Let’s dance!

Started to get a bit more involved in the extra things going on around campus lately. As money dries up the extra curricular side of uni life suddenly becomes much more appealing as more than anything they can be something to do for the night which doesn’t cost too much – ( you can feel very trapped sometimes living in halls at Uni).

Went a week or so ago to a lecture by a Lecturer from Birmingham Uni discuss surveillance, terrorism & the police in the Western world. Was extremely informative, and really nice to learn about something new except perhaps a lot more relaxing not having to take notes like you would in your course lectures. An hour before, and an hour after the lecture there was a chance to drink a good amount of free wine & chat to people about the lecture. Both the free wine & the light hearted discussions went down really well!!!


Thought it would be a good idea to go and see something completely different to that this week. Went to watch the first year dance groups perform the dances they had been working on so far this year. It blew me away. Mostly contemporary dance pieces lasting about 12 minutes each. They were just funky & it was nice to see something completely different from the History side of things which is of course what i’m usually involved in. They really could dance, it looked like they were flying half the time!


Any way, long story short – there is always lots of ways to spend your time learning about the world, your uni & getting some free wine. Long live Edge Hill : )


Get in touch with any questions, as always : )

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