Sean’s Random Encounters – Ormskirk Bus Station and Deadlines

Seans Random Encounters Text

Fresh off my flight from Ireland back to Ormskirk I realized it had been a few weeks since I had made a blog post, let alone a random encounter article. On my way to catch the EL1 after a train journey from Liverpool Central I spotted a line of students. I decided to speak to one and ask them a simple question – ‘What do you know now, that you wish you knew when you started 1st year’. This is what 3rd year student Steven had to say.

Image result for studying edge hill‘Doing your work is important. Don’t leave anything until the last moment ever. As much as it seems like you can write that 500 word essay on the Friday that the task is due, you can’t. I learned the hard way that it’s best to get my stuff done about a week before’ said Steve. And I agree with him. You will never get the grade you want with quick write ups under stress.

Image result for timeWhen you are working against the clock you tend to make mistakes. Remember that when you start university you are still here to gain knowledge. Regardless of when you do the module it will still take roughly the same time so don’t try and cheat by leaving it as long as you can, it only pushes you to cut corners. That’s not good.

Image result for examEven myself as a first year, very much guilty of leaving things to the last moment, I have started to realise that it does not work. I hope that you do take what I have said in this article to heart when you start university in September. And trust me, if you do it will pay off. When everyone else is stressing you won’t be, and that’s important.

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If you want to find out more about ways to deal with stress, time management and more at Edge Hill, check out the link here!

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Exam tips

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter and are feeling well rested!

As the Easter holidays come to a close, I’m sure you’ll all be gearing up for your assessments and exams. Some of you might be freaking out, but don’t worry, they’re a lot less dreadful than they seem beforehand! The key to success in the exam period is to make sure you have a good routine for studying, and in between your revision to look after your wellbeing. Below, to help you through this period, I thought I’d list some tips and tricks that help me:

  • Plan out your time- it seems like the most basic one that your teachers/parents/websites will tell you works, and some of you might roll your eyes at the idea of a study timetable, but it really does help! It helps you to keep an eye on your progress and get everything you want to do that day done without you having to go back over things and question what you’ve studied and what you haven’t. It also makes sure you leave time for breaks. Speaking of…
  • Take regular breaks- you need to allow yourself time to relax. A lot of people think that if you don’t take breaks and you power on through you’ll get more done, which, by logistics, is true… however, the stuff that you revise without breaking won’t sink in as well as if you were to take breaks as your brain will be stressed and won’t have had time to take in what you do study. Breaks also give you a chance to eat a snack to keep your body fuelled.
  • Snacking and water- make sure you have some snacks to keep yourself from being distracted by hunger, and also drink lots of water whilst studying to make sure you stay hydrated.
  • Make your studying work for you- I’m sure you’ve heard about the different types of learning before; Visual (Spatial), Aural (Auditory-Musical), Verbal (Linguistic) and Physical (Kinesthetic). Some ways of studying work better for some people for others, for example, I’m quite a visual learner, so if I can find any videos or make flowcharts etc. to help me study I benefit from it a lot, but I personally can’t read blocks and blocks of text, so I take a more visual approach to studying. More visual ways to help yourself study include using different colours and keys, pictures and charts, some aural ways to study include listening to learning podcasts or videos, and coming up with rhymes or songs to help you remember things, some verbal ways are to also use rhymes or songs to speak out loud whilst studying, and some kinesthetic ways are to combine studying with an activity or to use flashcards.

These are just a few of the tips that help me, and I hope they help you too. If you have any questions or have your own tips and tricks that you’d like to share with anyone reading this post, then feel free to comment below!

Placements in Education – Tips!

Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having a lovely Easter (and Pesach)! In my first year, professional practice took place from the end of November to the beginning of February. Throughout this placement, it taught me a lot of things and made me realise how I can improve this year. You may feel nervous or overwhelmed when given all the information for your placement, but this is completely normal! I thought I would list some tips to help calm your nerves!

Introduce yourself to other teachers

No matter how nervous you may feel, once you talk to teachers at the school you will feel more comfortable I guarantee! They will be welcoming and are there to give advice!

Don’t be afraid of the staff room

Following on from this, you should not avoid the staff room! You are there to get to know the teachers, and they also want to get to know you.

Ask, ask, ask!

One of the most important aspects of placement is to ask questions. You are there to learn and improve your skills as a teacher, so it is important to ask your mentor any questions you can think of. For example, I feel I did not find out enough information about assessment on my last placement. So this time around, I know to question what types of assessment are used and how often they are implemented.

Get to know your school

In your first week, try to find out where everything is – which classroom is which, where the toilets are, where the head teacher’s office is etc. Throughout your time on practice, it is important to know where to take the children if you are asked to guide them to another place.

Go to staff meetings and events

Yes, these things may make your day longer… but when you have less planning to do one night, you should take advantage of every opportunity. It is important to observe the structure of meetings, to find out what types of preparation is necessary when teaching a class of your own. In addition to this, attending and helping out with school events will provide you with a varied and unique experience (as well as contributing to your Teachers’ Standards).

Be reflective

Professional practice isn’t going to be perfect… teachers expect your lessons to flop sometimes. But the important thing is to know how to pick yourself up and improve for next time. Analyse how your lesson went, make notes and talk to your class teacher/mentor about aspects of your teaching that went well and those aspects that didn’t.

Make the most of it

And finally…make the most of your experience there! Celebrate your achievements, learn from your mistakes, and remember every moment is leading up to teaching your own class one day!

Feel free to drop me a comment if you have anything you want to ask. Thanks for reading, have a good weekend and bank holiday!

Anna 🙂

Edge Hill University Applicant Days – Seeing is believing

Edge Hill University applicant visit days are the reason that I am here today, blogging for this fantastic university. In February 2017 I made the trek across the sea to see what all the fuss was with Edge Hill. I did it mainly to meet a few friends of mine who were starting the university in September, and I honestly had no plans to move away from home and start a new life here in Ormskirk. That all changed on my applicant visit day. I want you to experience the same feeling I did when I first saw the campus and realized that I wanted to be here for the next 3 years. Here are three reasons why you should get on campus.

Image result for applicant day edge hill1. Experience the campus

The campus at EHU is one of the most beautiful in the country. Just seeing the modern buildings, scattered lakes and amazing views are just some of the sights to take in. I guarantee you will not find another university in the country as beautiful as EHU.

Image result for applicant day edge hill2. Get a look at your course

Getting to have a look at your course and meet your tutors will get you excited for university in general. But heading into what could be your classes next year will do the same, but for EHU. Every tutor is friendly and there to help you. Meeting them face to face is a great opportunity.

Related image3. Meet some of your new friends

I arrived on campus knowing nobody apart from one person I had met online. When I left the applicant day I had 30+ new facebook friends. The applicant day will show you just how many legends like yourself are on the way to EHU in the new year.

That’s all from me, but if you want to find out more about Edge Hill Applicant or Open days and how you might get involved in hosting them when you attend the university check out their amazing website here!

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Staying Motivated!

Hi everyone,

Now that it is not long until our easter break, assignment and exam season is looming upon us once again. For some of you, including me, you may have a number of essays all due within days of each other which can be quite overwhelming meaning that many of us enter panic mode and become quite stressed. This can often lead to feeling unmotivated as you feel like everything is piling up all at once, so here is some advice I hope is helpful for you!

1. Plan ahead

Planning your assignments in advance will help ease some stress as by doing this you will already know how to tackle your essays. You can do this through many ways such as, one to one meetings with your tutors so you can discuss the details of your assessments more extensively. You could also plan your essay so that you have something to guide you when it actually comes to writing your essay. Another useful tip is to make a note of when all your deadlines are, I did this by making a poster and sticking it up in my room to keep me reminded.

2. Talk to your tutors

If you feel overwhelmed by your assessments and it all starts to get a bit too much, it might be a good idea to arrange a meeting with your module leader or even your personal tutor. These meetings can be really helpful at easing your mind. Additionally, by discussing your essay with a tutor they can help you with any queries you may have as well as making sure you are on the right track!

3. Use the library

If like me you struggle to concentrate when your friends are surrounding you, going to the library can make a huge difference. At our library there are three floors which are a key to three modes of studying. The first floor is for group study, the second floor is for quiet study and the third floor is strictly for silent study. Also, you can book an individual study room in the library if you feel like you need it, they all have a computer and you won’t be disturbed this way.

4. Don’t doubt yourself

It is so easy to doubt yourself when there is a lot of pressure on you so always try to stay positive and do everything you can to help yourself out so that you can be as stress free as possible!

Volunteering and Part-time Jobs

Hello again!

With the summer coming up in the not-so-distant future, I thought it would be a good chance to talk about summer jobs, part-time jobs and volunteering. With Primary Education, gaining work experience was an essential part of the application process, as with any course.

Update and prepare your CV 

My advice is to be pro-active and have your CV ready. This should include your information, qualifications, previous work experience or volunteering and achievements. There are many good examples online. Try to avoid rambling… but make sure to include all the relevant information. Personally, I would suggest adding a photograph of yourself to add the personal touch!

Do all the right research

Some ideas for work experience when doing a course in Education are as follows:a school, a museum, a zoo, an education centre, a youth centre, guides / scouts or a summer camp. Edge Hill’s careers centre can be a great help! When deciding where you want to apply, have a look at their websites and social media. Try to speak to people who are part of the team to understand the expectations and requirements for the job. You should also look into the locality of the work to ensure you will be able to travel there.

Do not give up!

If you have the determination and you put time into applying for a job, it will pay off! Regarding volunteering, sometimes certain companies or centres may not take on volunteers, but places that do will appreciate the interest and extra help!

Edge Hill often have careers fairs and part-time job vacancies of their own. You can find out more information about jobs at Edge Hill on their website.


Wishing you the best of luck! Anna 🙂

Edge Hill Open Days

Hello everyone! It looks like Spring isn’t here just yet… but I have to admit I have been enjoying this Winter weather!

You may have been to an Edge Hill open day before or may have chosen the university from the prospectus. Considering I visited the uni about 3 times before starting here, I thought I would share my experiences with you! Open days are a great chance to learn more about the university and explore the campus. If you are able to travel there, I definitely recommend visiting (even if you have confirmed your place already).

Edge Hill’s open days were part of the reason why I decided to come here. The organisation of the day, the lecturers and seeing the accommodation first-hand, allowed me to experience Edge Hill in all its greatness!

The lectures – This was a good chance to sit in the place of a first year student, and ask any questions you may have.

Seeing the accommodation – Before seeing it for myself, I didn’t realise how nice the university’s student accommodation really is. All block of flats are modern with everything you need and it’s up to you to choose your 5 accommodation preferences.

The student guides – There are lots of lovely students to guide you and answer your questions throughout the day. After meeting someone also doing primary education for their course, it was really helpful to ask the specific questions I wasn’t sure who to ask!

You can find more information about open days and campus tours here. The next campus tour is the 7th of March. Hope to see you there! Thank you for reading, goodbye to February!

Anna 🙂



Edge Hill Laundrette – Doing your washing is loads of fun

Washing at Edge Hill University is possibly the one taboo that we all will have to take part in, but nobody wants to talk about it. I remember moving in, at that time most of the flat didnt know each other that well, and everyone managed to bond over trying to make the washing machines work so we could get some clean clothes to wear. It took about a week for us to get a system going, longer to realize that you need to have WiFi or 4G to actually use the phone app to pay. So here are a few things that you might want to remember when you come here in September.

Edge Hill LaundretteThe SU runs the laundrette, and it is managed by an external company called ‘Circuit’. There is a few things to understand about first doing laundry here. One of them being that you will either have to download the app on your phone, called Circuit Laundry, or get a card at the SU Shop and top it up or wait around for the one coin operated machine to be free. It costs 2.70 for an eco wash and 1.50 for the dryer.

Drying clothes at EH
Once you have your app downloaded or card at the ready you can start by loading up your laundry into one of the many free washing machines. Remember not to overload as this will waste your time. Your clothes will come out wet and smell. Put in only to the maximum line and no further. Ensure you follow the instructions on what type of detergent to use, all-in-one capsules are popular.

Washing Controls at EHWhen loaded up it is time to pick your wash cycle. There are a number of different options for temperature and types of clothes, such as colours and whites. I usually leave this on 40 – Colours and an Eco wash. The washing controls are to the left. If you accidently start using the dryer dont worry you wont be the first or last.

Washing machine screen at EHOnce everything has been setup you can take your phone out, and using the APP scan the QR code displayed on the screen, this looks like the image to the right. Once scanned follow the onscreen instructions and make sure you have WiFi or 4G enabled. You will need some form of internet connection to use the app.

And that’s it! You are washing your clothes. It takes around 40 minutes or so to complete a full cycle on the wash and repeating the procedure on the dryer will set you back another 50 minutes. You can check out some of circuits informational posters in the gallery below!

Finally the opening times for the laundrette are:

Monday – Sunday: 7:30AM – 11:30PM (Last wash – 10:30PM)

If you want to find out more about Edge Hill laundry you can read more on page 5 of the halls handbook here.

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Sport and Gym Facilities at Edge Hill University – Go Hard or Go Home


Edge Hill University sports a state of the art gym right on your doorstep on campus. This amazing facility built in 2015 was a 30 million pound expansion to the existing campus. Since then the campus has adopted this facility as the new home of fitness and sweat.

The facilities here are state of the art and the team looking after them are always looking for ways to help students and residents of the gym alike.

The gym itself consists of a range of exercise machines, ranging from weights to cardio and everything in between. Modern Techno-Gym machines link everything together and allow you to track all of your training activity and even watch TV or play Angry Birds if you want. The gym is modern, sleek and friendly.


The complex itself also sports a fresh 7 lane pool, with views onto the sports field and campus. This relaxing environment is a perfect way to chill out and even have some fun with friends. The pool also offers classes and lessons for those who are not as sure footed as they would like to be in the water. There are also water sports teams, such as triathlons and much much more.

Image result for steam roomThe pool also contains a health suite. A steam room and sauna provide a great way to relax after a workout or even a late night. It is worth checking out, although remember that at the movement you do need a membership to use the suite, it is not a pay as you go setup. The sauna and steam room are right by the pool so you can hop in and out.


If you want to find out more about Edge Hill Sport, including other activities, classes, facilitates and prices of the memberships you can check out their webpage here.

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Dealing with Stress at University – Stress is like the flu, everyone usually gets it

Like the title says, stress is pretty much the common cold of psychology. Everyone usually gets it, its how you deal with it that makes the difference. For the past week I have been stressed out and it reminded me of a time when I wasn’t as able to cope with stress as well as I am now.

Therefore I want to share a few tips on how to deal with stress that is affecting you, and hopefully if you ever come to a point in your life where you feel like me you will remember what I am about to say.

1) The divers technique

  • Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs.
  • Hold your breath to the count of “three.”
  • Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach.

This breathing technique is a good way to get an immediate sense of relief as to whatever is bothering you at that time.

Following the instructions should take away the ‘sinking feeling’ in your stomach.

2) Making a list

Make a list of everything that is causing you stress. Most times you will end up with a to-do list. Making the list is the first step, once you have written everything down you can begin to work through them. Understand that each time you tick off an item you will feel a little better.

Remember, if you are working your way through a list, prioritize. You need to work through each of them in turn and not get distracted. Pick something and stick through it until the end.

3) Break the schedule

After you have finally finished up everything, take a break. If you are stuck in a rut it will make you stressed, doing the same thing over and over again. Take a break from the schedule. Maybe go see a movie, have a meal, go out with friends. Whatever you like take this time to do it.

Remember not to abuse this. It is a reward for doing things right and completing tasks that you have completed. Hopefully this three step detox will leave you feeling better than before and ready to move forward and be productive.

If you want to find out more about ways to deal with stress, and counselling services at Edge Hill, check out the link here!

And if you want more free and great advice email or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!