Holidays are coming……

Now then, the first term is officially over, no more testing the waters. You know exactly what to expect when you return in January. When to start assignments in order to get the best books out of the library, when to take the time out to phone your parents to let them know you’re still alive and when the best nights out are.

Can’t wait to start the next term, glad I chose to come to Edge hill University!

As always don’t forget to get in touch with any questions about History, Edge hill or Ormskirk.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here is a nice photo of a creation we did in my halls of me and a couple of friends 🙂

Not so secret Santa

The E.M.B. not so secret Santa was as expected a massive success. Everyone involved thought long and hard about their respective gifts, with the highlight unquestionably being Sean  Burril’s receipt of an ‘art deco-esque’ chair complete with shower head and can of Fosters. The present giving as a whole was a banterous affair leaving the entire halls eagerly awaiting the return of Banter Claus. Till next year HO! HO! HO!


as always, feel free to get in touch with any questions regarding uni, the history course or Ormskirk in general. Happy xmas everyone 🙂

Santa is on his way : – )

Getting to that time now, everyone finishes in a couple of weeks. There’s a different air about the uni at the moment. People finishing modules or preparing for exams, and everyone seems to be running out of money so you can tell that there is a big focus on one final push before the Xmas break. It’s freezing here now, and dark early. A very different kind of atmosphere at halls, no more blankets on the grass and football out side : (

BUT, there’s a lot more film watching, hot chocolate and playing games inside with everyone. There’s a really peaceful home away from home kind of feel to things now. Everyone is excited about the holidays and spending some time with their family. Some people I know from Newcastle or London haven’t been home for three months so they are understandably really excited!

I myself am just finishing up an essay on the First Crusade & preparing for a short exam analysing Historical texts.

As always, follow me on twitter and feel very free to ask any questions about the History course or Edge hill in general. I am here to help and would love it if i could 🙂