The big Christmas Switch-off!

Please help us save energy and money by switching off any non-essential equipment before you leave campus for the Christmas break.

Last year, Edge Hill University used circa 18,000 kWh on Christmas Day alone! This is enough to run an average home for 7 years, or 7 homes for 1 year.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Facilities Management


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Danielle Doyle

Facilities Management Customer Services Team Leader

3 thoughts on “The big Christmas Switch-off!”

  1. Hallo – not specifically to do with Christmas but we could cut down our water and energy costs by reducing the timing on the showers in the sports centre. It’l probably annoy people a little bit but at the moment the showers are often left running for a minute or so after the person exits the shower. (The showers must be on 3 minute/5minute timings). If we reduced this to 1 minute cycles then the only inconvenience to the person showering is that they have to wave their hand in front of the sensor to restart the shower. I use the showers in Sporting Edge 3-4 times a week and would happily do this.

    1. I agree, many public showers in gyms commonly turn off at 1 minute intervals, or even 30 seconds (which is a bit annoying).

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