• Managing Your Workload

    Your workload can differ depending on your course. I always remember being told ‘your course sounds easy‘ at the start of the year, followed by ‘I’m so sorry for what I said‘ towards the end. University is funny. One day you can wake up and be on top of everything, but by the end of […]

  • What to Do over the Summer

    Hi everyone since we are properly into the summer holidays now I thought I would talk about what i’m doing with myself, and also things you might be thinking of doing if you have some extra free-time. At the moment i’m in a bit of a limbo work wise having come home to Northern Ireland, […]

  • End of Year 2 Review

    Just like that I’ve come to the end of my second year at Edge Hill University, something which I can’t quite believe yet, no idea where all the time has gone. As i finished up the last of my work for the year it suddenly occurred to me that I only have one year left […]

  • Applying for Jobs as a Student

    Hi guys, in previous blogs I have talked about working for Edge Hill and the opportunities available, but for this blog I thought since we are coming up to the summer when most students are looking for work, I would talk about applying for part time-work to compliment your studies and a few things to […]

  • My Experience Working for Edge Hill

    Hi guys, in my last blog which you can read here. Working at Edge Hill I talked about the various job opportunities available on campus, following on from that I thought I would talk a bit about my experience working for the university and what you can generally expect. At the start of my first […]

  • Working at Edge Hill

    Hello everyone! For this blog I thought I would talk about working while studying and specifically, working for the university. Throughout the Edge Hill campus, there are a variety of job’s available to students in different areas of the university. The town and surrounding areas are also obviously viable places to apply for jobs and […]

  • Tackling those pesky assignments! 💪🏽📝

    After just handing in one of the hardest assignments of this year, I feel like I didn’t do too badly. If you put in the prep and don’t leave it until last minute you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll do. I’m going to give you an insight on what our assignments are like on […]

  • My first term at University 👩‍🎓📚

    Hello! It’s very strange to think that I’ve been at University for thirteen weeks now. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. We broke up the Friday just gone, I don’t think it’s the same for everyone but the Primary Ed guys have all finished for the year. My parents flew back from Saudi […]

  • Working at Edge Hill – Let’s get this bread.

    Getting a job at University is important in more than the obvious ways. Sure you could look at it as just a means of getting cash but don’t. When you come to university it is important to make it worth your while and having a part time job can really help you ensure that you […]

  • Linking Education and Life – 5 Real Skills from EHU Computing

    Linking Education and Life – 5 Real Skills from EHU Computing

    With the summer coming to a close, and a week before I move back to Ormskirk, I thought it might be a good idea to share 5 skills that my first year in computing have taught me. Before coming to university I had run m9Networks for about 4 years. I have always had an interest […]