Sponsored by I4P and coordinated by Youth Focus NW, on Saturday 22nd June young people and workers from all 23 North West local authority youth councils came together to debate, discuss and learn about sustainability, and perfect their public speaking skills at the first British Youth Council Convention of the year.  Here’s what they had to say:

The Youthforia Event at Edge Hill University is definitely one not to forget, especially the lovely weather! At the event, Members of the Youth Parliament underwent preparation for the proposition of their motions for the UK Youth Parliament manifesto that would be voted on at the UKYP Annual Sitting. This was an incredible opportunity, even for those not proposing a motion, to gain further skills and knowledge of public speaking.

Alongside this the POSH (Pioneers Of Sustainable Hope) Ambassadors were networking with each other to not only understand a diverse range of activities that each have done to fulfill their role, but they also got into groups and devised creative ways in which they would establish what they have done in their LA’s to raise awareness of climate change; what they have done themselves or with their Youth Councils to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Further into the event, we held a panel of people who are connected to sustainability and gave this as an opportunity for the Young People at the event to understand more about the work that gets put into attempting to create a brighter more sustainable future for generations to come, and the current population. Youthforia members had the panel opened for questions and discuss what we can do as individuals now in order to protect the future of our lives.  We got so much done at this event, a small group of people made up of 1 or 2 young people from each Local Authority had time to connect and share what their LA is currently working on and discussed campaign ideas/resources that they could use from different Youth Councils.

Youthforia events are always incredible because we have the honour of so many diverse individuals coming together because they are passionate to make a change.

Tyler Everall, Youthforia
Social Media & Communications Rep