Essential Uni Kit

Hi guys, for today’s blog I wanted to talk about stuff, more particularly what stuff I find is essential for university living, this list won’t include things like clothes or pans because I shouldn’t need to tell you why they are important.

  1. Head/earphones: An easy thing to forget but if you listen to music at all or a lot like me then these are an absolute must. Useful for studying, exercising or just relaxing, I don’t know where I’d be without them personally. If you’re looking for the best listening experience I suggest a pair of decent bluetooth headphones, you don’t have to break the bank but I would suggest spending at least £40. Alternatively £10 earphones are great as well!

  2. Laptop/tablet with keyboard: The university does have loads of computing spaces throughout campus so I wouldn’t class it as an essential, but a good computer is useful for doing work without having to leave your room, or cracking on Netflix in the evening, you could also use a HDMI cable to connect it to your rooms  TV (if you have one), perfect for late night bingeing.

  3. A USB/SD Card: Obvious, but again easily forgettable, saving your work on a computer is alright but to be extra safe you want to make sure you back-up all uni work on a USB. depending on what course you study might affect what size you need, For just basic essays and coursework a 4 or 8gb size is more than enough but if you study something that requires using advanced software or videos/pictures etc then a 16 or 32gb might be more suitable. Specifically for media related courses people like myself, when you rent camera equipment out they don’t give you an SD card so getting your own one is definitely important for these types of courses.

So there’s just a few things I would definitely recommend having if you haven’t thought of them already. Till next time!


The Twelve Days of Christmas…

Guys, Christmas is nearly upon us, with only THREE sleeps until the big day! For me, Christmas is all about family. When I was little, my sibling’s and I literally wanted to see whether Santa had been at 3am. Even now, we still put milk and cookies out- and a carrot for Rudolph of course. We still look forward to Santa’s (dad’s) Christmas letter, that always gets left on the fireplace. We are still excited to wake up early, to open Christmas presents and to eat Christmas dinner. The older I get, the more Christmas becomes about giving and thanking those who have helped me in the past year. Without my family’s help, I would have arrived at uni without half the things I needed.

I thought I’d adapt ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ carol for future students coming to Edge Hill, so they know what small presents to ask Santa for, so…

On the first day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… One adaptable cable.- Believe me, you’ll need it. Between your hairdryer, laptop cables, printer cables, straighteners and phone charger you’re going to need as many sockets as possible.

On the second day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… One small bin.- I never thought I’d use mine, but it’s amazing how much rubbish is actually in your room.

On the third day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… One small desk lamp. – For that late night studying of course.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Stationary.- Your pens will play hide and seek with you too often.

On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A medical kit.- Hopefully you’ll never use it, but it’s better to have plasters than not to.

On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Tea towels.- These saved my carpet from spillages on one too may occasions.

On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Bin bags.- Get as many as you can, you’ll go through what seems like a million every week.

On the eighth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Key documents.- Don’t forget passport, driving license, bank statements, university application, etc…

On the ninth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A docking station.- Loudest speakers dictate who throws the best flat parties, simple.

On the tenth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A hot water bottle.- When fresher’s flu hits, you will thank me.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A door wedge.- Keep your door open and you’ll start speaking to people a lot faster.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… pictures from home.- It actually will brighten your day.

Anyway hope this helps a little.


Until next time…:)