• Interview Process for Primary Education with QTS

    What happened in the interview? I went with my Mum, Dad and best friend to the interview. When we arrived, we went in for a ‘Welcome’ talk in the lecture theatre where they told us the itinerary for the day. We went for a campus tour first while my Dad stayed for a Q&A session […]

  • 6 top tips for surviving placement

    So, as my life is currently taken over by placement, here are 6 tips to keep in mind that will help your survive. Be willing to ask for advice. My behaviour management was one of my weakest areas last year on placement, partly because I refused to ask for advice. I walked into that placement, […]

  • It’s worth it in the end

    I won’t lie to you… second year has been incredibly tough for me, for a whole range of reasons. Now, it’s a Sunday evening and I’ve just finished my lesson planning for the following week; I’m busier on placement than I am in the entirety of the rest of my degree, yet it’s the best […]

  • Teacher Training Opportunities: Bett 2017

    I’m starting this post sat in a swanky room in a posh hotel in London. I’ve just spent a full day on my feet, lead taking for Promethean at Bett 2017 (British Educational Training and Technology Show) and getting to play with some really cool technology. Before the doors opened, the Digital Leaders got everyone involved in a dance […]

  • Teacher Training: The Interview Process

    Happy holidays! So, I promised a blog on the interview process for teacher training – and voila! Just a reminder, if you want information on auditions, check out Ellie’s post: here. Edge Hill was my second interview of the lot, which was completely nerve-wracking, as it was my first choice of university! Surprisingly, it was […]

  • Hello! Bonjour! Hola!

    Hello! My name is Emma and I’m excited to have been picked to blog for Edge Hill, and share all of my wonderful insight with you guys! Now, where shall I begin? I’m a second year, studying Primary Education, majoring in Foreign Languages with a minor in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). This is […]