End of placement

Hey guys,

So, I finished my 11 weeks on placement on Friday as the schools finished for the Easter holidays. I decided that I would give myself a few days off to chill out before starting on my University work, however, that didn’t happen. I found myself wide awake at 7.30am on Saturday, thinking about what I needed to do on my assignments and dissertation, so decided to make a start on one of my assignments, which included a critical reflection on placement and evidence of and thoughts about assessment within the classroom.

When I was writing my critical reflection about placement, I thought I would write a brief reflection on my placement for this blog….

There were lots of ups and plenty of downs, but all in all was a really great experience… I learned so much from the teachers, both in the science department and across the rest of the school. I learnt a new style of teaching, which I will continue to use throughout my teaching career and started on the long road of self discovery as a teacher. Finding what type of teacher I want to be, asking myself questions, such as, how do I want to approach behaviour management? What style of teaching do I enjoy the most?

I am now in the process of applying for teaching jobs ready for September, I have had three interviews already, but at each one I was the only trainee teacher, coming up against teachers with years of experience, however the interviews have provided me with great opportunities to develop and work on my interview techniques, so hopefully it will be fourth time lucky for me when I get my next interview!

Until next time,

Jen 🙂

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