Making the Most of Your Foundation Year in Medicine Part 2: Social Aspects

Continuing from the last blog, I’ll be discussing just a few of the things I’ve done in my first year. Although this blog is targeted towards future Foundation Year medical students, this blog’s applicable for anyone!

Go to as Many Events as Possible
Give it a Go Banner

Do you have a generous student loan? Then go on an organised shopping trip! (we’ve had trips to Chesire Oaks and the Trafford Centre this year) Do you want freebies? Check out some events in the “Give it a Go” booklet you’ll get before University. You could go to a Crafternoon, make something unique (like a dream-catcher), while enjoying free snacks. If you want to pursue an interest, then you should check out the societies available at the Welcome week fair! There were some giveaways when I went. Therefore, I left with a £5 gift voucher (as well as free noodles and toiletries!)

Go to the Pub Quiz

The Pub Quiz takes place in the SU Bar on Monday nights. There’s a £1 entry fee, and a cash prize up for grabs. As it is in the bar, you can get refreshments to soften the blow for when you incorrectly answer. However, the sweet waffles from the SU’s kitchen can’t get the bitter taste of defeat out your mouth.

Go to the Arts Centre

Through a free Arts Centre membership, you can watch musicals, dance, and comedy nights for free or a discounted price. However, if you prefer the big screen, you’re able to go to ‘Free Film Fridays’ in the Studio Theatre. I’ve enjoyed many nights here and I didn’t have to spend a single penny!

Closing Words

That’s just three parts of Uni life, and there’s so much more to do on campus and outside of it. If you’re curious, I recommend you check out the termly “Give it a Go” booklets to get an idea. Alternatively, ask what I get up to in the comments below!

Navigating the Limbo Between Christmas and New Years

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas and didn’t eat too much. Who am I kidding, who cares? For me that’s one of the highlights of the period, eating and drinking too much, which is easily done when there’s so much of it. Some of you might be feeling a bit lethargic or bored after the last few days so here’s a few ways to at least attempt to put a spring in your step coming into the new year.

Excercise: I know i know, not everyone’s gonna be feeling this and that’s fair enough but there’s plenty to be said for getting in the gym after all that over-indulgence, for one, it can help get rid of that lethargic feeling and two, it can give you a head start going into any fitness based new years resolutions if that’s what you may have had in mind. Some gym’s do promotions around this time of year to indulge all the people who say they will start going to the gym in the new year with discounted memberships and free weeks etc. If you get going now you will have a better chance of being one of the people who actually keeps their resolution for longer than a week!

Getting ahead of coursework/ revision: Again I know, a lot easier said than done but hear me out, even if you do a bit of work or revision before the New Year rolls around you will feel a lot better come early January when most other people will only have started. This is the perfect time to get work done as generally we have more free time around now after the Christmas rush so why not? If you have coursework due and maybe not in the mood to delve deep into a 2500 word essay yet, it might be an idea to research what you are going to write and plan it out even if you don’t feel like writing it yet, same goes for exam’s you could plan your revision if you don’t want to start it yet.

Whatever you choose to do coming up to New Years have a good one!


First Blog – The Christmas Lights Turn On

Hey guys! For my first blog post I was going to do a bit about myself, but since I’ve just been to it, I thought I would do one on the Christmas lights switch on in Ormskirk town centre.

While Ormskirk is a pretty small town, there is usually something going on and this weekend was no exception. To be honest, I’m not one to get over-excited about Christmas, in fact I compare myself more to the Grinch then your typical Whovillian (someone who really likes christmas). But I thought it was time I actually went to a ‘switch on’ since I had never actually gone to one before, ( I know right).

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Anyways, to my surprise I was actually pretty impressed by what I saw, for a small town the event sure was popular with the locals, the main square was packed, music was playing and even though it was proper Baltic (freezing) out everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were various stalls of food and drink, doughnuts, sweets, pizzas, pies, and Candy Floss as well as your usual christmas staples like Mince pies. To my dismay, the Gingerbread stall was already gone when I got there which I was proper gutted about considering I had recently found a new interest for the stuff, it’s got quite the history and popularity in Ormskirk.

Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture

As well as the various food stands there were also different knick knacks to buy if that’s your sort of thing, if you like Christmas it definitely would be. The countdown was then done by the Town Crier, who when I saw instantly made me think of Homer Simpson yelling HEAR YE HEAR YE. After some dazzling lights switching on, we were treated to a performance from the definitely legitimate Tom Jones, who did a few stone cold classics.

Finally me and my girlfriend grabbed some Candy Floss for the road to satisfy our inner child. All in all a pretty enjoyable mini trip, part of Ormskirk if any prospective students choose to come here, is it’s typical small town charm that you just don’t get in the big cities, which is one of the reasons I chose Edge Hill. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my random segment and see you soon!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree


A to Z of Edge Hill

Hey all, there are so many things that I could focus on in this post about Edge Hill, so I thought it would be fun and interesting to read an A to Z of things surrounding Edge Hill University!

A- Arts Centre. The Arts Centre is the home of all things performance! Not only is it where the lessons for the Performance degrees are, but you can see all the best and upcoming theatre shows, screenings, films, dance and music here, and for free on the Student Membership!

B- Bar. The SU Bar is a great place for students to grab food or a drink during the day, or go to events or the Venue (Edge Hill’s club!) at night.

C- Creative Edge. This is where the Music and Media degrees mostly take place, and it’s home to so much cool equipment! From music studios to film editing software and cameras, if you’re into your media and music and you’re looking to do one of the courses, this place would be something of a dream!

D- Ducks! One of the best things about the campus are the lovely ducks you’ll find roaming the campus. Last time I checked there were 115 ducks and counting!

E- Events. There are so many events that occur on campus throughout the year, put on by the Student Union and such, like the Edge Hill Drag Race 2018 or the Freshers’ Week events held in the SU Bar.

F- Food. There are so many good places to get food from on campus; from our recently established Subway, to the Hub’s hot food, you can probably satisfy any food based desires you have!

G- Guides. If you want to represent the Uni, and earn some money whilst you’re at it, being a Student Guide is a great way to do this!

H- Hub. The Hub is not only a great place to hang out on campus, but is a great place to get food or a coffee- we have our own Starbucks!

I- Inclusion. There’s so many things for you to get involved with at Edge Hill; societies, sports teams, events, and so much more!

J- Joel Dommett! This year we had the pleasure of having the Arts Centre be one of the venues on Joel’s most recent tour! Just one of the many great events that occur at Edge Hill.

K-Keeping yourself busy. There are always things you can get involved in so you never get bored!

L- Library. The Edge Hill Library is one of the biggest assets of the campus. It has hundreds of books that can help you with your studies and people to help if you have questions or issues doing your work.

M- Money. If you’re having issues budgeting or with any fees you come across whilst at Uni, there is a team of people dedicated to ensuring the students don’t find themselves in a super difficult situation money-wise.

N- News. Keep up to date with what’s happening on and around campus with the many Facebook pages dedicated to ensuring Students know everything they need to whilst at Edge Hill.

O- Open Days. As a student, you can help out with Open Days and even get paid for it! Always helpful if you’re running low on money.

P- Ponds. There are some really lovely features of the Edge Hill campus, including the ponds, which are great to walk around if you want to de-stress or spend some time out of your room.

Q- Quizzes. If you’re a fan of a good old pub quiz, the SU bar host their own on a weekly basis.

R- Rabbits! The rabbits are one of the many types of animals roaming the campus, and it’s super relaxing to just watch the wildlife sometimes.

S- Sport. Edge Hill Sport is a great place to go if you love sport or want to catch up on exercise. They have courts you can hire out and a lovely swimming pool!

T- Teachers. The teachers are always fantastic at helping students out when they need it, and also ensure that they know what they need to to get the best grades they can and the grades they deserve.

U- University. How could I do an A to Z without focusing on what Edge Hill itself is? University will honestly open you up to the world and give you some experiences you’ll never get anywhere else.

V- Variety! There’s always so much happening around campus that there’s something for everyone!

W- Worrying. If you find yourself worrying or in any trouble, the Wellbeing and Counselling teams are there for you if you need them.

X- X-tra Curricular! X is a difficult word to find something for… but you’ll be able to find extra curricular stuff super easy at Edge Hill!

Y- Yoga. Just one of the many things you can get involved with at Edge Hill Sport!

Z- Zoo! More specifically, Chester Zoo! The campus is quite close to Chester Zoo, so if it’s something you’d like to go see, then why not?

SU Societies and Clubs

Hey all, hope you’re well!

As a student at Edge Hill, you get the privilege of the having our wonderful Students Union. The Students Union do two main things on campus: provide support for the students and advice with any issue, be that money issues or issues with stress or coursework, and also organise events and help fund things for students to enjoy in between classes!

Today I wanted to talk about the events that they organise, and more specifically the societies and clubs you can join. There are so many societies at Edge Hill, and something for everyone to enjoy; there are a variety of Sports societies such as the Boxing Society and Badminton Club, the Politics Society and Amnesty International Society, the Women in STEM Society, the Musical Theatre Society and Cosplay Society, and even the Medieval Re-Enactment Society and Harry Potter Society! Anything you could think of, there’s probably a society for. And the coolest thing about if there isn’t one is that you can start a society yourself for anything you feel would be good to have a society for. All the societies currently running were started by students for students, and are managed by the students themselves, so if you wanted to create a society it’s a great thing to do with your time and also something great to put on your CV!

The Societies usually run once a week or have specific meeting dates throughout the month, and are usually quite laid back. For example, with the Yu-Gi-Oh society it runs once a week for 3 and a half hours, but you don’t have to stay for the whole time and you don’t have to go to do matches- you can just go to meet like-minded people!

If you want to have a look at the list of societies and clubs that are currently running at Edge Hill, then click here.

Theatre in Liverpool and 96/27 Review!

Hey all! My last few posts have been around the topic of the performances you can see on campus at the lovely Arts Centre on Campus. I will link these below:

The Arts Centre Box Office and the Red Carpet Review!

Interview with the Red Carpet Cast: Employability and Edge Hill’s Future Opportunities

But one of the things I haven’t mentioned yet are the amazing opportunities within Liverpool to experience all kinds of the best and bravest theatre and music! There’s the Liverpool Empire Theatre, which hosts the likes of War Horse and Circus of Horrors, the Philharmonic Hall, which hosts the likes of Islands in the Stream and Jake Bugg, and even more. One of the best things about Edge Hill being close to Liverpool, a well known city in Britain, is that you get to involve yourself in this amazing culture.

Not only are there these shows for those interested in theatre, but there are also always some amazing independent performances going on too from local creatives. I had the chance to see one of these today, so I wanted to give you an idea of what is on offer. The performance I saw was Rachael Mutch’s 96/27; a harrowing account of the Hillsborough Disaster, its effects on the survivors and the media coverage, through the eyes of one of the survivors.


Mutch brilliantly used a mixture of video projection of the footage from the day the disaster happened and dialogue based on a real life experience of being in the standing area of the grounds where the awful crushing happened. The whole performance was very immersive; firstly, the performance took part in one of the changing rooms in the sports centre of the University of Liverpool, a very small space with astro turf on parts of the floor and scarves hanging from the hooks around the room, which made it feel very personal, everything Mutch said felt very direct and made the experiences she was explaining hit me ten times harder. There were moments were she would hand scarves to the audience or hold a hand, and the atmosphere this created and influenced was one of the strongest I’ve seen in a performance.

One of the things I loved so much about the performance was how it focused on not just what happened on 15th April 1989, but the media and its impact on the survivor, quoting and projecting some of the disrespectful things that were said about the Liverpool fans at the match and showing the anger the survivor feels at being portrayed in such a way across the UK. Mutch also focused on the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that followed the survivor she was giving a voice to and probably a lot of those who were caught in the events that took place that day, putting across the important message to the audience that, although these survivors weren’t physically hurt in the way that those who sadly died were, they were and might still be mentally suffering.

96/27 is an excellent biographical piece which focuses on a local event that took 27 years to get the justice for the victims that it deserved. Performances like this are what create much needed and important conversations in those who see them and in society. One of the amazing things about this particular performance, also, is that Mutch is a graduate of Edge Hill and actually developed this from her dissertation piece, so it goes to show that the work here at Edge Hill really does lead to amazing places.