Lecture, done. Exams, done. Second year, done.

So after a very stressful period of revising for exams and actually completing them, I am finished for the year. To say that I’m excited for summer is a complete understatement. So what are my plans? Well…

For starters, no more waking up early and stressing over assignments, exams or my dissertation. I’ve decided to take a month off completely from studying and focus on having fun with my friends and family. I plan see all of my home friends that I rarely see when I’m living in Ormskirk and travel to see my Uni friends as much as I can. I’m actually excited to read books which don’t relate to my course and go for spontaneous cocktails without feeling guilty that I’m not revising.

I want this summer to be jam-packed with stuff to do and so far I have a family holiday to Berlin and V Festival to look forward to. Between saving money from my part-time job and having as many random days out to new places, I hope that I don’t get bored too fast.

After my month off I plan to start balancing my summer fun with my dissertation planning and wider reader for next year.

So, summer is looking good and thank god it’s arrived. I’ve got a feeling I’m not the only one who needs to recharge after a hard year.

Until next time…:)


All I think about recently is travelling. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but with assignment deadlines and exams fast approaching, I need to get my head in the game (Cheesy blast from the past with HSM, am I right?).


I miss America. Buy me a one way ticket to NYC and I’d never come back. I want to see everything and when I say everything I mean everything. I know that is physically impossible, but that won’t stop me from trying. France, Germany, China, Greece, THE WORLD, ahhh I just want to put my backpack on and set off.

But sadly I’m here, stuck in Ormskirk, reading books and stressing over exams… it’ll all be worth it, right?

Exams are stressful, there’s no two ways about them. When it comes to exams I have some useful tips which will hopefully help you out.

1- I love post-it-notes. Stick them everywhere you can. Shower doors, on your ceiling, all around your room. BUT, remember to look at them. There’s literally no point going to the effort of making them, if you’re not going to use them!

2- Cram/Don’t cram. I’ve always been told that you should never cram read the day before an exam… but for me, it actually helps. I don’t read loads, but revising key points actually relaxes me. If cramming is a bad choice for you, just relax and no doubt you’ll do great, whichever approach you take.

3- Take extra pens. The amount of people who used to arrive to college exams and either ask for a pen from not having one/ask for a pen from it not working, was ridiculous. Remember it’s better to have too many than too little, so yeah, take extra!

Anyway good luck on upcoming exams and college deadlines! I’m sure you’ll do amazing!

But for now, I’ll just plan for the future and pray that I will be ticking things off my bucket list before I know it. Fingers crossed ay.

Until next time…:)


Travel, travel, travel…

If I won the lottery what would I do?


After uni (and when I’ve saved up enough money), I want to go travelling around Europe. I constantly daydream about where I’d go, the sites I’d want to see and how long I’d stay in each place. Travelling 2

I’ve been pretty lucky so far, in that I’ve managed to tick a lot of places off my bucket list. Places such as New York City, Rome and Amsterdam are now distant memories, but some of my favourite at that.

The plan (dream) is to go inter-railing using the Eurostar, starting in Norway and then heading clockwise around Europe before ending back in London. I have a list of must see sites, including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the remains of the Berlin wall. I then have a list of places I want to travel through just to see their culture, including: Athens, Copenhagen, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague and Lisbon… so not many then.

Anyway that’s the plan/dream/hope. I first need to get my degree. And then a job. And then enough money to make it worth my while going. So it seems like I need to get my head down and start working.

By the way, UCAS’ deadline has been and gone (15th Jan) so if you have questions or queries about your form, check out http://www.ucas.com/ for help.

Until next time…:)

Southport Food and Drink Festival

I currently live in Southport and drive 30 minutes each day to get to Edge Hill. Southport is a seaside town and, as I’ve lived in Southport for so long I often just see it as home and forget that it’s actually also a popular destination for tourists and often hosts events to cater for this, like the Southport Flower Show (the largest independent flower show in the UK) and The British Musical Fireworks Championship.

On Saturday I attended The Southport Food and Drink festival. The festival was in Victoria Park which was a fifteen minute walk from where I parked. Fortunately, it was warm and sunny, so the walk was really pleasant. On the way we walked passed Pleasureland, Southport’s small amusement park.


The walk into the festival was lovely. We went just after midday so there were people leaving as well as arriving.


The park was really busy. There were stalls all around the edges selling food. There was also live music and people were all over the grass on picnic blankets. We walked around the park to see what was on offer before we decided what to get. There were so many different varieties of food, even a couple of stalls selling ‘unusual’ burgers.


My friend got a Kangaroo Burger and I found a stall selling Vegetarian Noodles for myself. We sat on the grass to eat and throughout the park there was a really relaxed atmosphere. After we’d finished our food we basked in the sun for a bit before walking around the stalls that were selling things that weren’t food. We found a stall that sold fancy, hand-baked dog treats and I bought a treat that looked like a cupcake for my dog, Pepsi. Overall it was a lovely day, made even better by the glorious weather. I’ll definitely be attending again next year.


Counting Down the Days Until Glastonbury Festival

Now that the sun is finally starting to show its face it’s getting me in the mood for Glastonbury festival, even though it’s not until the end of June. I’ve always found it funny how a smell or temperature can provoke certain memories and feelings. The smell of winter always makes me feel really Christmas-y and now, the sunshine and the smell of cut grass is making me feel like June needs to hurry up!

To satisfy my craving for festival season I’ve been basking in the sun listening to Pixies. I’ll be seeing them at Glastonbury this year and I’m very excited as I’ve never seen them live before. I’m pretty disappointed by the Glastonbury line up, but the bands that I do want to see I’m really excited about.

In 2010 I managed to make it (very briefly) on TV behind Zane Lowe when he introduced Muse.
In 2010 I managed to make it (very briefly) on TV behind Zane Lowe when he introduced Muse.

One of the best things about Glastonbury is that it really feels like a magical place where anything can happen. When I was there, one evening we got lost looking for somewhere and found ourselves in a meditating tent. It was closed for the night but we all ended up lying on old rugs underneath multi-coloured silk drapes staring out of the gap at the stars.

It was the hottest Glastonbury on record so sunhats became essential. So did rave paint, evidently.
It was the hottest Glastonbury on record so sunhats became essential. So did rave paint, evidently.

There are lots of unannounced and secret performances as well. We went to an area specifically for charging phones just in time to see Newton Faulkner arrive and do a surprise set on a tiny stage. There were only about 100 people watching and it felt really intimate.

Newton Faulkner
Newton Faulkner

I really do find myself planning my year around music festivals. I can’t go to all the festivals that I want to- money’s tight, especially as I am a student- but even one’s enough to have an amazing time.

Time Flies

I can’t believe that my first year is over. It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was making my way to Edge Hill on my first day, worrying that I might not find a parking space and that I might feel out of my depth. Fortunately, I was made to feel at home from my first day and have never once struggled to find a parking space (the parking attendants are heroes), and from that point onwards the year began to fly by.

All ready for my first day at Edge Hill
All ready for my first day at Edge Hill

Not only have I enjoyed the year as a whole, I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my writing and also feel confident that I’ll attain a good mark next year. I know that this year has gone so fast because I’ve been studying something that really interests me; in contrast, the time before Edge Hill when I was working full time seemed to drag, and drag, and drag…

Before I started Edge Hill these shelves were empty...
Before I started Edge Hill these shelves were empty…

Now that the year is over I can focus on enjoying summer. I’ll be attending Glastonbury Festival and Leeds Festival, I have tickets to several club nights, I have plenty of catching up to do with friends, and I might take a trip to London. I’ll also be moving to my new house in Liverpool at some point. I’m excited and nervous, and I think that a trip to Ikea is definitely in order! I also need to start getting ready for next year, but I’m sure that I can take a little time off first!

I’m excited about going into my second year, so I can’t imagine how all the people who are about to become first years at Edge Hill must feel! If I had to give advice to somebody who was starting I’d say  go with an open mind, be ready to work hard, and remember that everyone else is in the same situation as you. I’m starting to get a little envious of the people starting; I’ve enjoyed my first year so much that I’d happily do it again!