Planning for an amazing summer!

With snow settled on the ground outside it feels like summer should be a million miles away but I know it’s never to early to start looking into what is available. Whether you are excitedly looking forward to September to begin your degree or if you’re a first or second year student thinking beyond your deadlines this blog is for you. I am a sun-lover and with second semester almost half way through and I’m already making plans for my summer break. There are so many amazing opportunities available during the break, here’s a quick look at what you could get up to!

1 – Volunteer

There are so many amazing volunteer opportunities out there that can provide so much more than just experience to put on your CV. Volunteering is a personal favourite of mine and I love supporting children and young people with a disability to access activity holidays over the summer. But there are volunteering opportunities from one day a week, daily and even residential available in a huge range of areas. Speak to someone at the careers centre or check out one of the national volunteering websites for more information.

2 – Try some part time paid work

Part time work can be a great way of getting some extra money before starting university or to get ahead for your next academic year. My advice would always be to find something you think you will enjoy and do your research first. Locally there are lots of jobs available which can be found on the careers website and the staff also provide a fantastic service when it comes to providing feedback on CV’s and application forms.

3 – Relax and spend time with your family and friends

Summer is also a time for you to catch up with friends and family members, relax and enjoy doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Whether that is days out shopping or going to the beach, relaxing in your room watching movies or playing games or going out with friends. This is the perfect time to de-stress and get yourself ready for the new year.

Remember – the best opportunities tend to get snapped up quickly so it is always a good idea to get in early with your application form or ask for feedback/references in advance of the deadlines so that you aren’t rushing.

What is your favourite thing to do in the summer? Please leave a comment as I’d love to hear all of your ideas!

Make 2016 A Great Year!

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all having an amazing New Year. I know a lot of you have already started getting offers, so congratulations and good luck to anyone awaiting university offers 🙂

I’m not usually a person who makes New Years Resolutions, but this year I have tried to make a few changes to make life that little bit easier.

This year I’ve decided organisation is key. My christmas gifts all revolved around uni. I got cute notebooks, pens, storage boxes for my room and a calendar or two so I can track everything that I need to do.

Might sound a little boring to you now, but little gifts like that can be super helpful. And often not something you’d think about getting for yourself.

I’m currently filling in my calendar with all my assignment deadlines, lectures, seminars and (thankfully) a few social events. It can really help reduce stress levels, and it’s useful to have a visual reminder of important dates.

A fresh year is a great time for a fresh start, you can try out new things, experiment and find things that suit you.

Another thing that really helps you with that is university. Since I came to Edge Hill I’ve studied things I never even thought of (how many English Lit students do you know who study comics?) and met people I never would have met at home.

Coming to university is definitely a challenge, but it’s also super rewarding. The happiest moment is when you finally hand in that essay you’ve been working on for a few weeks, or when you did the reading for the week and actually understand some of the more advanced points in the lecture.

As with most things in life, you get out what you put in. So put in some time, dedication and organisation and just watch how much easier things get. Trust me, that’s a great tip for A-Level exams and BTEC assignments too!

Quote for the day: “‎Determination, effort, and practice are rewarded with success.” The Perfect Bride for Mr Darcy. Mary Lydon Simonsen

Hope you all have a great week, there are many more to come!

Until next time. . . 🙂

Renderman is here!

Hello one and all!

I am incredibly excited.
I have just learnt that Renderman is now free!
Don’t know what Renderman is? Listen close!

RenderMan is a photorealistic 3D rendering software produced by the amazing Pixar and is used to render all of their 3D animated movie productions.

On May 30, 2014, it was announced that Pixar would be offering a free non-commercial version of RenderMan that would be available to download sometime in August 2014.

It has just been released, and can be found here

 Want any more of a reason to use it, as a budding animator?
It’s been used in Titanic, the Star Wars prequels and The Lord of the Rings!

Give it a good look!

Now enjoy this video that gives me major trust issues!


— — —
Quote of the Day

“To infinity, and Beyond!”


Reading week!

Hello one and all!

This week is currently reading week, which means I have a week of non stop reading, studying and revising. So It means pulling out the stops and making sure I can collect all the materials I need.

Reading week at Edge Hillis perhaps one of the most useful weeks for a student. However, it can also serve as a relaxing break for those that need it.

Those that can go back home during this week, often do so.
Sadly, for someone like me, a 250 mile trip just to do that is a little bit difficult.
But who knows!
Perhaps you will (or have) been able to and I wish all the luck to you.

Next week marks the return to hard work, and the short stretch to christmas
(Which is a horrifying thought)

Speak soon!

— — —

“Our brains are all wired wrong”



Hello All!

Hoping your all having a good time here at University, or those that are not yet part of University, hope your having a good day.

Something that has risen to my mind, that I have spoken about a few times, is Transport.
When at Uni, as cheap as it may seem sometimes, walking is not always an option.
Though it is a short distance, people will be glad to know that there is a bus running between the University and the Town Centre.

The Bus stops off at Ormskirk Bus station, which is obviously a hub of buses that can take you wherever it is you need to go.
To make matters easy, a path down the back of the Bus centre leads off to the Train station, which can take you down into Liverpool or down into Preston, and all the stops inbetween. I advise making at least one or two trips into Liverpool. It’s worth a looksie.

However, if you want to just go visit a friend a town over and taking  a bus or train is not an option either, directly opposite the bus station is the Local Ormskirk Taxi service.

So no matter what your transport needs, there is certainly something to take you where you need to go

(Except for Hover cars. The Science department has yet to provide us with one of those yet)

— — —

“You betrayed me, you betrayed my trust, you betrayed our friendship, you betrayed everything that I ever stood for.” – Doctor Who

Pushing a Society

Hello everyone

I come before you now with one purpose
To Push a brand new society that I am Joint President of.
It is called the Pagan Society

The Society aims to welcome all people from whatever various branches of the Pagan lifestyle, and get them to know one another.

What is Paganism you ask?

Paganism is the ancestral religion of the whole of humanity. This ancient religious outlook remains active throughout much of the world today, both in complex civilisations such as Japan and India, and in less complex tribal societies world-wide. It was the outlook of the European religions of classical antiquity – Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome – as well as of their “barbarian” neighbours on the northern fringes, and its European form is re-emerging into explicit awareness in the modern West as the articulation of urgent contemporary religious priorities.

The Pagan outlook can be seen as threefold. Its adherents venerate Nature and worship many deities, both goddesses and gods.

The Pagan Society hopes to be a place where people from all walks of Paganism may come and speak with like minded individuals, relax and make new friends.

Are you A Pagan?

If so, come and give us an add on the SU page, or join on facebook Here


— —

Quote of the Week

Interfere? Of course we should interfere. Always do what you’re best at, that’s what I say!” – The Doctor

All moved in and Freshers has passed

Well hello ladies and gentlemen

I have now officially moved in and can now sit and rest in the comfort of my own individual spot.
I have also watched the freshers come and arrive,  and them party their lives off.

There has been copious amounts of celebration from all the freshers and they have all had a fun time.

Freshers fair, which was last wednesday, was a lot of fun and has allowed many freshers to join many new societies, including my own led societies (Cosplay Society, Pagan Society and Murder Mystery)
And I got to dress up for it

Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe

I’m hoping to meet many new university students and hope I can help anyone in the problems and thoughts that come before them.

— —

Quote of the Day

“I wept not, so to stone inside I grew”

Final Packing moment!

Hello one and all!

As I write I am putting the final touches to packing all my things to get them ready to move in tomorrow.
Yes, Tomorrow.

Whereas everyone shall be moving in on Sunday, I shall be moving in early tomorrow, Saturday to get ready for the Freshers week ahead.
There are many things to get ready for, including the Freshers fair on the Wednesday, where I will be hosting many tables.
Fingers crossed I shall be dressed Like Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe.
If your unsure, look them up at

— —

Some good news for Marvel fans
Deadpool is getting his own film. Yup, the Merc with a Mouth is getting his own film
This comes after the leaked trailer that was released a few months ago.
If you haven’t seen it, here it is 🙂

— — —


“Crimes the Disease, Meet the Cure. Ok, Maybe not cure. More like topical ointment that reduces swelling and itching”
– Deadpool





Hospital and #100Happydays continued!

So, I’ve just learnt that I’m going to have to go to hospital pretty soon after arriving at University. Annoying as this is, I am at least glad that I’ve been given enough warning that I can arrange to run down south and run back up in as little time as possible.

I am unsure of how the hospitals work in this area, but I am well aware that there is a medical center at the back of the university in case you have a medical emergency that is not hospital worthy. All therapy sessions are also held here too.

So yeah. That’s a thing.

In other news, I am restarting my  #100HappyDays challenge. If you’ve forgotten what it is, be sure to look it up, and give it a go. It’s a lot of fun and allows you to start focusing on the good side of things and see things more positively.

I’ve recently convinced Emma, another blogger here, to start up the challenge. You can find her blog here

On other side news, I’ve started looking more into my family tree. I’ve had some difficulty in trying to find certain parts of my family tree, but hopefully I can try and fill in the gaps.

— — —

Quote of the day

“Don’t be Lasagna”

Preparing things to move!

So, The time has come to really start finishing your preparations for moving into Edge Hill. I am fully aware many people have already been doing this for months, but now that your A-Levels have been passed, this is the last big push into Edge Hill University.
As a Helping hand, I’ve compiled a list of one or two things you may need, if you haven’t got them already.


Obviously, your course will sit there and tell you exactly what books they’d like you to get to read for your course, and trust me, get them. They will really come in handy.
If you can’t get them, don’t worry. We have a library that you can borrow them from.,
But not just that! Bring books with you just to relax with. You will come to a point where you will want to just shut your brain off. Don’t. Just get another book, Fiction, Non-Fiction, fantasy, sci-fi etc and read it. I myself bring quite a few with me so I have something to do.
I thoroughly recommend Terry Pratchett, and in particular, Small Gods.

2 -Your Kitchen Needs

This one will not fuss you much if your in one of the halls where your food is provided via your uni card at the restaurants, but for those that are not so ‘lucky’, you’ll want to bring kitchen equipment. Pots, pans, knives, forks, Spoons are a start. Do not forget Chopping boards, colanders, baking tins. Trust me, when I got to the university, I suddenly realized I was really short on this stuff. So I had to go out and buy ALL OF IT. Just be wary of what your space will be like in the halls.

3 – Gizmos 

No, not the adorable Mugwai. (If you don’t know what that is… Look it up)
Laptops will really come in handy, if you have one, for taking notes. Other entertainment like music players of all kinds, and (shudder) Kindles. Do not also forget to bring gaming stations if you are a gamer. There will be space. I know I made space for it.  Just make sure you have insurance for them, which if you don’t, can easily and cheaply be bought from the university.

4 – Comfy Bedding stuff

Doesn’t matter where you are, your going to need this stuff. A big Duvet, pillows, blanket, towels for the bathroom, hand towels, wash bowl, soap, shampoo… Need I go on?

There are other little things you can get, like waste paper bins etc, but if ever you struggle to bring any of these things up with you, do not lose heart! There is an Argos not that far from the Uni, as well as many other stores to shop in.

— — —

Quote of the Day

“Life Prevails”