History, what might you study?

My first year of study has been quite broad so far. There are six modules to be completed in the year, three of which I am doing now. The lecturers are brilliant, they have different styles of teaching but they’re always available for meetings or emails to discuss work and how to improve. Each lecturer is filled with knowledge on their area of History so anyone passionate about the subject will be very impressed by the depth of what they know.

I am studying Medieval History from about 700AD until about 1500AD. You never go into tremendous detail because there is so much to cover, but we are learning about everything from the History of monks, to why people used to go on pilgrimages to how King Arthur changed the map of what would become England – Definitely my favourite topic!

Also, I am studying 19th Century Europe. We Cover several revolutions, the Industrial revolution and the creation of empires among other things. A very different, more detailed topic as it covers a shorter period of time but none the less is very interesting.

Finally, I am studying a module which covers various parts of History but its main aim is to help us analyse texts, write essays & judge the use of Historical sources. It is certainly useful as it helps in the other two modules!

Overall, History is brilliant. It’s a popular course, there are a bunch of enthusiastic lecturers & it’s a good challenge. As always if anyone has any questions feel free to get in touch 🙂

Thailand / India

Just been given an amazing opportunity through the volunteering programme at Edge Hill. You’re told right from the off that volunteering of any kind will boost your confidence, CV and so chance of getting the right employment when you finish your course. I was worried that my options would be limited to cat sanctuaries and charity shops but at the often held volunteer fairs there are many far more exciting ways to boost your work profile.

I applied to manage an overseas volunteering project run by VESL through the uni. Fortunately I got it & now will be both recruiting and interviewing volunteers, whilst also helping them teach English for almost two months in Summer. This is a life changing experience. I will have management experience on my CV, I get to help other people experience their first overseas volunteering trip & of course teach some less fortunate young children some skills which is the main reason for doing it.

It’s great to get involved in these kinds of project, of which there are many. I urge anyone who starts uni to have a good look at what’s out there both on the Edge Hill website & also in the Hub or Student Union!

If anyone has any questions regarding anything to do with the uni, please feel free to get in touch 🙂

Halloween, of corpse it was fun!



The Halloween celebrations in Ormskirk gave both the army of students & the clubs a chance to unleash their creative side. Thousands descended into town & got into the spirit of things. It was like being in the scene of a horror film, if every one was dancing about rather than killing each other. It says a lot about the place & the uni that every one got so involved. It was a brilliant night out, with cheap drinks, fun bar staff & loads of cool music!


Maybe the most impressive thing about the night life here, is that the night after Halloween a club called Forum held a ‘PYJAMMAGEDDON PARTY’ – filled with free teddies & pillows to fight with. There are loads of really down to earth bouncers everywhere, so even though it’s pretty wild you can always feel safe. There are a couple of snaps from my night out to give you a taste. Feel free to get in touch about anything to do with Edge Hill, your course, accommodation or Ormskirk 🙂