The Final Stretch

This is my last week in uni for first year, and to be honest, I’m only timetabled to be in for about 2 hours! One for an exam, and one for a transition meeting. As you may have guessed from last post about exams back in January, I tend to panic at the last minute because I don’t feel I know enough, but this semester I’ve followed as much of my own advice as possible. I’ve finally gotten used to revising from a computer screen instead of needing everything on paper, which means that at last I don’t need to print off EVERY powerpoint presentation we’ve been given. For anyone that hates exams and is coming to Edge Hill to do Computing, don’t worry, the exams in first year aren’t as scary as you may think. They are multiple choice for the most part, and as long as you have good attendance, and follow the revision guidance the tutors give you they’ll be fine! I’m feeling fairly confident about my Computer Systems Architecture exam on Wednesday, but we’ll see how I feel after I’ve done it!

Despite only needing to be in for 2 hours all week, in reality I’m probably going to be on campus most days, trying to organise society stuff. I’m running as Vice President for the LGBT+ society for next year, so I’ve been helping to organise events that we have coming up to get ready for running my own campaigns come September, which means that I’ve been sticking up posters to advertise the public lecture we have this week (see my post a couple of weeks ago if you want to know more) and making campaign videos and having meetings with staff at the uni to find out what more we can do next year. Its all exciting times and I’ll no doubt write more about what we are doing later, but for now, I should probably go do some revision!

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