What to Do over the Summer

Hi everyone since we are properly into the summer holidays now I thought I would talk about what i’m doing with myself, and also things you might be thinking of doing if you have some extra free-time.

At the moment i’m in a bit of a limbo work wise having come home to Northern Ireland, this has meant putting my job in the students union on pause for the time being until i’m back in September which they are really cool about since campus is quiet over these months. I am looking for work experience although this is rather difficult for me as a film/TV student since there is much less industry here than in England but we will see what happens! If you can get experience over the summer I would definitely recommend it as it is a good way to enhance your CV. Part-time work is also obviously very handy to have over the summer to top up your account which you will definitely be thankful for if the student loan runs out mid term!

Since I have more free time I have taken to learning the piano, but i’m genuinely actually gonna do it this time because I have put off learning an instrument for far too long, but so far so good. Additionally since i’m studying film/TV i like to keep watching things all the time and what’s better than a good evening binge. At the moment i’m watching:

The Wire- HBO/Sky

The Crown- Netflix

Black Mirror- Netflix

All of which are great so far and I definitely recommend if you are unsure of what to watch. There are usually plenty of festivals and concerts on all across the UK as well if your a music fan, even Ireland has a fair bit going on in this department which is a change since there is usually sod all here! I went to see Stormzy in Belfast last week which was amazing and I would definitely recommend him if that’s your kind of thing.

The most important thing about the summer is that you do what you want to do, there’s no point going back to university feeling as tired as you left so just enjoy it, till next time.



How to fill the rest of your summer

So, exams are drawing to a close. Results day is in August. You’re terrified about your grades and getting into university and need something to take your mind off the calendar for the next few months. So what can you do?

  • Get a summer job. We’ve spoken a lot about budgeting and student finance, but being able to get some money under your belt before you start in September will benefit you massively.¬†Of course, getting a summer job will also help you gain and develop lots of transferable skills.
  • Leading on from gaining transferable skills… volunteering is another great way to spend the summer. Although you won’t be earning any money, you will benefit a lot from working with a charity or organisation. They’re brilliant for getting references in the future, and it’s also a nice feeling to know you’ve been helping someone out!
  • Start reading books in your chosen field. This may sound super geeky, but getting a head start can really help you later in the year when it comes to writing assignments.
  • Get a hobby! It doesn’t have to be something expensive, it might simply be that you take up running. This can be a great way of making friends when you start at university, as there’s usually a society at most universities for most things, so it gives you a great place to start!
  • Spend time with people you care about. This sounds very dramatic, and after all, you are going to be coming back home – it’s not as if you’re moving out forever! However, whilst at university, it’s likely that you won’t get to spend as much time with people as you do now, and it may be that you miss out on some of the big events you’ve been used to being involved with, such as birthdays. This may be parents and grandparents, or friends that you know are planning to be the other side of the country to you come September.

Whatever you do with your summer, make sure to make the most of it and enjoy it whilst you can!

Until next time!