots of new people!

So, for now I’ll just say good luck to anyone applying/house hunting for next year now, and good night! I’ve been looking at houses since 9am this morning, so I’m going to bed!!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

Happy New Year everyone 🙂 Hope it was a good night for everyone and that you’re all looking forward to 2012…I think its going to be an eventful year for me, which if you keep reading my blogs I’m sure you’ll find out!

New Year

I’m over all the excitement of the holidays now and I’ve been back to work today, revising for my web development exam which I have on the 11th, even though the majority of my revision will be done once I get back to uni on Saturday. I know everyone has their own revision styles…which is an important thing to remember whether is AS, A Level or university exams that you have looming!…and mine has always been to use lots of colour codes (and I mean highlighters, writing pens, post it notes, note pads…the lot!) but I found this blog which has a good post on revision tips, and some free e-books and things with tips about uni life aswell, which has given me some good ideas…its I think this is the best tip on there, because I know blocking everything out and over-focusing on exams is something I’ve been guilty of in the past, but as it says, it is important to remember that you still have a life outside of exams:

Sleep, eat, relax, enjoy yourself…LIVE YOUR LIFE! – It’s easy to forget to do the simple, everyday things while you’re in revision mode. This is a mistake. Do what you usually do otherwise you’ll be less motivated to revise.

That’s all from me for now, enjoy the rest of the holiday, speak to you when I’m back in Ormskirk 🙂