How to Handle the Summer Break

I’m not writing this post to make you feel as though your summer break must be used to complete 2 internships, 2 months of traveling, a stint of volunteering and to learn a new skill. All whilst attending all of the hottest festivals and keeping an enviable Instagram presence. Your summer is yours and there is no wrong way to use it.

However, the summer break at university is a unique period of ‘time off’ you will likely never experience again in your life. So, the purpose of this blog post is simply to encourage you to do whatever you like with your summer – just do it with intention and awareness.

If you don’t work or only work a few hours each week and will be moving home for summer, you may be faced with a mountain of options. Do one, do them all, or do none. That’s fine. Your summer will only feel wasted if you do something you didn’t want to do. If you want to sleep in until noon, binge watch Netflix and enjoy a slower pace of life…that’s fine. If that makes you feel good, go for it.

If that doesn’t make you feel good, and you’re keen to protect your mental wellbeing as a result of that, then you could set some small, achievable goals for the summer and replace each one as you complete it. For example, you may want to be able to run 5 miles, or want to save up £500, or learn to sew your own clothes. You might want to travel to visit 3 friends in 3 different cities or sign up to volunteer in a local charity shop or children’s summer club.

You might, like me, be a mature student and have to work a lot through the summer each year. Fear not – I still take on board my own advice listed above! I set a few small goals, book in plenty of overtime so that I can enjoy a more relaxed budget for the summer months and also make sure to plan in plenty of fun things that would normally be difficult to manage when trying to work, study AND attend university. I also try to think ahead to how I can make semester 1 easier for myself when I return to university. For me, this means booking any time off work that I might need to accommodate assignments, arranging a weekend away somewhere nice before Christmas to unwind, and, most importantly, saving up some money whilst I can work more to ease the financial pressure when I go back to university in the autumn.

There is no wrong way to use your summer break, as long as what you do is making you feel happy then that is fine. Don’t let the carefully edited highlights that you see on your peers’ social media platforms get to you!

Sam xo

This week…

I am going to Spain! (tomorrow!) 🙂

This isn’t my first time abroad without my parents, however, it is my first girly holiday! I am going with my best friend who is also at University, but she’s in Preston.

If it wasn’t for me coming to University, I don’t think I would be as prepared for life the way I am now. I look back and see that 3 years ago, my mum would be packing my suitcase and telling me to what to take, and what to wear everyday! Whereas now, I’ve done it all on my own and even budgeted my money out for when I am out there.

It’s not just independence you gain from your University experience, it’s maturity, which as my parents keep pointing out, is a really good thing to have, because it opens up your eyes up to things, that you previously would have dismissed.

We’re only going for a week, but I am so excited to de-stress and chill out, after what has been a really stressful few months at University, with regards to exams and coursework deadlines. And… I know I’ve said it before, but reading a non law book for fun is the best feeling ever!

I’m grateful for my University life, because if it wasn’t for Edge Hill, I wouldn’t be where I am now. 🙂


So, what now?

So, I’ve finished for summer and I’m a little stumped at what to do. Last year I planned to travel around Europe or to volunteer abroad. This however never happened, due to limited funds and planning. So what are my summer plans?

1- I’ve managed to get a job so right now I’m trying to get as many hours as possible. I need to not only save money for social plans, but for my student accommodation next year.

2- Start working on my dissertation! I need to research and to work on my structure.

3- Holiday to Berlin with the family should be fun.

4-Hopefully get away with the uni lot to London, but nothing is concrete yet. I plan to see them when I have free time!

5-REST. To be honest this is my main priority this summer. I feel run down and exhausted from uni this year, so just generally relaxing is something I cant wait forward to doing. Reading books when I want to, long lie ins in the morning and (hopefully) soaking up the sunrays. I can’t wait to spend time with all my home friends as well.

I’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on!

Until next time…:)

4 Months off – Whats a Girl to do?

Now at first glance, a 4 month summer holiday sounds like complete bliss! No waking up at 7am, no all night study sessions, no to-do lists, it’s hard to believe I’m about to start complaining isn’t it! But so far I am precisely 4 days and 21 hours in and I am banging my head against the wall with boredom! I’ll be honest I’m the kinda girl that needs to be occupied 24/7 not having anything to do, sends me a little bit crazy because I love being busy. So today, I decided I really should make a plan to make the most out of this summer…

First things first, I need to work my way outta that overdraft, so I went back to the bar I was working in last summer and convinced them to employ me again.
– Job and Money, CHECK

Next, I decided with 4 months off I really should try and get some experience in my field. So I’ve literally spent the whole of today scouring the web for any and every design internship and placement going – I’ve had loads of help from Uni with my CV so with that under my belt, the next step is writing a million and one cover letters. Wish me luck!
– Placement, CHECK

Thirdly, with all this spare time on my hands I can finally get stuck into projects that got tossed to the side line during the heavy study period at the end of term. This includes getting back into my beauty blog, and getting back into Yoga. I’d actually forgotten how much I love it!
– Hobbies, CHECK

And last but not least, spending time with my family and friends, being so far away during term-time really makes me miss everyone from home, so I am so excited to spend loads of time with everyone this summer.

So there’s a little insight as to what the next 4 months are looking like for me. Hope you all have amazing summers and are getting excited to be starting at Edge Hill in september!