My first day of full lessons…

I have just finished planning my lessons for Thursday and Friday, and I have to say… I’m definitely ready for bed now!

All this getting up at 6am for school and then working til 9pm sure is tiring me out, but I absolutely love being on placement. The school that I am in is really nice and I couldn’t have asked for a better science department – everyone is so friendly and supportive!

I have lessons with all of the teachers in the department and all of them have been really helpful in preparing me for the next 8 weeks of planning and teaching!

Today was my first day of full lessons, starting with 2 hours with year 10s and later an hour with the year 9s – one thing I quickly realised is that a stopwatch can be one of a teachers best vices! It’s amazing what holding a stopwatch in the air can do to a class who don’t want to be quiet while the teacher is talking!

I’ve had an absolutely fantastic first day of full lessons, and can’t wait for tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to doing more teaching from now, for the next 8 weeks and getting to know the kids (and even learning from them!)

I will leave it there for now,

Until next time,

Jen 🙂

A week and a half into placement…

So I’m a week and a half into my placement and in absolutely loving it!

I’ve got two year 7 classes, two year 9 classes and one year 10, 11, 12 and 13 class an have a year 10 form.

I spent last week just sitting back an observing, taking note of the pupils and just watching how they behave and how they work best.

This week I am integrating with the classes essentially acting like a teaching assistant – I love getting to know the kids and even though it’s still really early on I feel like I am forming relationships with the pupils.

I’ve been given the topics that I will be teaching when I start next week and have begun planning in preparation.

It’s all so exciting!!

If there is anything you would like to know about being on placement don’t hesitate to ask and I will try and include it in my next blog!

Until next time,

Jen 🙂

A new year…

Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe how quickly the Christmas holidays have gone – probably because the only days I actually had a “holiday” were Christmas day, boxing day and new years eve, other than that I pretty much had my head in my books….

I should apologise for not writing my blog last week – I just got swept up in all of my revision, so I am sorry about that, but I will be writing two this week to make up for it!

I have two exams tomorrow… Environmental physiology and Ecological genetics, I know I have done more than enough revision over Christmas but I can’t help but feel nervous, so here I am it’s 23:18 and I have taken a break from my “last minute cramming session” to write my blog. As I cram I realise that I can actually already remember most of the stuff I’m reading – which is a comforting thought! So many key words buzzing around in my head “allopatric speciation”; “zeitgebers”; “euryhaline”; “stenotherm” and “ecotypic differentiation” just to name a few… tomorrow brings the end of my biology modules, they’ve been fun and I’ve learnt a lot!

I have two more exams on Thursday… Physics: concepts and models and Physics in action. Again I’ve done plenty of revision over Christmas but that doesn’t mean to say that tomorrow evening and all day Wednesday won’t be spent trying to cram those little extra bits of information into my brain! Thursday will be the last exam I will sit at Edge Hill University – I’m not going to lie, it can’t come quick enough! I’m not a fan of exams, I’d rather have a 5,000 word essay any day!

On Monday I start on my final placement as part of my course… I’m very excited and even bought myself a new “teacher” bag today in preparation! I can’t wait to get into school and get some more experience of lesson planning and being in a classroom in charge of a group of pupils…

I’m hoping to write my blog more often while I’m on placement, although I use Twitter to give a day to day update of life as a trainee teacher, sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough and I’d like to provide you with plenty of information about placement so you know what to expect when you (hopefully!) embark upon your teacher training at Edge Hill – so keep an eye out for that.

I would love to know what you would like to read about and would really appreciate any comments or Tweets to request specific blog topics!

That’s all for now – don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@Jen_EHU)

Thanks for reading!

Jen 🙂

Science in Pictures…

Okay, so I promised to upload some pictures of some of the things I have been doing since we started back at Uni in September… Please be aware if you are squeamish these pictures might not be for you…

This picture is showing a worm dissection… we did this to take a look at it’s blood vessel system.

In our next lesson we dissected a heart… The picture above is what we started with and the picture below is after we had cut into the heart and can see the chambers, vessels and valves.

We followed this by dissecting a lung… You can see that we are just in the process of cutting into the lung to take a closer look at the structures that lie within…

The next dissection that we did in our physiology lesson was a fish head…





We then removed the eye of the fish and proceeded to dissect that too…

Hope these pictures weren’t too disturbing and that you may have even found them interesting! I will upload more as we do them!

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Thanks for reading…

Jen 🙂



My First Blog…

My first blog…

I guess I’d better start by introducing myself. My name is Jen Eardley, I’m 22 and I’m from Stoke-on-Trent. I’m currently studying on a Science Secondary Education with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) course at Edge Hill.

I’ve just started my third year and even though we’ve only been back for a few weeks it honestly feels like we’ve never been away. It’s a scary thought that there are only 58 days until Christmas, then I have a 55 day placement and ultimately I have finished my journey on the QTS course and will be ready to become a fully-fledged teacher! It’s a scary but exciting thought.

This year is a really heavy and hard-going year, but I know it will be worth it in the end. I have 7 modules in the first semester and these are: Ecological genetics; Environmental physiology; Physics in action; Physics concepts and models; Personal and professional development and Research Methods.

The research methods module is where we get support for our dissertation. Mydissertation title is “Pupils’ attitudes towards their science lessons” and hopefully throughout my dissertation I will establish the extent to which pupils enjoy science; pupils’ perception on the importance of science; pupils’ views about how difficult it is to learn science and pupils’ attitudes towards practical activities in their science lessons. Sounds like a lot but I have devised a questionnaire including questions that give insights into all of my research questions.

Along with all of our subject sessions we have a placement on each year of our course. Last year on my placement I went over to the Isle of Man for 9 weeks and joined the science department in one of the high schools; it was one of the best experiences of my life and I would definitely consider a career over then when I graduate. However this year on placement I’m hoping to get a school a little closer to home, so that when it comes to my NQT year if I get offered a job in my placement school I will be close to my family and will be able to stay with my mum and dad until I save enough money for a deposit on a house.

Okay, so I think I’ve talked enough for one week. Please do follow my blogs, I will try to write them as often as I can! I have a Twitter account @Jen_EHUwhere you can keep up to date on what I am doing and how life as a trainee teacher on a QTS course is. Please follow me and feel free to ask me any questions.

Jen 🙂