• Looking After Yourself in Lockdown

    According to Dr Radha Modgil, it’s important to maintain a routine and tackle your tasks during lockdown. However, she also recognises the need for self-care. A pandemic is a new experience for us all, so we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for not adapting well. Having a routine could help your mental health but being […]

  • Mini Mood Boosters

    The world is in a time of real crisis and it has been a tough, confusing week in the UK. I have been sharing some mini mood boosters on my personal social media channels and in various WhatsApp conversations with friends in order to help us all through this. This weekend, it dawned on me […]

  • Keeping Your Plates Spinning: Help @ Edge Hill University

    During university, you will be spinning a number of different plates: studies, work, family, friends, money, to name a few. Now and again, one may look like it’s about to fall off. Or two. Maybe even three. You have to work harder to keep these plates from falling, but sometimes, no matter how hard you […]

  • The Beautiful Campus

    Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing well. One of the things that I love about being a student at Edge Hill is how beautiful the campus is. This was especially something I counted as an advantage to this specific University last year whilst living on campus, and something I also count as an advantage heading […]

  • Looking After Yourself at Uni

    University tends to be where most people learn to become independent and start fending for themselves. However, this can be a shock to the system for some people and prove to be incredibly difficult. It is very important to keep yourself healthy and happy, especially at university as poor health can affect your participation and […]

  • How to Adult- Part 2!

    Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a great start to May and a great start to a new week. I recently made a post about some of the things that are important once you come to Uni and become a more independent young adult (click here to see that post). There was a lot I could talk about, […]

  • Support at Edge Hill

    I’ve found that the support available at Edge Hill has been incredibly useful, particularly in my second year. Last year, I didn’t find myself homesick at all; I enjoyed my newfound freedom and university was was a whole new experience. My second year is when I found myself missing home more often; I was with […]

  • Coping With University Stress

    Coping With University Stress

    Although I have found university to be a freeing and joyous experience overall, it can be a tad stressful from time to time. When you first experience stress at university varies (if you even experience it at all), it may come shortly after moving into halls; halfway through the first semester; or perhaps during one of […]