Students in Wonderland

All year long auditions have been running for the production of Alice in Wonderland on the Edge Hill Campus. By about Christmas time the cast was set & the rehearsing started all the way back in January! Anyone could apply, so the cast is full of drama, dance, sport, business, english & maths students! They seem to have had a real ball creating the show, and the costumes look brilliant.

All of the cast members I managed to get a hold of said that it had proved a welcome distraction from Uni work & a way to relax and have fun in a positive way.

Rumours are that next year the production will be Snow White……who knows?  🙂

The show will be a sell out and another great example of the extra curricular stuff you can get involved in free of charge and free of stress at Edge Hill!


Hope Easter was good for everyone, keep all the questions coming! : )

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