Gaining More than just a Degree…

If you’re one of the lucky ones… It’s your Easter holidays! Either way it’s not long off exams which means you’ve nearly finished and you’re having to persevere to study through the sunny days! However the motivation and excitement of going to uni is hopefully keeping you on track to achieve those well deserved grades!

As a third year student, looking back, uni has been a great experience and I’m devastated I only have one term left! So my point is… savour every minute of it! There are so many things going on throughout the year that you’d be silly not to! This morning I registered for Graduation which means it’s not long before I finish!

Talking to college students, some are unsure about whether University is for them, and I can only advise based on my personal experience but I would say jump at the opportunity while you can! Many students come to uni for the renowned ‘student life’, which is great as you have very few responsibilities and a lot of time to be selfish (when else in life will you get to do this?!).

You come to Uni to better yourself, choosing a course that you will enjoy and that will open doors to exciting careers later when you finish! You will meet some fascinating people from Edge Hill, both staff and students… who hopefully will become your friends for life! University is exciting and will provide you that time to get to know what you do/don’t like, what you like to do to keep yourself company… or even how messy you can be without being told to clean up!

The time at University has allowed me to truly know who I am as a person and what makes me get up in the morning! It is a testing time full of demands and assignments, but it is totally worth it!

Biology – Second Year Decisions

With the summer term of second year approaching, many people have had to decide on a number of future ventures – third year modules, dissertation topics, and perhaps summer placements. So, in chronological order I present to you – the recent decisions of biosciences students.


Although not a particularly​ recent event, it does pertain to the summer activities of the biology students and affects their summer plan. Back in term one, details of the ERASMUS+ program were announced and applications were accepted. The ERASMUS+ program is a europe-wide student exchange of sorts. In the case of the biology department, there are two institutes that currently offer summer placements for students: The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). I have been lucky enough to be offered a placement at SLU, where the department that our own biology department is currently in contact with is the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies. The kind of activities that occur during placements here consist of bird, fish, invert, forest, and fire ecology, as well as research into genetically modified trees. Since I am to be abroad during the summer, I cannot be present at our very own Edge Hill University (EHU) to take part in the internships hosted closer to home.


A more recent decision to be made regarding the summer break is whether or not you would like to work an internship. Currently, the university offers​ a number of summer internships for students to assist in research with the lecturers. Since I was already due to be away over summer, I have experienced this process as a third-party of sorts as my fellow students have applied. Numerous topics are available with various lecturers, for instance: microbial genetics, extremophile microbial genetics, vector biology, dermatogenetics, conservation, and forest ecology. After the long summer, students will head back as third years and begin their new modules.

Module Choices

Third year, currently weighted slightly more than second year, will consist of new modules to those studied in the second year. A full list of modules (and who came take them depending on course) can be found on the relevant course pages in the biology section of the EHU websiteSome modules may be available to choose in second or third year, which is a wonderful idea, as it allows further customisation of your course – allowing you to choose a full range of modules relevant to your degree focus. Of course, the big one – the dissertation module, is a module you must choose for third year.


With a wide range of courses and lecturers, comes a wide range of topics for dissertations. As tutors are limited to a select number of students per individual, they are allocated as fairly as possible to the topics you have expressed interest in. Since deciding on your dissertation topic may seem like a herculean task when presented with so many options, help had been provided in the form of suggested topics and questions, and the option to begin research in the summer. So far, the department have been very helpful in assisting in our decision – with lecturers coming to pitch their topics and inspire us.

Dissertation deadline is looming, ahhhh!

Hey guys,

How are we?

Well what’s new? With my dissertation deadline right around the corner it’s time to start worrying. I worry about a lot of things, especially when it comes to university work, I just want it to be good! Over these three years I’ve had my fair share of panic tears and miniature break downs, but that’s all part of it. Along the way I’ve discovered a few things which help me calm down, so go on then I’ll share my tips with you…

  1. Down time- you must make time for yourself. When I can’t think of anything to write, it’s time to stop and take a break. Go watch your favourite to show, spend time with friends, RELAX… You’ll find that when you go back to work you have fresh ideas waiting for you!
  2. Support system- when those panic tears and mini break downs occur, you need your people! Go and ring your mum, brother, friend, friend of a friend, literally anyone you want as long as you can vent to them and stop thinking about work. I always find that a few words of encouragement from my mum puts things into perspective and I always feel better. Mums are the best aren’t they.
  3. Food- treat yourself to nice things as a reward for doing work. Set out what you want to achieve and set treats as targets for words. Fatties like me love that.
  4. Plan- believe me they help!

Find out what things help you and do them, it’ll really help.

Goodluck with all your essays and exams coming up, I’m sure you’ll do great!!!

Until next time!??

It’s ALMOST the end…

Hey guys,

How are we?

I’m a little stressed with deadlines fast approaching and my university experience coming to an end. With just under 5 weeks to go things are starting to heat up on the work front, with my dissertation and assignments due in in 3 weeks… and to make things worse it’s starting to feel like the end.

I’m seeing things like the release of my graduation date and graduation ball all over Facebook and I’m not sure if I’m ready to say goodbye to my EHU student card (do they actually take it back off you????? I hope not). These three years have been AMAZING and literally everything (and more) that I hoped university would be like (cringe, sorry). From small things like 24/7 library facilities and constant tutor support, to meeting some of the most amazing people in the world, EHU has been a dream.

I know you’re heading into exam season and you’re probably stressing just as much as me with your workload, but I promise it’ll be worth it. I’m genuinely so jealous of you arriving in September, I wish it was my first day again. Keep working hard and before you know it you’ll be here!

Good luck with exams!

Until next time…

How have you been?


So I’m nearly half way through my final year and my dissertation has got me throwing tantrums every ten seconds (well, not really but you get what I mean). I’m sure you’re stressing over your A-levels, so I already feel we have stuff in common, right?

So, how’s things? Good? Good. What have I been up to? Well…

Dissertation- I can even go into this right now.

Social life- Where are you?! I’m kidding, it’s still here. Between living in the library and completing my course I still have managed to make time for my uni friends and chill time. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with work! DONT BURN OUT PLEASE.

Work- Retail this time of year is stressful but exciting cause what’s right around the corner? CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!

Uni in general- Great. The new gym facilities are fabulous and the staff are extremely helpful. I thought it’d be standstill for equipment, but there is always something free. I’m an early bird when it comes to the gym and I’m telling you, around 8am no one is there except the instructors ahaha. The library has been 24/7 recently which has been superrrrrr for my dissertation panic. My lectures and seminars have been interesting and engaging, along with my tutors supplying extra hours for tutorial times (thank you!).

So things seem bright and fluffy at the minute… ask me in a few weeks when assignments are due and that might not be the case ahaha.

Happy studying!

Until next time..

It’s nearly time to return, eeeek!

So, it’s exactly 16 days until I move into my new house, eeek! To be honest I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand I’m super excited to see everyone again and start my new exciting modules. However, on the other hand it’s the beginning of the end *cry* and before I know it, my university experience will be over. THAT MEANS GROWING UP, NOOOOOOOOO!

These past two years have been the quickest of my life, and although I’m very intrigued for the next chapter, I’m not sure I’m ready for this one to end. I mean, come on, are you ready to pay bills and take on new responsibilities? ‘Cause I sure am not!

I want this year to be amazing. So I’m going to say YES a hell of a lot more! Different societies and meeting new people is going to be at the top of my priority list, as well as adventuring to different events in the drama department. This year I want to invest a lot of my time in becoming part of the University experience.

So freshers, you want to know my advice? Do as much as possible. Seriously. These three years fly by. It only seems like yesterday that I was walking into EHU for my first day and here I am in my last year about to say goodbye. Indulge in every opportunity you get in uni and do things you would normally never do. So whether you go to the football society or the Harry Potter one, just make sure you don’t waste three years!

Until next time…:)



Third year all done.

I can officially say that my time at Edge Hill University as an undergraduate Law student has finished. My last exam was on Thursday, which I have to admit didn’t go too badly! I just hope that I have done enough with coursework and exams this semester that will push my marks up.

Last Friday I moved out of the student house. It was a very emotional day, as I was here there and everywhere saying goodbye lots of people, who I feel I’ve made long life friends out of. My mum came to pick me up Friday, and because I’d finished my last exam Thursday, it was only right to go and celebrate in Liverpool! So, bless her, she had to pack up my room whilst I said my goodbyes. To be honest, it was about the only thing I could manage with a hangover! Haha!

So what’s next for me?

I guess you will just have to keep reading my blogs to find out my new adventures. But the plans I do have to look forward to is summer holidays with friends, my 21st! Graduation, and the big one… finding a graduate job! But for now, I’m going to enjoy a stress free life, spending quality time with family and friends, and oh, I can’t tell you how good it feels to read something non-law!

I hope that for those of you who have also completed exams, they the went as well as they could! All you can do is your best and if you can honestly say you did that, then that is all anybody can ask you to do. 🙂


Enrolment and Dissertation Work

Well I am now a third year student, as on monday I re-enrolled via the student central ( where you can do things like update your details and submit your choices for any optional modules your course offers) part of the go edge hill portal . Whilst some third students will be nervous to have reached this stage, I’m determined to make this year my best ever year at Edge Hill university.  However it’s also scary knowing that this time two years ago I was getting ready to start Edge Hill as a fresher just you all will be now. How time flies!

My main focus for this year is my dissertation, as mentioned in a previous blog entry (here) this is the big research project I do in my final year (this year). My dissertation is on mental toughness in relation to stress experienced by sports people. Over the past few weeks I have been doing what’s known as a literature review. This is when you read up on a particular topic to find out what’s already out there in terms of theories and findings. When I am back on campus I’ll be going to see my supervisor to discuss my progress in these early stages. I shall of course be posting updates about my dissertation as the year goes on, so expect to see a few entries mentioning it.