This is goodbye….

Well…. This is my final blog for Edge Hill University.

I come to the end of summer and I am writing my final blog…

So, on the 17th of August I got a phone call from a school in the isle of wight inviting me to attend an interview the following week… I was working at a language school in slough, so went down to Portsmouth and got a ferry across the Solent to the island.

I arrived at the school and was greeted by a lovely receptionist and instantly felt at home, just the way I felt three years ago when I turned up to an Edge Hill open day!

After a tour around the science department, I was interviewed by the head of science and the vice-principal… They then told me I could go home and that they would be in touch.

I got back on the ferry and headed back for the mainland, as we got into the car to get off the ferry I received a phone call…. It was the head of science…. OFFERING ME THE JOB!!!

I could not believe it, it still doesn’t feel real… I start on the 10th September… So on the 8th September, I will become a resident of the isle of wight!! I’m so excited but scared at the same time…

I can’t wait to start my NQT year and my Masters… It’s going to be an exciting year ahead!

The last three years at Edge Hill have been the best three years of my life, and I would urge anyone considering studying here to go for it… You won’t regret it!!

I have had three amazing years, with people I will never forget… It’s impossible to put into words how great my experience has been or how grateful I am for all of the help and support that I’ve received.

Finally, I want to thank you for following and reading my blogs over the past year. I am got to continue writing a blog as I enter into the world of being an NQT, if you would like to keep up to date with my first year as an NQT, then you can read my blogs at

Until next time,

Jen 🙂

Education Open Evening

Well, I’ve just got in from working at tonight’s Education Open Evening and have to say my feet are aching after taking lots of prospective students from the main entrance across to the Faculty of Education – but it’s definitely worth it! All in all I think tonight’s event was a great success, around 200 prospective students registered to come and take a look at the courses on offer within the faculty.

There were lecture style session with information about the different courses; workshop sessions to give prospective students an idea of what they can expect; question and answer sessions with the admissions and finance teams and even chance to speak to a member of staff about interviews for the courses.

So, anyway, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you two things….

Firstly… If you didn’t attend tonight’s open evening and are interested in any of the courses that Edge Hill run, there is an Open Day taking place on Saturday 19th November that you can sign up for and come along and find out more about the courses on offer and take a look at the amazing campus here in Ormskirk. You can register for that here…

Secondly… I thought I would tell you a little bit more about my part time job at University. I work as a Student Guide for the Student Recruitment team, it’s a great way to meet people and also to make a little bit of extra cash. We get involved in things like Open Days; Applicant Visits; Student Experience Talks; Campus and Accommodation Tours; Office Administration Tasks; UCAS Fairs and lots lots more… There is always something going on, and available work is e-mailed out and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis in most cases.

We have training at the start of every year, as a re-fresher and then there are training sessions that take place throughout the year for different things, for example, sessions for doing a Student Experience Talk or a Personal Statement Workshop. But ultimately it is our job to give advice and guidance to prospective students and share with them our experiences as students at Edge Hill University.

Being a Student guide is something I would definitely recommend to anyone coming to University, it is easy to fit around your study, as there are no set hours; it looks great on your CV and like I said it helps you to earn a bit of extra cash to spend on whatever you like….

Thank you for reading 🙂 Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter!/Jen_EHU

Jen 🙂