• Social Justice – Whose Responsibility?

    Professor Amanda Fulford There’s an awful lot of talk about social justice that seems to fill our newspapers, airwaves, and social media content. It has become a buzzword, and simultaneously lost its meaning. Like many such concepts, it is slippery, and difficult to define. When we do try to talk about it, we often articulate […]

  • Lockdown and Educational Inequality: Some Reflections

    In 1970, Basil Bernstein famously wrote that education cannot compensate for society. Bernstein may have been writing fifty years ago, but recent reports on the impact of school closures on disadvantaged children and young people resonate with his conclusions. Despite decades of government rhetoric about inclusion, the empirical reality of social inequality has been exposed […]

  • Artistic Methodologies for Social Justice

    One of I4P’s tentpole events at the Festival of Ideas, the Artistic Methodologies for Social Justice Symposium, took place on 1st June 2018. It was organised by Dr Victoria Foster, an Associate Director of I4P and author of Collaborative Arts-based Research for Social Justice (Routledge, 2016). The aims of the afternoon were to explore the […]