What Do I Do Now?

As of 9th May 2017 I will officially be finished with my degree. Yes, I know, It’s scary! But what’s even scarier is that the question I’ve been asking myself for the last year will be staring me right in the face: What do I do now? Now I don’t have the cushy support of uni to help me through all the difficult adulting and now I have to actually make it in the big wide world… argh! Not to worry though, I’ve been prepared-ish and I’m willing to offer you some advice on how you can cushion the blow of finishing uni. The earlier you start the better, I know it’s worrying but if you start thinking about your future from day one you can’t go wrong can you? Right…?

Start Saving

One day your student loan will run out (the horror!). So, it’s probably best to start saving asap, for that inevitable moment when you run out of dosh but haven’t found a job yet. Start putting aside a bit every week if you can spare it and it will soon mount up and leave you with a good financial cushion post-uni. Even if you just put your spare change in a moneybox, little by little, it will build up.

Start Applying

At the beginning of third year you should start thinking about applying for jobs or further education (whatever your choice is). With jobs, the more you apply for the better. Apply for as many jobs as you can until you finally find one. Make the most of the careers centre whilst you can. They can help you with CVs and personal statements for MA or PGCEs. Ensure that you take time on your applications, if you rush them or complete them half-heartedly you’ll find you won’t get the positive results you want.


Ever wanted to write a novel? Or put on a play? Or even take up pole dancing? Now’s the best time. That sweet time between the end of your exams and assignments and having to go home for the summer and find a job is the best kind of time! Use your new-found free time to work on projects that will better your future but also make you happy and will feel rewarding. Now you don’t have exams and coursework in the way you can start doing the things you want to. My personal goal is to get writing and to finish all the books I’ve been meaning to read for the last million and a half years!


For most of us we have been in education nearly every year since we were possibly four or five, we deserve a break. Don’t stress yourself out too much, take time to relax and enjoy the short amount of time you have in your student house with your friends Go out, explore the town, have a movie marathon, do everything you wanted to do but didn’t have time to previously because of uni work.

Until next time! 🙂

Not going out, not staying in

As we enter into February we are reaching the time of year at university when exams are finishing, placements are finishing and everyone has settled back after their time at home for Christmas. As a result of this it’s a time when people are looking to be going out celebrating and enjoying themselves. One of the most popular questions people have when coming to university is ‘what is the night life like?’. Obviously at university, not everything is centred around going out in the evenings and drinking. But for some people when moving out this is an important factor and something they wish to know about before they start.

There are lots of places to go around Ormskirk and even if you are not a big drinker you can still enjoy the nightlife equally as much. As Ormskirk is only a small town there’s only around 3 clubs to choose from, but something that I think is quite nice is the choice of local bars. There are many dotted around Ormskirk and once you have tried them it would be hard not to find a favourite to frequent. The nightlife in Ormskirk for me isn’t centred around where you are but who you are with. Going out and seeing people you know from either your course, sports clubs or even people you’ve seen in your building is a nice way to expand your friendship group and have a good time getting to know people. For me this is especially true as I can honestly say I have had some better nights in Wetherspoons with a big group of people than I have on a big night out in Liverpool.

The clubs in Ormskirk close at 2am in order to be respectful towards the local residents. In my opinion this is a good thing as it means that you can still go out and be back in reasonable time even if you are in university the next day. As Ormskirk town centre is only around 15 minutes away many people choose to walk back in groups in order to save money, but there is always the option of getting a taxi.

If you are wanting to have a bigger night out then there’s always the option of going into Liverpool. The train station in Ormskirk allows you to get a train directly to Liverpool. I think that this is a good option particularly if you are wanting a wider range of clubs and experiences. The only thing to consider is that this can often be a little more expensive and it’s always best to have secured a way to get home as it is around 30 minutes in a taxi compared to a 10/15 minute walk.

Obviously being at university is about having fun and enjoying yourself, but it’s also really important to ensure that you are safe especially whilst on a night out. Edge Hill produced this guide with a few tips to make sure that as well as having a fun night out you are also having a safe one.