Almost results time….

So its getting near to that time of year again, when exam and assignment results are about to be released. I got an e-mail last week to say my semester 1 results are ready to collect from my module leaders, and I know that its around now, if not in the next few weeks that A Level and equivalent results will be out. Just remember, no matter what you think the results are going to be, don’t panic! Just stay calm, exams never go as bad as you think they have, so its probably going to be fine! Concentrate on the last couple of months of your courses that you have left instead, you can’t do anything about the exams you’ve already sat, or assignments you’ve already submitted – but the results aren’t final until August and you can still change them with anything you have left to do!

Applicant Visit Day

Yesterday was the first Applicant Visit Day for Business and Computing students. We had a really good turn out, and everyone there seemed to enjoy the day.

Since I didn’t come to a visit day when I applied, this was my first experience of them, and I as I had expected, they seem to be a really useful experience for applicants to help decide if Edge Hill is where you want to go.

If anyone has been invited to a visit day and hasn’t booked yet, I’d really advise you to because it is a great chance to see the facilities you’ll be using when you start your course, and to meet some of the tutors too!


Applicant Visit Days

Just a quick one today to anyone who has been invited to one of our Applicant Visit Days. The next Open Day at Edge Hill isn’t until summer, so if you’ve been invited to a Visit Day I would really recommend that you go. If you haven’t seen the campus before then you will get to have a look around and get a feel for what it will be like to study here; and even if you have seen the campus, there’ll be opportunities to meet teaching staff and see the types of equipment you’ll have access to as part of your degree.

The first one of these for computing is this Wednesday, 15th February. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there 🙂

Back to sport…at last!

This week I’ve finally got back to playing sport, after training being off because of the bad weather – the rugby pitch was unplayable to for quite a few weeks! But now, just over a week before Championships, Gaelic Football training started again, and I feel a lot better now that I’m back to doing exercise! Looks like, despite most of our girls being off on placements for teaching and nursing, we might actually stand a chance in Championships on Saturday, but I’ll tell you more after they’re done!