Indie & Alternative night +++ Comedy nights

Some new ‘night out’ possibilities in Ormskirk in the new year! Firstly, there’s an indie night on Mondays at Alpine which is the only one of its kind in our area so that has proved very popular. See below for details of what could be in store for you next year….

The Clubnight that keeps on Giving: The naughtier side of Uni Life!

♬ ►Expect anything and everything from FooFighters//RHCP//TheSaturdays//DizzeeRascal//Eminem//Paramore//KingofLeon//KanyeWest//ShyFX//MarkRonson//CalvinHarris//MIA//VampireWeekend//LCDSoundsystem// Daft Punk//Queens of the Stone age//Strokes//Wiley//Arctic Monkeys//Fatboy Slim//Enter Shikari//You Me At Six//DJ YODA//Animal Collective//Justice//Ting Tings//Rage Against the Machine//LilyAllen//KaiserChiefs//MrScruff//MGMT//BasementJaxx//Fratellis//Gossip// Arcade Fire//Aphex Twin//Maximo Park.

As well as this, there has been a load of comedy nights at the rose bowl theater on campus. Been really popular, a cheap fun way to spend a night with your halls or course mates.

On the History side of things, it’s all stepped up a gear. More reading & more revision, but everyone’s in the same boat. A good bit of advice would be to try and work with course colleagues outside of lecture time as everyone always seems to have different ideas about the same subject which can only be useful!

thanks for reading, get in touch with any questions about anything Edge Hill related if you think of any 🙂

Week 1, a taste of terms to come

Just started a couple of modules this week. For ‘Imperialism, liberation & globalization’ I have been luck enough to have Roger Spalding as my lecturer and seminar tutor. He is the head of History and it’s definitely for a reason. In an introductory lecture, I managed to learn about five French words, the fact that i need to learn Chinese and that Britain are exploiting Ghana through ridiculous loans. He was vibrant & passionate about the subject.

Looks like we’re going to be learning about how empires got built up until the 20th Century, and then after there wasn’t much left of the world to discover the world powers such as Britain, Germany, Soviet Union & America begun to turn on each other which eventually led to several wars. After this we’ll be looking at current situations in the Middle East and what lessons and similarities can be found with the past Century. It looks like the best module so far & I will be sure to update everyone on what we cover – next week, The Russian Revolution!

As always thank you for reading and feel free to get in touch with absolutely any questions.

Term 2, feeling good

Back to Uni now after a 3 week break for Christmas. Like with most subjects, History steps up a gear in term 2. There will be a good portion more reading to complete & perhaps more assignments to hand in. But, at least now everyone knows their way around campus & the kind of standard required to do well on the course.

Very much looking forward to the unit on imperialism & globalization. going to be quite a broad subject still as it is a first year module but I have not studied the topic individually before & as a Historian it is always a decent idea to broaden you knowledge as much as possible.

Came back to uni with a radio, and a small work table so feeling very prepared. Like everyone always says to me you’re first year absolutely flies by & before you know it there are 5 months before you become a second year and are a fresher no longer. One bit of advice I could give everyone about the course is to try and read ahead, rather than just ‘keep up’ because things can pile up especially when there are more than one essay deadline due in the same week.


thanks for reading as always, & please get in touch with any questions at all you might have. happy new year 🙂