Managing Your Workload

Your workload can differ depending on your course. I always remember being told ‘your course sounds easy‘ at the start of the year, followed by ‘I’m so sorry for what I said‘ towards the end. University is funny. One day you can wake up and be on top of everything, but by the end of the day, you have another eight things to add to your to-do list. That’s just how it is, and being able to manage your workload effectively is important.

Set yourself realistic targets

Mindset is everything. If your to-do list is booming, don’t overwork yourself trying to get it all done at once. Set yourself two or three things you would like to achieve in a certain time period (preferably those of top priority), but be strict with these so that if for some reason you don’t manage to get them done, you still have time to spare.

Work together

The first assessment of this year was a really nice presentation that we all, of course, made much harder for ourselves! For this, myself and two other girls sat in a study room at the university and bounced ideas off each other, leaving with a solid plan to work on. I cannot recommend this enough. It’s really nice working in study groups, so if you have the opportunity to do, definitely do it.

The Five Ps

My friend has always said to me: ‘Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance’. In terms of assignments, I’ve realised that getting my reading done as quickly and efficiently as possible has really helped my workload. Reading usually takes up most of my time. I would also recommend getting a weekly planner and set yourself your own study timetable around your lectures and seminars. By doing this, you can plan in some time for yourself too.

Edge Hill is the most supportive university and this year I have struggled with the workload, mental health and accommodation. Every tutor, advisor or support assistant has listened to me and done their best to help – and I feel much better. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s everywhere!

Thanks for reading.


Seven top tips for assignments

It’s that time of year where students can be found busily working around campus, especially in the library, ahead of assignment deadlines. Here’s a few tips to help you to stay on top of your work throughout the year so that you can avoid any last minute rushes to the library for books!

  1. Find out your deadlines as early into the semester as possible, along with your learning objectives. You can find many countdown apps to help you to remember these deadlines.
  2. Create a plan and leave plenty of time for reading, getting feedback if possible and drafting your work. Reading around the topic can help to increase your knowledge of the subject and often helps to give you the wider context of your module. Setting structured time can help you to stay focused and don’t be afraid to reward yourself afterwards for your good work.
  3. Create a plan for your assignment and work out what you want to include. Mind-maps can help with this as they can be used to help you to find links between your ideas, helping your assignment to flow. Always keep the question in mind!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If the lecturers or seminar tutors are able to provide feedback make sure you take them up on their offer.
  5. Check over your work thoroughly – little mistakes such as poor spelling and grammar and not using the correct font, font size or line spacing can lose you easy marks. Always check if a header and footer is needed too.
  6. Once you’ve completed your assignment, put it away for a short while then check back over it with fresh eyes. This can be useful for ensuring there are no mistakes and that each sentence says what you intended it to say.
  7. Allow time to submit your assignment early, don’t leave it until a few minutes before it is due in. This can help you avoid any last minute problems, whether these are technical difficulties or personal problems such as ill-health.

What are some of your top tips? Please share them in the comments below 🙂


Staying Motivated!

Hi everyone,

Now that it is not long until our easter break, assignment and exam season is looming upon us once again. For some of you, including me, you may have a number of essays all due within days of each other which can be quite overwhelming meaning that many of us enter panic mode and become quite stressed. This can often lead to feeling unmotivated as you feel like everything is piling up all at once, so here is some advice I hope is helpful for you!

1. Plan ahead

Planning your assignments in advance will help ease some stress as by doing this you will already know how to tackle your essays. You can do this through many ways such as, one to one meetings with your tutors so you can discuss the details of your assessments more extensively. You could also plan your essay so that you have something to guide you when it actually comes to writing your essay. Another useful tip is to make a note of when all your deadlines are, I did this by making a poster and sticking it up in my room to keep me reminded.

2. Talk to your tutors

If you feel overwhelmed by your assessments and it all starts to get a bit too much, it might be a good idea to arrange a meeting with your module leader or even your personal tutor. These meetings can be really helpful at easing your mind. Additionally, by discussing your essay with a tutor they can help you with any queries you may have as well as making sure you are on the right track!

3. Use the library

If like me you struggle to concentrate when your friends are surrounding you, going to the library can make a huge difference. At our library there are three floors which are a key to three modes of studying. The first floor is for group study, the second floor is for quiet study and the third floor is strictly for silent study. Also, you can book an individual study room in the library if you feel like you need it, they all have a computer and you won’t be disturbed this way.

4. Don’t doubt yourself

It is so easy to doubt yourself when there is a lot of pressure on you so always try to stay positive and do everything you can to help yourself out so that you can be as stress free as possible!

All Things Student Union

Hey all, hope you’re doing well!

I’m sure some of you will know that Universities have their own Student Unions. I knew of these before coming to Uni, however, I never actually knew what these were. So, if you’re in a similar position and would like to get to know about Edge Hill’s Student Union, I hope this post helps!

The Edge Hill Student Union are basically the face of the students attending University at Edge Hill. If you were to ever have a problem with anything, you can go to them for advice on what you can do. There has been a couple of times where I personally have needed some advice on what I can do to solve a problem I was having and they not only gave me some great advice and information, but also ensured that I had the help I needed to solve the problems and emailed me afterwards to ensure that I had gotten what I needed and was happy with how things turned out. There are some things that they cannot help with directly, but they can direct you to the group of people in the Student Information Centre or elsewhere on campus so that you can get help.

The Student Union also put on a lot of fantastic events throughout the year. I posted a blog recently about the Give It A Go programme which you can read here, but in general, it is a programme which allows students to try out new things such as Taekwondo or crafts. As well as programmes such as this, they run the SU bar- the club on campus! The SU bar is open throughout the week, but also holds specific events, such as Social on Wednesdays, where they open the Venue (the club section) up and have a DJ. They also hold a Pub Quiz once a week in which students can win cash prizes or prizes such as free pitchers.

The Student’s Union also have their own shop on campus where they sell Edge Hill shirts and hoodies, and other such items. They even sell teddy bears with little Edge Hill shirts on them! The SU Shop is next to the new Subway that’s been built on campus, so you can grab yourself something tasty for lunch and a comfy hoody if you wish!

If you have any more questions about the Student’s Union, feel free to drop me a comment, or you can check out the SU website here.

The Edge Hill Housing Fair

Hello all! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

One of the things that you might be thinking about is how Edge Hill help you progress into your second and third (or maybe even fourth) year. Although on campus accommodation is still open for applications from those in higher years, some students choose to find a house off campus for the experience it brings, and Edge Hill put on a housing fair to help you out with this!

The housing fair offers so much help to students. Not only do they release a housing list with phone numbers of landlords and letting agencies approved by the university so students know which are the most student-friendly, but they also offer a lot of help with all things housing. The police often have a stall to inform you of security issues you might need to be cautious of moving into your own house, and there are stalls where you can ask any questions you might have about tenancies, landlords and life in a rented house.

The best thing about this is the fact that it means you’re not alone in your search- the university knows that a lot of the experiences and opportunities University brings can be something you’ve never experienced before, and the housing fair really helps ease your mind!

Au Revoir!!

My last ever blog after a year and a half! It’s been great updating you all on what happens at Edge Hill and how I wish I was starting all over again (I’m not jealous I swear!)

I have received my graduation picture and certificate in the post meaning I am officially a Graduate of Edge Hill University. As a past student of Edge Hil, I am part of the Edge Hill Alumni. So I will be updated on all the exciting things that are going on at Edge Hill and the new updates to the campus i.e. the new library! But as my parting gift I am going I share my Top 10 tips for Uni!

1. Be prepared! It’s hard to know what uni will be like before you actually get there, but read the student blogs, get in contact with people on social media that may be living with you next year! Sometimes preparation is half the battle and may make your settling in period a lot easier!

2. Take all your essentials to uni, and if you can buy the rest in Ormskirk! This will save you from having too much to transport on moving day! Either way make sure you have enough money to buy everything you mean! This leads me nicely onto…

3. Budget! For shopping, food, outings, stationary, bills! Is better to have more money than planned than not enough!

4. Independence is amazing at uni! You can do what you want when you want, but don’t abuse this! Look after your body, health and mental wellbeing. Take breaks when you’ve done enough work and stay happy!

5. Ensure you have everything you need for your course, this means equipment, stationary and maybe books! Some courses require summer reading so being ready with the knowledge you’ve learnt can be a huge help at the beginning of your course.

6. Make that extra effort! By this I mean with your housemates, your uni work and especially friends and family at home! They will miss you, so don’t forget everyone you may have left at home! Just because they aren’t around doesn’t mean you should forget them!

7. Transport! Have you sorted this for uni? You may just be walking, great- but make sure you have comfy shoes and a thick coat for the winter months! Driving to uni? Ensure you’ve applied for a parking permit and set off early so you miss traffic (reducing the stress!).

8. Home comforts are a must- this can be slippers, dressing gown or even a favourite picture of your family! You need to make YOUR space a home away from home, so make it cosy and most importantly make it work for you!

9. Be organised, start your assignments as soon as you get them and therefore you can keep on top of your work! There’s nothing worse than having too much to do with so little time to do it!

10. Put on a smile! A smile goes a long way in making friends as it makes you more approachable! It also can make you feel generally happier and therefore you too are more likely to socialise!

So I wish you new beginners a fantastic time at Uni, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Good luck!!!

Job opportunities galore

Hey all, hope you’re having a great weekend so far.

I wanted to make a post on the many job opportunities in and around Edge Hill, as I think it’ll be of interest to a lot of people, especially if you’re self funding your course or living costs. One of the things I love the most about the Uni is how many opportunities there really are. I can’t talk about every single one here in this post, but I’m going to shed some light on some of the ones that I think most people will be able to apply for:

  • Student guides: this is one of the main jobs you can apply for at the Uni. The role of the student guides is extensive, but for a short little summary, they staff and help with the open days and other such events for the University, help guide visitors, ensure the smooth running of these events, and are basically the student face of the University. You have to attend a group interview, but it’s not half as scary as you might think when you hear the word “interview”, I even had a few laughs in mine cause the people were so lovely and funny. During the Freshers’ Fayre, there was a table last year in which you could apply for an interview, so keep a look out if you would like to apply for this. It is an excellent thing to put on your CV!
  • Departmental helpers: similar to Student Guides, these help with the smooth running of things at the University during events- more so open days, but there are the odd days where you can come in handy too. I became a helper for the Performing Arts department (you will probably be based in the department you’re studying with, as it’s what you know personally and the most logical place for you to help out) as I had not gotten the Student Guide job, and even though I didn’t apply for it exactly, I’m glad for the experience it’s given me! I was contacted to help as I’d done the Guide interview, which is great, as Edge Hill really try and get you experience wherever they can. I’ve found being a departmental helper to be a lot more suited to me actually, as I’ve not only been working and getting paid to get experience (a source of income is always super helpful as a student), but I’ve been speaking to people who are interested in the same things as me, and have even spent some open days doing clowning and juggling, which is always fun! It’s the best when you can enjoy a work day.
  • On-campus jobs: there are various jobs that you will get emailed about by the Careers centre that are on campus. One example is working in the McColls shop in the Hub, or recently, there has been a huge boost for people to apply for jobs in the brand new on-campus Subway! I always like to check these emails, as they send out emails on all kinds of jobs that would be suitable for all kinds of people!
  • Other emailed jobs: the career centre will also put in these emails any appropriate jobs for students in and around the Edge Hill and Ormskirk area. So keep your eye out!

Of course, in and around Ormskirk there are also always gonna be places you can ask to give your CV in, just like in any town, all you’ve got to do is take a proactive leap in doing it! It’s so useful to have an income other than your student finance, especially in your first year when you’re working out your budgeting and living costs.

I hope this gave you a bit of an idea of things you can get involved with! Feel free to drop me any questions in the comments, and I hope you have a good end to your Saturday!

Saying goodbye and keeping in touch

I’m feeling rather nostalgic this evening, most likely because I only have one more week left on placement – my old primary school – and I’m getting ready to say goodbye. So today, I’m here to talk about staying in touch with people from school.

Despite leaving my secondary school to start at a new sixth form, it still came as a bit of a shock to the system when it dawned upon me that I would soon be leaving all of my friends behind to start a new phase of my life. Naturally, I had mixed feelings about it; my sixth form friends had been there with me throughout a really intense, important two years of my life. I couldn’t imagine surviving university without them.

And in many ways, I haven’t had to. The group chat that was started way back at the end of 2013 is still there, a constant reminder than even when I feel rubbish, I have my friends from sixth form to help me through it. I’m a Primary Ed student and there is so many of us, that sometimes it feels like you just cannot escape the subject. Knowing that I have my friends from sixth form (studying a vast range of degrees: Computing, Zoology, Geography, Maths etc) that have absolutely no idea what goes on at Edge Hill or on my degree, helps me when I just need some space from it all.

So my message to you is this: Leaving school does not have to mean leaving your friends behind.

And if we look at it cynically, moving on at least helps you to figure out who your real friends are, rather than those you were simply with out of convenience.

It makes the time that you do spend with them even more special, because let me tell you, trying to organise meeting up with any more than 2 people at a time can be absolutely disastrous! People have different holidays and different course demands, which makes things challenging – but definitely worth it.

So swap telephone numbers, add each other on snapchat and whatsapp and whatever it is you use, and make sure to stay in touch. I 100% promise you that it will be worth it.

The Future

So this week I finished Uni. Yes I know. I actually finished my degree. If you had asked me in January whether I would have seen the end of my degree I would have thought there was no chance. It was so overwhelming to have so much to do, that I didn’t think it was possible to get it all done.

I can honestly say that it was the support I had from the tutors at Uni that made me see that it was possible. Many times I found myself panicking in the office and thinking that I couldn’t do it. It was the tutors support that helped me to get back on track and look where I am now.

Finishing Uni can be a scary time and the big bad world is a daunting place for students. however, it is reassuring to know that regardless of what happens we also have the support of Edge Hill. They are so concerned about our futures and how we will use our degrees to the best possible potential. I feel like the tutors I have worked with this year will be there for me in years to come.

They have always held the open door policy and frequently say how nice it will be to see us again after we have finished. I know it may seem like a scary thing leaving Uni and entering the ‘real world’ but the skills that I have gained from completing this degree, not just academically but also personally will help me to be as successful as possible.

The future doesn’t have to be scary it is exciting, you can show the world exactly who you are and do the job you want to do in life. Grab the future and follow your dreams and don’t let anyone else take that away from you.

Election Time!

Hello all, hope you’ve had a great weekend and feel ready for what the next week has in store for you!

Around campus, we’re currently suffering from election fever! The Student Union elections are currently taking place, so the campus is currently bustling and colourful, with sights such as below throughout the Uni!

I thought I’d take this chance to let people know just what the Student Union is and what they do at Edge Hill.

The EHSU are a board of current students that handle issues brought to them by other students at the Uni. These can be anything from opinions on improvements around and to the campus to ideas of events that students want to occur throughout the year. They take the students’ voices and make them have an impact on Uni life!

They also help to organise events, such as this year’s Freshers’ Week. Below are a few of the events that were on offer last September:

The Student Union Bar is located just by the Hub, which is staffed mostly by students, and run events such as Pub Quiz and Rock n Roll Bingo. The Student Union also have their own shop to sell Edge Hill hoodies, shirts, sports gear and much more!

So the SU is a huge part of student life at Edge Hill! If you were to ever have any suggestions on what can be improved at the Uni these are the people you can turn to.

If you wish to check out their website for yourself, click here, and I hope you all have a relaxing end to your Sunday night!