Union Elections 2010


Hey Hey Guys!

Sorry for the delay in my post, It has been the Students’ Union Elections and I was unable to blog as it could have been seen as I was advertising my campaign via my blog which could be seen as unfair, so I decided to leave it for a couple of weeks. However now the results have been released I can tell you all about it.

For the past two weeks I have been campaigning for the position of Union Council Chair, and at 2.32am on Friday 19th it was released that 672 out of 769 voters voted for me to be their Students’ Union Chair, so as you can imagine, I was rather chuffed.

“So what’s the role of a Union Chair”, I hear you asking…well: The role of Union Chair is a crucial role that involves ensuring the correct procedures are followed to ensure the business of the Union Council is handled correctly. It will be my role to oversee the smooth running of every council meeting and listen to ALL students’ views.

Why did I want the position? I wanted to be the next Union Council Chair because I have been volunteering for the Students’ Union for two year in 2 separate roles, which therefore allows me to know, understand and appreciate the importance of the views of the student body. Having worked in the SU office and on various student events I am aware of the policies and procedures employed by the Union and how they operate. But, also I want to give something back on a professional level, the idea of being in-charge of a council of 14+ dedicated Students’ whom want to excel our Union really inspires me, hence why I wanted the role sooooo much 🙂

Why I wanted the student body of Edge Hill to vote for me….? I want the SU to be a union where students’ feel listened to and valued. I am approachable and eager to listen to the views of students, and as a Students’ Union isn’t a union without the voice of students, therefore I want to hear from them. Now elected I will ensure that the council hears all student views and that decisions that are made will be in the best interests of the student body. Student participation in all areas of the Union is key to making it work.

I will just add, I was also supporting a close friend of mine to get in as the next SU president, his campaign team and supporters were fantastic and a massive thank you to them is definitely needed! Unfortunately this was not meant to be and he was unsuccessful in gaining more votes than the opposition, but our spirits and heads were held high as we know we did our best.

Well done to all candidates in this year’s elections even if you didn’t make it into the position you were battling for.  Congratulations to the following people who will be making up your Students’ Union team for 2010/2011:

President – Dean Currall

Vice President Academic and Welfare – Billy Jones

Vice President Activities and Participation – Pete O’Farrell

Vice President Communications and Campaigns – Colin Gibson

Union Council Chair – Jak Williamson

Disabled Students’ Officer – Carly Davidson

Entertainments Officer – James Chambers

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Reps – Miranda Mort / Amy Brooks

Faculty of Education Rep – Nicole Todd

Faculty of Health Reps – Chris Valentine / Simon Needham

International Students Officer – Jose Mendoza

LGBT Officer – Emma Stewart

Manchester Site Rep – Matthew Pitfield

Mature Students Officer – Sian Evans

Sports Officer – Gareth Dowling

NUS Conference Delegates – Pete O’Farrell / Gareth Dowling / Chris Valentine / Helen Turner

Student Governor – Gareth Dowling

Well that’s it for now, you can read all candidates manifestos by following the below link to the Edge Hill Students’ Union site.

Jak x



P.s) My Manifesto 🙂

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What could you do with £500…..or even £1000?

If you apply for one of the Edge Hill On-Course Excellence Scholarships this money could be yours!

If you do an activity in your spare time that you would like to be rewarded for then these are the scholarships for you. Applications are open to first and second year students on a full-time, three-year undergraduate degree course. Scholarships worth up to £1,000 are awarded in each of the following areas: Sports, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Volunteering.

This what happened to me at the beginning of this academic year after being nominated and being the first of three to be selected for the Professor Tanya Byron’s Scholarship. I was awarded the scholarship for several reasons regarding contribution to the University:

·         Peer Mentoring: I have been actively working for AimHigher & St.Wilfrids School in a scheme which I work 3 hours a week working with a Y9 & Y10 pupil, talking to them about the possibilities available to them after the compulsory education.

·         Acting as a committee Rep: Working for the Students’ Union as Health promotions officer and on the Essential Thursdays student ran Ents night. As Health Promotion Officer, I organised a healthy lifestyle week in which included – Free Fruit, Sexual Health Screening, Contraception and Advice, Anti-Drink Spiking & implementing the Alcohol ‘Knowing Your Limits’ Scheme.

·         Student Ambassador: Having worked for AimHigher for 2 years in different environments (in schools, outward bound settings, on campus) and being successful in the appointment as Senior Advocate for the Universities Summer School programme.

·         Volunteering in the Community: Working as an Explorer Scout Leader in Ormskirk, after 2 months of moving to Uni. Volunteering for the Scouts Association and for Edge Hill’s Students’ Union.

·         Running of an Event: Health Promotions Week (Blog I wrote about last year…Scroll down J)

All of these activities and more which I simply don’t have time to write down were seen as activities that raise the profile of the University in a positive way.

How has the Scholarship benefited me? The scholarship is much more than just a benefit finally. It makes me honoured to do the amount of voluntary work I do and the promotion of this fantastic university. It makes it worthwhile + you feel like someone has actually acknowledged the hard work you do.

If you think that you would possibly qualify for a scholarship or even if you don’t…check out the information on the Edge Hill website or email: scholarships@edgehill.ac.uk www.edgehill.ac.uk/study/fees/scholarships. You might as well as apply, the worst thing you can get is a declined letter, and you don’t lose anything. Deadline for Applications – Friday 25 June 2010.


Jak x




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Liverpool…The Birth Place of Music????

Alreet people,

Hope you have had a good couple of week, I have been well busy and hence the lateness of this double post.

Well, last week I went to the Liverpool Echo Arena to watch Kelly Clarkson’s European leg of her worldwide ‘All I Ever Wanted Tour’. I went to the gig with my usual group of cronies, which I hadn’t seen since our little adventure to Ireland.

The warm up band Parachute, were absolutely brilliant. They played a set that lasted about 40 minutes, which got the crowd really fired up for what happened to be a really great show. The band had real good vocals and the lead singer really got involved with the Liverpool crowd. So top tip, download there album on itunes from the 19th may 2010

Well on to the main girl, Kelly Clarkson…She was really good. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see her, but I thought it would be a more girlie orientated type of gig so I was a little apprehensive before, but after her first song, I was soooo glad to be there lol. Kelly kept the gig, bouncing even when she performed slower acoustic versions of her songs. She was a real crowd pleaser and the hour and half set flew by…

Anyway, will post another blog later tomorrow, with my activities over the weekend 🙂

J x


18364_491076540533_853865533_11294959_6192476_n.jpg  18364_491076525533_853865533_11294957_8381165_n.jpg

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Bloody Dissertation……

Hello people,

Hope everyone is well and have started finalising their UCAS applications and for you ones whom have been ultra-organised have started confirming Edge hill University as your firm choice!!!!

Unfortunately I’m finding it progressively harder to write a blog with as much excitement as the one I wrote a couple of weeks ago after my travels to Ireland….everything else I’m afraid doesn’t live up to the trip lol.

Well as far as updates go, I am in the middle of writing my dissertation and it is driving me up the wall, who thought 8000 would be so difficult and time consuming? Ha-ha clear was kidding myself when I thought it would be a doddle.

I have decided to focus my research on the use leadership programmes (such as the Duke of Edinburgh or Community Sports Leaders Award) in the combating of disaffection (and I now bet you are all like what the heck…? Me too, and I’m supposed to be writing 8000 words on it). The topic is about how you can make young people avoid dropping out of school and by offering exciting new activities, they wont truant, so a very educational and Physical Education based research but strangely enough it really interests me, especially getting to interview pupils whom are regular truants’ and what their views are about what would make them want to go to school and participate in P.E, but as you can imagine is difficult at times and verrrrrry time consuming.

So before I send you all to sleep with my research title I best get myself off to sleep, got my only full day 9am – 5pm tomorrow…. but we’ve got practical, so its not all theory 🙂

Speak Soon

J x


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House Hunting – Update

Hey people,

Not got much to report this week, nothing in comparison to last week anyway. Currently I have man flu, so as you all know (especially the ladies) it has made me rather bed ridden ha-ha.

However I do have to mention that I have secured my house for next year, which is one less worry I have to deal with.
Luckily enough a friend who I live with currently is retaking a year so I will be living with him again, but that meant we had 4 more bedrooms to fill.

Luckily we knew a group of 3 girls whom were looking for a house as they currently live in halls, but this meant we had a spare room going…….after a week of advertising it and having no interest, we began to get slightly worried as the landlord would not promise to keep the house in our exclusivity for much longer, so when I received a text on Wednesday night I was little bit excited to say the least lol.

So I will keep you informed about the house, but I thought I would include a couple of pictures to show you some typical student houses in Ormskirk.

Speak Soon
J x

picture1.jpg picture2.jpgpicture3.jpgpicture4.jpg

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The Luck Of The Irish :)

Hello again guys,

Its has been a really jam packed couple of days for me, I think I have only just caught up with my sleep, hence the reason I am posting at 3.36am lol

Well the super funky roller disco was a massive success, seeing the university bar and venue nightclub being transformed into what can only be described as a return to the 1970’s, parents’ flares were utilised and the multicoloured wigs were a fashion statement that will definitely be replicated on the catwalk in Milan as students skated around the University Club.

On Saturday morning at 4.00am I awoke to the misty cold Ormskirk air, as I had arranged to take two of my friends to Dublin for the day as a surprise birthday present. They were blind folded all the way to the airport, which the taxi man found amusing at 5am. Once they had figured out their destination we boarded our Ryanair Flight at Liverpool Airport straight away, the flight was 39mins and was the plane was surprisingly comfortable. When we left Dublin international, we boarded a bus that would take us into the city centre, ironically this transfer took longer than the flight, haha.

As you can imagine at 8.30am, nothing much was open so we opted in to the obligatory student breakfast….Maccies. It was much appreciated to be fair as none of us had managed to eat anything at 5am. After a mooch around in 1C temperatures, we decided we needed to go some where, as the activity I had planned, didn’t start till 2pm so we went to go to the travel information centre.

After much deliberation we decided to go to the Irish Wax Museum Plus, the National Wax Museum is four floors of discovery, interaction and exhibition. You start by entering through the Irish Writers room and then descend in to the basement for a journey through the vaults of Irish history from the Vikings right up to the Good Friday Agreement, which I found really interesting as I didn’t know much about the history of Ireland.  The second floor is The Science and Discovery room, a tribute to heroes of science, engineering and invention, which is supported, by Discover Science and Engineering and Engineers Ireland. On the third floor there is a Television studio and mixing equipment, for the girls birthday they produced a music video to high School musical which was rather funny, especially re-watching after several Guinness’s.

After the Wax museum, we were again rather hungry so we went to a traditional Irish Pub that only served Irish homemade food, which was heaven in particular, the Irish rabbit stew!!! So after our fill of food and the magical Irish Stout, we were ready to take part in the activity I had arrange. The Guinness Factory Tour. The Guinness Storehouse, “Home of Guinness”, is the Dublin’s most popular tourist attraction. A converted brewing factory, it is now a Guinness museum, incorporating elements from the old brewing factory to explain the history of its production. Some of the old brewing equipment is on show, as well as stout ingredients, brewing techniques, how it’s advertised and stored in Dublin before being shipped to over 250 countries around the world.

The exhibition takes place over 7 floors, in the shape of a 14 million pint glass of Guinness. The final floor is the Gravity Bar, which has an almost 360° view over the city, where visitors can claim a free pint of “the black stuff”. Whoop Whoop

I can honestly say it was one of the most exciting, yet informative museums I have ever been to; especially as there was free beer involved 😉 haha.

After the tour we went to Temple Bar, the Cities famous cultural spot to see some street entertainers and grab an Irish hot chocolate, which again was needed for the freezing temperatures, had finally gotten to us all. After this we made our way back to the bus station to get back to the Airport.

Once back in the UK It actually hit us how long we had been up, it was 11.30pm and we were dead on our feet, but it was a day out enjoyed by all, and would definitely recommend it, especially as it was so cheap!!!

Reet well I best get going, got lectures at 9.
Speak soon people,
J x


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PGCE/Update & Silent Disco :)

Hello forum!!!


I know it has been a long time but I have finally got things sorted and have some rather exciting news!!!


In my last post I was talking about the filling out my PGCE application, which is similar to the UCAS form…Well, I have had my interview and I have just found out I have been accepted on to the Secondary PE PGCE here at Edge Hill, and I am over the moon…The PGCE will prepare me for the physical and mental challenges, give me the skills and stamina necessary to become an assured and high quality teacher of Physical Education. It will develop reflective and analytical skills and provide me with practical experience in schools, and give me hands-on classroom experience.


So as you can guess I am really excited and can’t wait to under take the challenges that a PGCE will create for me 🙂


On too some more exciting news, last night was our Student ran night, Essential Thursdays presents…The Silent Disco. Well as you can imagine it was amazing, if you have never experienced a silent disco basically it is where no music played out loud through the clubs speaker system, the music is played through wireless headphones that are provided with two channels with two competing Dj’s.
It was a completely new experience that has ever hit Edge Hill and here are a few comments from students who experienced the silent disco:


A third year thought the silent disco was absolutely amazing…best night in the venue EVER!!” 

A fresher said “Amazing night last night! Silent Disco….Whoop Whoop!!!” 

Another Fresher Said “What a mint experience that was…..best event since freshers’ week!!!! :)” 

As it’s currently Refreshers Week tonight there is a roller disco, which is again a new experience for the students of Edge Hill, so I will be posting to let you know how it goes!!!! But for now, I’m going to try the skates out haha.  

Speak Soon Guys, and it’s great to be back!

J x



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The joy of PGCE

Hello People!!!

I’m well aware it has been a long time, although I have been off everywhere doing loads of different things. I have been working on the Edge Hill Summer schools, this is in conjunction with AimHigher. The summer schools are residential programmes that are run during June, July and August for young people in the North West aged 14-18. These summers schools have provided me with great experience for my application for PGCE.

Which leads me nicely on to the topic of PGCE. I have been frantically filling out my application to do a post graduate degree so that I can teach. The application is very similar to the UCAS form but the personal statement is much more precise, which has lead me to pretty much ripin out my hair in stress…lol however its now finished and has been sent to my four universities of choice, will just have to wait now….eeek

Moving on……FRESHERS 09 in 9 days and counting…..Whoop Whoop I know I cant wait, so I’m hoping neither can you. I will post a blog on the weekend wen I’m back in the kirk!! J

Jak x

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Are You A Type F…..?

Hiya Guys,

 I told you that I would get back to you shortly and here I have delivered all these all important pictures of the new build. Currently I don’t think you will all be that impressed as they are still immersed within a construction site, hence why the pictures are up-close and personal, however they do give you a taster of what you are in for.

Type F accommodation are the new build halls which will be £90 for a 40 week self catered, en-suite rooms. There will be 144 rooms which are clustered together in self-catered flats of 4, 6 or 8 rooms, sharing kitchen and dining facilities. Kitchen facilities include fridge, freezer, cooker, microwave,  kettle, iron and ironing board, and 32” LCD Freeview TV (With a TV licence provided by the University………….Which is an AWESOME advantage!!!).

The Bedrooms also will boast the advantages of having fridges, PC with flat screens that can be used to watch Freeview on. (Although you will have to purchase your own TV licence.)


Enjoy peeps 🙂

Jak xx


img00074.JPG    img00059.JPG

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Half Term Delights

Alreet People,

How are we? Hope all is good and I have noticed that there are even more of you joining the Hi.Edgehill website, which is brilliant. I think it is official now, I think I can say that the countdown to freshers 2009 has begun, and your all going to be a part of it, I’m excited for you!!!…..and a tad jealous 😉 hehe.

Well like I said last week I am on placement at a school in Lincolnshire, and this week is half term, so I have been busy all week lazyin about playing on my ps2 and facebooking it! Oh and of course creating lesson plans and activities for my delightful pupil’s lol.

I am also currently in the mists of trying to get my car insured, as ‘’apparently’’ my annual mileage has increased they have decided to jack the premium up by 300quid, so I’m not that impressed at present, so I might have to do some begging and borrowing off the parents, possible one of the best things about being a student, is the willingness of parents to help you out, thank god too!


Well I’m going to dash, as I’m going to go sail a motorboat on a lake, according to a text I have just received. I shall update you on the weekend.

Spk Soon!

Jak xx

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