Applicant Visit

The first of the Applicant Visit was on Saturday 9th February and it was a great day for everyone who attended. These visits are for students who have applied for a course within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and who have been made an offer to come and study here. On the day we had subject sessions run by course tutors and general talks on student support and the student experience. We also offered tours and individual advice and guidance on finance and accommodation.

There is another Applicant Visit on Saturday 15th March for students who have received an invitation postcard and you can book your place online.

If you have applied for a course within the Faculty of Health or Faculty of Education there is another general Open Day on Saturday 12th April which is also bookable online.

9 thoughts on “Applicant Visit

  1. That’s great, the Open Day on 12th April will be a really good day and hopefully the sun will be shining for us!

  2. I went to the last visit & found it interesting with plenty of refreshments, now I cant wait to start uni!

  3. cmin 2 the appliciant visit day on march 15th just wanted to no a little more about it…. i live in london see and i don’t no wat 2 expect????

  4. Dan – As long as you have booked your place to attend I’ll be sending out your programme shortly but just to give you an idea: the day starts at 9.30am with a welcome talk followed by subject session(s) depending on what
    course(s) you have applied for. You will also have the opportunity to speak to staff about finance, accommodation and all other areas of student support and go on a campus tour or view an example of our halls of residence.

  5. Hi Dan,
    I was in the same position as you 2 years ago as I attended an open day travelling up from Watford. Jo has outlined the main activities which go on throughout the day but I found it a real eye-opener as to what Uni life is all about and what Edge Hill can offer you over the years of your degree. Also the one-to-one talks with heads of departments are really helpful in making sure the course that you are applying to is really the right course for you.

    Hope this helps!

  6. hello every1. ave just booked the applicant visit for march and am really nervous!!! am leaving a full time job to study P.E at edge hill, this is goining to be such a change of lifestyle for me. any1 got any advice?

  7. Hi Jo when will we be receiving the programmes for the aplicant visit for 15th March am so excited to start uni cant wait.

  8. Hi Leanne, the programmes will be posted out to you by the end of this week so you should receive them either Saturday or early next week. I’m glad you’re excited about starting Uni it is one of the best times of your life!

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