What Is Ormskirk Like?

I’ve had people ask me before ‘what’s Ormskirk like’ as a town to live in? So I thought I would give my thoughts on this for those of you that are starting in September or moving into off campus accommodation.

For starters Ormskirk is a small town, so if your coming for the city life you aren’t going to get it here, BUT Liverpool City Centre is only around 15 miles away and the transport links for the town are good with both rail and bus travel being regular and conveniently accessible from the in town train/bus stations. Most shops operate around the town centre with housing all over the place. Since the town is small and there is a demand for housing because of the large number of students, and prices will be cheaper the further you go out of Ormskirk but at least it isn’t London eh?.

For the size of the town there is a surprisingly good selection of shops, bars, takeaways etc. suitable for everyone, my personal favourite being the Dixi Chicken and pizza on the Southport road which is an underrated gem.

For things to do obviously it’s not going to have as much as somewhere like Liverpool but there’s still things to do depending on what takes your interest. There’s a few different gyms around the town and a leisure centre to choose from. If your one for outdoorsy stuff then the various walks and bike trails might be for you, and there is also the market in the centre every Thursday and Saturday every week which is always popular among young and old and you can get a good selection of stuff. There was also recently the opening of a cinema in the Chapel Gallery that shows a mix of new and old films.

So there’s just a few things to know about Ormskirk if you were interested, if you have any questions let me know and thanks for reading.


Living Off Campus at EHU – Three things to consider about housing in Ormskirk [Part 2]

Off Campus Living

Living off campus can be a daunting experience. Most first years tend to stay on campus but a growing number choose to stay in off campus houses and flats. Yesterday I gave you 3 very important considerations to take into account when moving to a new home off campus. But what about those of you living at home? I have you covered. Here are 3 more great tips about off campus living at Edge Hill University.

Image result for travelTransport is a massive consideration to make when living off campus. You dont know if that train strike is going to fall right on the day of your exam. Did you know that there are already over 2 weeks of planned disruptions to the rail network at Ormskirk? Make sure you master your transport and plan routes out and backups just in case.

Image result for financeFinances can easily be affected when living at home. For example my finance would decrease by 60% if I decided to live at home opposed to campus or living in Ormskirk town. Make sure you understand all the implications of living at home and how this may affect your financial situation.


Image result for relationshipsFriends are the best and while you are sure to make plenty at University it is important to consider that living at home may mean you miss out on some nightlife activities with students on campus. Getting home at 2 or 3AM is easier when you live on campus. So make sure before you make up your mind you open it to the possibility of missing out on parties.

Living Off Campus at EHU – Three things to consider about housing in Ormskirk [Part 1]

That about sums everything up from me. If you want more advice about accommodation at edge hill you can check out this webpage.

And if you want more free and great information on any topic email think@edgehill.ac.uk or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

Living Off Campus at EHU – Three things to consider about housing in Ormskirk [Part 1]

Off Campus Living

Living off campus can be a daunting experience. Most first years tend to stay on campus but a growing number choose to stay in off campus houses and flats. It can be easy to see cheaper prices as a better deal, or chances to live with your friends more exciting than living with strangers, but it is important to take some time and understand the differences between living on and off campus and consider these three things about off campus living that you may not be aware of.

Image result for time imageTime is important, and living off campus means it takes longer to get to your classes and on campus activities. You might be less likely to join a society or club. But you might find yourself closer to shops, transport and the town centre of Ormskirk. When you are walking back from a night out at 4AM this is important, trust me.

Image result for house or apartmentChoosing the type of accommodation you want to live in is also important. You’re main choices are House, Flat or Student Dorm. A house can usually be shared with a few of your friends, flats are more personal but possibly more expensive and a student dorm is similar to on campus. Research each and take your time before choosing.

Image result for billsBills can soon mount up. Living off campus can leave you open to a range of extra costs. Everything from Electricity to Broadband needs to be paid. Websites, such as uSwitch and GoCompare, can help you find the best deal in your area. It is important to explore all options to find the cheapest price. And make sure to avoid long contracts. You won’t be there all year!

That’s everything for this blog. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow as well as a special blog exploring one of my projects over the summer and how my education at EHU has influenced my work.

And if you want more free and great information on any topic email think@edgehill.ac.uk or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

Ormskirk – Home of Edge Hill

Edge Hill University is situated in the small but wonderful town of Ormskirk. As someone who has travelled quite the distance from home to be at uni, from a village just outside two small towns, I knew as soon as I stepped off the train in Ormskirk that I could feel at home here. Originally a market town, founded in 1286 with a charter granted by Edward I, Ormskirk has a way about it that makes you feel like you’ve lived there your entire life, even if you’re only visiting for the day, and despite being small, it has a constant buzz of life going through it (especially at night if you’re anywhere near Alpine!)

Education has been part of the town since 1614, and has played a big part in the education of women – being the first establishment of the kind to educate solely women (outside of the church) all the way back in 1885 when it was known as Edge Hill College. It wasn’t until 1959 that Edge Hill had any male students or staff on campus, and even then they were very much the minority.  Today, Edge Hill’s feminist history is something that is very much noted at the university, and the women still have the majority, with men being outnumbered 2:1.

Ormskirk is also famous for gingerbread, although nobody really seems to know where it originally came from, but the do know that it was being sold by the gingerbread women of Ormskirk as early as 1732, and is still sold and celebrated today by the  summer Gingerbread Festival and is used as an educational and commercial platform for the town.

Public transport routes around the uni are also wonderful for travelling around- without having to fork out for a taxi each time. The EdgeLink bus is an absolute saviour if you’ve done your weekly shop in town and can barely  carry it out of the trolly, as you can hop on it (for free!) at the bus station and it can take you up to the uni and back into town again every 20 minutes. Ormskirk also has a train station which has direct routes to both Liverpool and Preston, which are perfect for days out in the city or as links to further afield, such as going home for weekends.

That’s all for now, but if you would like to know more about the history of Ormskirk and the university, you can visit Ormskirk Bygone Times and the Edge Hill University website.


Hey guys,

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Last week I wrote a blog on your nearest city (Liverpool) and thought it would only be appropriate to sell you on your local town. So, hello Ormskirk.

Ormskirk is super cute and as a student living away, you will get to know this place like the back of your hand. the town is pretty small with everything a student needs from local supermarkets to essential pubs and bars.

So, let’s see what you can get up to:

1- EHU has to be my first one obviously. The uni puts on a range of events throughout the year to keep you hooked in. Our SU plans everything from paintball parties, cake sales, fancy dress events, charity based events to stand up comedy, theatre events and society events.

2- Hungry or thirsty? Ormskirk has a variety of pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy! So get in a pint… or two.

3- I know it’s not exactly Ormskirk but a stone throw away is Farmer Ted’s (a family fun animal petting farm) which might not be your cup of tea normally, but when it comes to September and October it’s transformed into Farmageddon a scary 3 building walk through, surrounded by all your worst nightmares.

4- Gyms and libraries – for those dedicated enough, I envy you.

5- EHU cinema. Yes, we have a cinema, how cool?

Well, that’s just a sprinkle of what Ormskirk has to offer you and if it’s not enough Liverpool and Southport are only down the road. To be honest you’ll find that you and your friends think of better things to do anyway, so it’s not all about a little town.

Until next time…

A little about Ormksirk…

Hello! I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and that the excited for New Years! 2016 will be an amazing and unforgettable year, finishing your A Levels, starting university, meeting loads of new people… the list is endless!

I’d like to talk a little about Ormksirk! Ormskirk is a charming market town that is around a ten minute walk from Edge Hill! Or if you are living on campus you can use the Edge Link bus which travels to and from Edge Hill to Ormksirk  for free with your Unicard (you receive this on welcome Sunday). Trust me this bus is an absolute lifesaver when you’ve just done your food shop!

Ormksirk has all the essential shops and takeaways! There are plenty of places to shop for food in town such as Morrisons, Aldi and Iceland! There are also pubs and a few clubs that you will certainly venture into during your time at university! I would definitely recommend that you venture into Liverpool on a night out as there is a larger variety of clubs to choose from, however it is more expensive and as a student you probably won’t have much money!

To get to Liverpool the easiest way is via the railway station which is a two minute walk from the bus station (where the bus will drop you off from uni).  here you can get directly to Liverpool or Preston- both of which are a half an hour journey! This is perfect if you want a day out you can go shopping or go to the cinema… amongst many other things!

So to finish off, as it is Christmas, I’ve included a few pictures of the Christmas lights around Ormskirk and Liverpool, just a little taster of what you can expect to see next year!

Hello Ormskirk, how do you do?

Hey guys, so you wanna know about Ormskirk?

Well… the first word that comes to mind is without doubt CUTE. I mean anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying, sorry not sorry. The town itself is quite compact, with a range of local and national branded shops. Café, bars and pubs surround the area, along with local takeaways for when you don’t feel like cooking. Ormskirk has a library (but no doubt you’ll live in EHU ones, cause after all it is amazing) and it even has a hospital (but hopefully you’ll never have to use it).

Transport links? There are plenty! If you’re driving in the town is a spit away (ew how gross) from the motorway, so moving in and out won’t be a hassle for your parents. We have an amazing bus system, not only the EHU link bus, but the town’s local bus system linking us to Southport, Preston, Liverpool and surrounding towns. Trains? Chooo chooo… Our local train system is perfect for getting to experience city life. On one side you have easy transport to Preston and then on the other you have the best city of them all LIVERPOOL. So on weekends when you want to explore, you’re only 25/30 mins away from the city, on trains which come every 15 minutes (Sunday’s might be slightly longer, but still how quick is that?).

The University itself is a short walk (5 mins) away from the train station and town, so when you’re in a rush to get somewhere fear not, it’s literally down the road! So overall it’s a great little town. The people are extremely friendly and love how students are part of their community. I’m telling you, you’ll love it!

Until next time…



“What even is an ‘Ormskirk’ anyway?”

If you’ve chosen to attend Edge Hill University you’ll be studying in a small town called Ormskirk. I feel the need to make this clear for numerous reasons. Firstly, whilst intending to attend an open day here, a friend of mine made his way up here on the train and took himself to Edge Hill station. Unfortunately for him, Edge Hill University isn’t situated in Edge Hill (although I’m told it once was, hence the name). We’re in Ormskirk, and Ormskirk is not Liverpool; it’s in a different county altogether. I’m saying this because I’ve heard of quite a few people who come to Edge Hill expecting to be in Liverpool. We’re very close to Liverpool (half an hour away on the train) but we’re actually in Lancashire. And finally, when I’m at home I rarely meet anyone who actually knows where or what Ormskirk is. It probably just sounds like a funny  word to them, and I usually just end their confusion by explaining “It’s near Liverpool” (which is probably perpetuating the ‘Ormskirk is in Liverpool’ myth…).


I love Ormskirk very much. It’s pretty small, but it’s got everything I need and I think it’s cute. If you’re after more of a city lifestyle, you might perhaps be better off in Liverpool, although, as I said, it’s really close by. In terms of clothes shopping, we have a few shops like New Look and Dorothy Perkins, but there aren’t many other big name high street retailers. There are a load of charity shops here though, so if you’re after a bargain you’ll be sure to find one.

In terms of food shopping, Ormskirk has a really big Morrisons which is where I prefer to go. There’s also an Iceland, Marks and Spencer, Tesco Metro, B & M and Home Bargains.  Ormskirk also has quite a few restaurants. They’re mostly independent places, and all the ones I’ve been to are absolutely lovely, but if you’re after the big names you’ll find them in Liverpool. Ormskirk is also home to a ton of pubs; we’re really spoilt for choice. Or, if you prefer, there’s also a few clubs too.