Decisions, decisions…

I know I haven’t posted for a while, but the last week or so has been a busy one for me!

First of all, I went home last weekend again (I know, so soon after christmas!) to say bye to my dad and family because they moved to Australia on Wednesday! It does seem weird that he’s so far away, but on the plus side I gained a lot of food and kitchen things…and computer things…that they couldn’t take with them, which has definitely saved me some money!

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my Programming module. I found it really difficult at first, especially last term’s projects using Alice (that’s a drag and drop tool for basic object orientated programming). But this term its starting to make a lot more sense :). For anyone who has never programmed before and is starting this course, I’d definitely recommend Sam’s Teach Yourself Java in 21 days. It explains the language really well, and the exercises definitely helped me to learn it.

So, I guess you’re wondering why I’ve called this post decisions, decisions?

Today one of our module leaders came in to talk to my seminar group about module choices for next year…if you’re on the Web programme and you want to stay with that then module choices are easy! Most, if not all, of the 2nd year modules are compulsary so there’s not much choice involved. But, I’ve decided that I don’t want to stay on web (even though I got my module results back at last and I got 71.5% overall :D…more from the theory than my practical though!). So, I’ve spent quite a while today looking at my options, and with my new found love for programming, I think I’m considering going down the Systems and Software pathway, because it includes Programming and Computer Systems Architecture – the two modules I’m most interested in at the moment. I’ve got until March 26th to decide, so I’ll keep you posted!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Well, I’m home for the holidays now, after a rather interesting drive home after a day of heavy snow in Ormskirk…it couldn’t have waited just a few more hours!!


But anyway, I had planned to write this over the weekend, but I ended up being so busy I didn’t have time. Since coming back I’ve met up with a few friends from before uni, and that’s made me realise how much uni has changed me already! Before I started at uni I thought I’d really miss Newcastle, and not want to leave once I got back here; and its not that I haven’t missed the city, or the people, but I miss Edge Hill already! It just feels odd not wandering into CMIST every day, even when I don’t have class; or at least the library, to mess around with whatever project I have going on for the course. I am doing my best to keep doing the work I have while I’m at home, although it is much harder to get started, especially with a 1 year old running around! Its not too bad though, I’m only in first year and don’t actually have all that much work to do, even if it does seem like a lot right now!


I’m also anxiously awaiting an email from the accommodation team at Edge Hill, which may seem odd for someone who already has a house for this year, so I’ll explain…A few weeks ago I applied to be a Student Assistant for next year, which would mean I would live in halls and help look after Freshers, and after my interview last week, we’ve been told we should find out by this Friday, so I’ll let you know how it goes, with no doubt a very excited post if I get it!

Founders Court

Before I go, just a quick note for anyone from the North East, I had a lot of stuff to donate to charity that I had sorted out before I went to uni, and instead of just taking them to a regular charity shop, I took them to enviroclothes after hearing an advert on the radio for them. Basically, they are a company which take unwanted clothes, bedding, toys etc and send them overseas to places where they are needed to resell them, and also support Cash For Kids, which is the charity Metro Radio supports; and they also pay 40p per kilo for donations. To put that into real terms, I got just over £17 for 7 bags of stuff! If you have anything to get rid of, have a look at their website, could be a good way to make that loan go further!


So, just in case I don’t get another post in before the weekend, Merry Christmas everyone!!