The meeting that will change everything

It lurks on the side of campus, it frightens students everywhere & no-one is quite sure of its intentions. This is a tale of………..the library.

As it turns out, the library is in fact not evil, a fact that I had to find out in time. The first time a new student uses a library as vast, filled with academical texts is definitely daunting. There are several floors, with endless amounts of books & people everywhere who seem to know EXACTLY where to find what they need. Once you get your head round it, it’s actually a brilliant resource with much to offer. There is of course masses of information which will help you on your course. There are also an army of well informed staff waiting to help you with anything whether it be computer skills, academic skills or helping you find the right book you need.

However, the greatest bonus of the library is perhaps its learning environment. It is of course quiet, and it will be away from your accommodation along with the distraction of your friends & perhaps the television. There are ‘silent rooms’ to work in, along with whole floors of work space for you to use computers or bring your own laptop. I myself have found it a brilliant place to get some work done.

What I mean to say is, for anybody who might be worried that the noise around campus might make working difficult, the library provides an excellent area where you can truly focus on your subject.

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