Manchester Trip

I was not able to make it to Manchester with the new International Students who are here for an English Course, they are mainly Asian and I have spoken to some of them and they are fun to be around.

My IFP course mate was however able to go to Manchester with them on invitation, I heard that they all had fun and they also went into China town in Manchester. Here are some pictures of the fun they had. And its Lancaster next weekend. Am not sure am going though,   TTYL




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It over and done with

Friday was the day we turned in our folders for the foundation programme. So we are finally and definitely done. We are all hoping for distinctions and creating a record for the first set of the IFP course.

A big THANK YOU to all our tutors and the help they have given us all through the course. It has been a great experience with all the field trips, classes and friends, now we all depart for our undergraduate courses.

I am personally looking forward to the new foundation students and most of all, freshers week starting on the 18th of September.


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Fresher’s week is coming soon!!!

As we all know, the A level results were out on the 18th. We should be expecting a lot of freshers on the 18th of September which marks the beginning of freshers week and Edge Hill has a range of programmes available. The fun time for all new student to get to know each other and make new friends.

Got to this link to see the programmes available…

I am not too sure, but I am hoping that new International Students will be able to join us. I can’t wait and it will be so much fun.

See y’all there.



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Near the end

It is fast approaching the end of the foundation course, we are all working on our assessments for each subject. It has been a fast 6  months and thinking that September is only next month and we will be in our first years.

The foundation course has been so much fun with interesting field trips, meeting new people and making some international friends.

The next foundation course starts September and we are excited to see the new Edge Hill student that will be offering the course.

However, I will become a home student as from September so I may not continue blogging at the end of the semester unless I am allowed to blog as one of the home students.

All the same, Edge Hill University has a lot to offer to both international and home students alike.


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New International Students

Updated last post with picture!!!

Within the last week Edge Hill have been bringing in some Chineese International student for the English program as English is their second language. I have had the pleasure of meeting one, she was the first to arrived and we accompanied her into town for dinner.

Edge Hill offers a wide variety of programmes for international students, follow the link and browse through a wide variety of programmes for International students.

Hope you all are interested…




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We ll went on a trip to Formby Squirrel reserve, but the only problem was we could not find any squirrels… Imagine that!!! they were probably hiding from us.

Since we could not find any squirrels, we decided to get ice cream and walk to the sandy beach. Luckily for us the beach was in and not very cold, if only we knew, I would have definitely come with a bikini and got soaked in sea water. Even without a bikini, d wave splashed warm-ish salt water on my skirt. It felt so good and was so much fun.

Unfortunately we did not have enough time and we are hoping Edge Hill could organise another trip to Formby…

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Trafford Centre

One of the best places to go to in North-West Britain is the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

It is fun filled and beautiful with a large indoor shopping centre and some mini outdoor activities. Visit

The International Foundation Students was taken on a trip by Edge Hill, to the Trafford centre, we spent most of our time shopping and I missed out on the beautiful architecture due to the time limit.

I am hoping to go there for another visit with friends, and possibly go sky diving, in the indoor sky diving building we drove pass.

All in all, it was fun to see another part of the Uk, and all close to Edge Hill…




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Night Out Again

Friday was the day I was waiting for for a whole week, even got a new dress. Was the perfect timing since a friend of mine was staying the weekend.

It was a night out in Liverpool, there were ups and downs but overall fun and great, I may be sore from dancing and heels but it was worth it. Its a good thing Liverpool is not far from Edge Hill either by Taxi or train.

At first it got a bit disappointing since only 3 of us went, in the end it was pretty much the best idea.

Train from Ormy To Liverpool

In the end I came home a bit tipsy and slept like I was knocked out by a Bailey Bottle.

All in all, where else could you get a mix of the quiet conservative country side and crazy city life right outside.



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End of reading week

Its the end of reading week for semester two, even thought we had a lot of assignments to do. I was just being lazy all through, sleeping and eat.

And even though I haven’t typed and printed out my assignments, I have definitely researched and planned for them.

This reading week went through so fast, it felt like only a day, time flies when you are resting and being lazy, does not fly fast enough when you are busy.

Did not go on any outing or trip this time, I guessed I picked this week to rest, but that does not mean you should ever do that, I can keep up with the stress, I don’t know if you guys can but it is best you do not give it a try.

All the work begins Monday, no rest then, have all the rest I can get.

Have fun… and try not to be as lazy as I was this week. I am not usually like this.


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Hot Sunday

On my last blog I was going to talk about the British Armed Forces Parade, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it.

So we decided to do other things, go to the Southport pier… I am never trying to walk to the sea again when it is far out. It is like a weeks exercise for me.

Walking to the sea was starting to spoil the whole day, especially when it started showering. The rain was just teasing though.

We gave up on walking to the sea, to make the whole day better, we went go-carting, it was the highlight of the whole hot Sunday. It was exciting, fun and scary, the fear of not crashing was a bit overwhelming, and that was what made it even more fun.

That was over, then we went into the bowling alley… You should know that men are extremely competitive, those boxing games make a lot of money. Our friend in the picture below, got competitive when some guys came in a got a way higher score than he did for punching the bag.

It got worse when a father did the same, so they kept going in turns to see who would get the highest… However, it was so much fun to watch men being men. Oh and the father won by 2 points.

That is pretty much it… the end to a hot Sunday with lots of Ice-cream.

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