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A guide to washing your clothes at Edge Hill

All students living on campus are advised to use Circuit Launderette (Laundromat, if you’re more familiar with this word). It is located inside the Students Union building, which means you’ll do laundry near Subway and SU Bar. This also means that it is quite near the Hub in the main building (where Starbucks, Mccoll’s and […]

Halloween at Edge Hill University

I didn’t ever celebrate Halloween when I was in Vietnam (except for that one year in high school where my English teacher organised a costume party as a class activity for us all to enjoy), but I got the very first and special Halloween here at Edge Hill. Below are three events I partook in […]

Discover Ormskirk EP.01: cafe MANDRAKE’S A Magical Experience

Edge Hill has a great campus but that wouldn’t stop you from looking for other gems in Ormskirk would it? Good news for you! Today we’ll discover a haven for those fond of the peace, the quiet and the mystique: cafe MANDRAKE’S A Magical Experience. 1. Few facts about Mandrakes Address: 4 St Helens Rd, […]

‘New Beginning’: My first week at Edge Hill

What does it feel like to actually be in another country? If you’ve ever been abroad I guess you have some ideas for the answer. But for me, I only knew what it feels like when I officially arrived at Manchester Airport, to begin my first year at Edge Hill University.