• Amplifying Diverse Voices via Hybrid Meetings

    Dr Katy Goldstraw We have only just learnt how to do online meetings, yet as intermittent Wi-Fi, wild offspring and performing pets morph into a return to ‘the office’ – new challenges are arising. Many of us are working ‘hybrid’ with some days at home and others in the office. Many Universities have returned to […]

  • Is Socially Distanced Social Responsibility Possible?

    Social responsibility is part of Bluecoat’s core purpose. We have survived many challenges and the basis of our resilience has always been a deep sense of responsibility to our civic role. We are a working arts centre with a community of artists, creative businesses, a public garden, galleries and performance spaces. We engage offsite with […]

  • Social Distant Socially Responsible: One Church’s Experience

    In light of the current, and preceding lockdowns, ‘church’ at St Gabriel’s, Huyton, has been very different. Transferring worship services online has allowed our congregation to interact, but the ceasing of public worship has decimated church finances and fees. We cannot let out of our facilities which impacts our ability to reach out to the […]

  • How do you do Socially Distant Social Responsibility?

    Overcoming digital divides, building social connections and acting in a socially responsible way in the midst of a global pandemic isn’t easy. Last week (13/01/21) ISR hosted a webinar to discuss this challenge. The date of the webinar coincided with the launch of the JRF UK poverty report and the JRF Destitution Report which both […]

  • Is it kindness that matters?

    There is no doubt that public interest in corporate social (ir) responsibility (CSR and CSIR) in the retail industry had been increasing dramatically over the past few years prior to the onset of COVID-19. Retailers of all shapes and sizes have, for some time, been taking steps to demonstrate socially responsible behaviours in order to reaffirm their […]