I’m sure, football fan or not most of you have heard about Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest during a premier league football game a week or two ago.

This week, a local group of nurses have been in the Hub showing students how to use the equipment / techniques that saved his life. It has been wonderful to see the unity and the effect this has had on many students. After all, if this happened to you and someone around you could save your life – You would feel very fortunate.

Also, they were taking small donations for a charity which raises money to hopefully raise even more awareness about the issue. Perhaps this will have had a profound effect on Many Edge Hill students as their are a huge amount of Sports students. Cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at any age, but during strenuous activity is more likely.

To see so many people taking such an interest has been touching.

Thanks for reading, it was short this week – but always good for potential students to hear the kind of thing that goes on here from day to day! As always, PLEASE get in touch with questions because I am here to help. Have a good day 🙂

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