weathered the storm

Uni life is amazing now

pretty much every one has finished – we all spend all day every day lying in the sun having water fights, tanning & playing sports – we all feel like we’re abroad and this must be why everyone talks about freshers being the best year of your life!


All the hard work = WORTH IT!

Good luck to all with your results this Summer…….

Worried about cash?

Here’s some info from an ad at the Uni – Just an example of ways that pop up all the time to make a bit of extra cash, it’s best to do this kind of thing as doing many hours a week along side a degree is proven to have a really negative effect on results –


If you are an Edge Hill University student looking for paid work on a casual basis then why not apply to join the Edge Hill Student Casual Bank.

You will join a Bank of Students who can be called upon to undertake paid work for various departments across the University on days to suit your academic timetable.

Casual work can consist of administration duties such as filing, photocopying and producing documentation or work within our Facilities Management Department, for example within Catering Services.

Applicants should be customer focused, with good interpersonal and communication skills and have a positive attitude.



get in touch with questions!

Exam time

Feeling a bit nervous now.


Many people have finished the year and gone home,¬†I’ve¬†got two exams next week before i’m finished. All there is to do is revise and try to relax, Uni is quiet now and every one who is left is focused on exams and finishing off bits of work.

IF anyone wants any advice on exams or uni accommodation or anything because that time is coming up – i’m an e-mail away!

The year is almost finished!

For me, it is a time of preparation.

Everything I have been studying since Christmas is jotted on notes and textbooks I’ve used. Lecture have now finished so I have about three weeks to look over everything & be ready to answer what ever questions might be thrown at me in the two exams. I’m sure you all know that exams are usually not as bad as we all think they will be – STILL, it will be nice to have them out of the way.

A few of my group have been studying together, we just discuss our views on topics & quiz each other – it’s useful and a bit less stressful than doing everything alone!

For every one who has their own College exams – good luck!

Get in touch with any questions : )

Students in Wonderland

All year long auditions have been running for the production of Alice in Wonderland on the Edge Hill Campus. By about Christmas time the cast was set & the rehearsing started all the way back in January! Anyone could apply, so the cast is full of drama, dance, sport, business, english & maths students! They seem to have had a real ball creating the show, and the costumes look brilliant.

All of the cast members I managed to get a hold of said that it had proved a welcome distraction from Uni work & a way to relax and have fun in a positive way.

Rumours are that next year the production will be Snow White……who knows? ¬†ūüôā

The show will be a sell out and another great example of the extra curricular stuff you can get involved in free of charge and free of stress at Edge Hill!


Hope Easter was good for everyone, keep all the questions coming! : )

Another successful year for applications!

Have Taken a short passage from the University main website for you all to take a look at (posted below this paragraph). Hopefully you are part of these record breaking figures! I look forward to meeting you next year, especially History students. As always, keep the questions coming because I know this can be a stressful time in your life & I will do anything to make it run more smoothly!


Numbers of UCAS applicants have increased by 11.28%* compared with 2011, compared with a reported sector-wide decline of 7.25%.  Attendance at applicant open days has been at record level across all subjects.

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr John Cater, said: “These figures are very pleasing and demonstrate strong demand across the full range of our degree programmes.¬†Despite the continually changing nature of the higher education sector, the things that are important to Edge Hill remain constant: providing a high quality¬†teaching¬†and learning experience; and raising our profile nationally and internationally. Our increase in applications is testimony to the hard work that we put into achieving these goals.”

The past 12 months have been one of the most successful in the University’s history, ranking top in the north-west and in the top four amongst English public universities for graduate employability, top two in England for students’ personal development in the 2011 National Student Survey and being shortlisted for the prestigious Times Higher UK University of the Year for the third time.

The University is one of the most financially secure institutions in higher education, reporting a fifth consecutive surplus of £13.8m and providing the capacity for continual investment in the student experience and teaching and learning facilities. Following the opening of the £13.5m Student Hub last year, work has commenced on expansion plans worth £55m, which includes an Olympic-standard sports complex and further on-campus student accommodation.

Hoping to see the world in your Summers?

Lucky we have officially the number one careers / volunteer service in the UK then!!!

The latest example of these opportunities at Edge Hill, THIS COULD BE YOU.


Staying at our Partner Institution, Changsha Social Work College in Hunan Province.¬† You’ll spend 2 weeks learning spoken Chinese (Mandarin) and teaching conversational English to students at the college and spend the 3rd week sightseeing around this beautiful part of China. You’ll take part in a home stay, living with a staff family on campus, all your meals will also be provided for free.

The Centre for International Education is offering students returning to EHU in 2012/13 a scholarship of 50% of the airfare (up to a maximum of £350).


Have a great day, as always – get in touch. Here to help with any issues : )


I’m sure, football fan or not most of you have heard about Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest during a premier league football game a week or two ago.

This week, a local group of nurses have been in the Hub showing students how to use the equipment / techniques that saved his life. It has been wonderful to see the unity and the effect this has had on many students. After all, if this happened to you and someone around you could save your life – You would feel very fortunate.

Also, they were taking small donations for a charity which raises money to hopefully raise even more awareness about the issue. Perhaps this will have had a profound effect on Many Edge Hill students as their are a huge amount of Sports students. Cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at any age, but during strenuous activity is more likely.

To see so many people taking such an interest has been touching.

Thanks for reading, it was short this week – but always good for potential students to hear the kind of thing that goes on here from day to day! As always, PLEASE get in touch with questions because I am here to help. Have a good day ūüôā

In Beijing!

Sat here in the center of Beijing, in a beautiful youth hostel after a long day sightseeing. I have seen things today which will affect my History studies and my outlook on life for the rest of my life! On a study exchange programme, it’s brilliant! ¬†We have seen Tienanmen Square, been on the bustling metro, seen a lot of ¬†Chairman Mao propaganda. it’s unbelievable, and busy, and huge!

These experiences are just one step away from you all, Edge Hill have THE number 1 careers service in the UK, so they are well adept at getting us these kinds of opportunities!

I must shoot now, as I have an early coach to the Great Wall of China tomorrow!

Thanks as always for reading

Being presentable…..

Presentation week for First year History Students. This is something you can all expect to be doing throughout your three years at Edge Hill. In this case we were asked to select a Historical figure from the 20th Century, & working in pairs to create a 15 minute presentation discussing their importance & impact on the world. This equates to 20 percent of the module grade & certainly breaks things up rather than doing only exams & essays as you would have probably done at college.

I chose to discuss Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS as I’m sure many of you will know. I discussed his massive increase in power up until the early 40’s and debated whether he indeed became THE most powerful Nazi. Others chose to speak about Thatcher, Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, Bob Marley, Lennon, Castro – I myself learnt many things from watching the other presentations.

Although we were all a bit nervous to start with, it goes quite quickly & apparently by year 3 we will all be experts with no confidence issues so I am sure it will be the same for you!

Thanks for reading, as always get in touch with any questions ¬†ūüôā