Freshers’ Week Fun

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been enjoying one of the few colder weeks back home.

One of the popular rites of passage of University and student life is Freshers’ Week. This is typically the week that new students would be moving into Halls, getting to know their teachers in informal lessons or workshops, getting to know the campus and the local town/city and getting to know the people you’ll be living with or on course with!

It really is a fantastic week, and not only do Edge Hill make 100% sure you’ve settled in, but they always make sure you’ve got some great events to look forward to too!

One of the great things I found about Edge Hill was the way they looked after new students; there are always help desks open and ready to help with any queries or worries, the well-being team offer their services to anyone struggling with the changes that come with University life or who are feeling homesick, and they do events such as the Freshers’ fayre, in which students can find both fun stalls and local businesses as well as general Edge Hill info. There are also some day time events, for example in the past there have been sports events or meet ups that students are more than welcome to come to.

As well as the support from the University staff and teams and the day time events, the Students’ Union do a range of events, mostly in the SU Bar on campus! There have been comedy nights, UV raves, Hodor from Game of Thrones DJing last year and, a popular annual event, the toga fancy dress parties! These are great if you’re looking to make more friends or get to know your classmates, because they often leave you with fun memories you’ll remember till you finish your final year and beyond!

As well as the campus’ events, the local businesses in Ormskirk usually do specific Freshers’ week events or deals, so it’s always lovely to check those out too! For example, Wetherspoons do a Freshers’ booklet with deals on food and drink and some businesses do a student discount for a certain time period.

If there are any past or current students reading this who would like to share their Freshers’ wisdom please do in the comments, and similarly if you’d like to know more about something specific just ask!

The Student Union Bar!

Hey all, I hope you’re doing well!

One of the great things about the Edge Hill campus is that the Edge Hill Student Union have a bar on campus! There’s many a different reason why the SU Bar is fantastic; the events they put on, the food they offer and the fact it’s on campus. So I thought I’d let you know some of the things it offers.

The Food

The SU Bar serve food throughout the day, so if you ever want to grab a meal between lessons, or even fancy a little something when you’re at one of the events, you can get all kinds of fantastic food- burgers, fries, nachos, and tasters like onion rings!


The SU Bar has two pool tables to kill your time, so if you’re a fan of pool, it’s always nice to have a game against a friend or two!

The Events

The SU Bar hold a variety of events, both regular and on special occasions. The regular events include:

  • Mondays: Pub Quiz- £1 per person, and you have a shot at a huge jackpot!
  • Wednesdays: Social- an event set up especially for the Uni students at Edge Hill. You can enjoy music and dancing, and maybe a few drinks. With an NUS card, entry is £3, without entry is £4.

  • Thursdays: Frat House- Edge Hill invites the Frat House team to put on nights to remember! They usually have a fancy dress theme, which you can take part in or opt out of, but if you click going on the facebook event page, you get £3 entry before 11, and if it’s your birthday, you also get free entry!

  • Fridays: Karaoke- free to come watch or take part in!

The SU Bar has also held the 2018 SU Drag Race, Bongos Bingo, and various special events for the holidays!

And all of this happens on campus! It’s especially perfect if you live on campus but want a night out, because it means you only have to walk for 5 minutes at the most to get home!

The Benefits on Campus

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well and are having an enjoyable ending to your October.

One of the things that I loved about living on campus last year was the benefits that come with doing so. There are so many different amazing things about the campus that make it both excellent for studying, and also beautiful and calming during stressful times.

Edge Hill Library

The Edge Hill Library is an amazing asset to the University. Not only does it have any book or journal you could need for your work, but the help services there are amazing and the team work really hard to ensure you never have trouble with the services and your work. There are also rooms you can book out so that you can study with more focus. There are both group and individual study rooms available for booking so there’s something for both types of work.

I have done a post about the library before, which gives you more in depth details, and I have linked it below:

Edge Hill Library- The Font of all Knowledge

They are currently building a new and better library, so the future looks even more beneficial for the students of Edge Hill!

Edge Hill Sport

Edge Hill has wonderful sports facilities that are available to the students. The first thing on offer is the gym- there is some amazing equipment, and you can even create an account on the MyWellness app that the equipment links to to keep track of your progress and your normal exercise regimes, which is perfect for if you’re training! There is also a Swimming Pool, and courts in which you can play sports such as badminton and football. Anything you could want to do, sport-wise, the Edge Hill Sport centre has it all!

The Views

One of the amazing things about Edge Hill that a lot of other campuses don’t have, is that the campus is absolutely beautiful. From the two calming ponds, to the little beach that the campus has, in any weather the Edge Hill University campus is lovely to walk around, especially during the exam period or if you just need a break from life.

SU Bar and the Venue

Edge Hill has something every University needs- its own club! The Student Union Bar hosts all kind of fun events, including the Wednesday Social night, and the new Frat House event every Thursday, that has had guests like the Beast from the TV show the Chase, Kem from Love Island and next week we’ve even got Dappy coming to the event! The Freshers’ Week events also happen at the SU Bar, so it’s really the place to be!

Takeaway and Subway

One thing that every student loves is food… and we have the best places to go! Edge Hill has its own takeaway, which makes some amazing food, especially for if you want to treat yourself to some guilty pleasure food. We also just had the amazing addition of a Subway branch to our University!

These are just some of the many things that are great about being on or near the campus, there are so many more too! If you have any questions about anything in this post go ahead and pop me a comment below 🙂

My Fresher’s Week

Chancellor’s Court – the hall’s I lived in during First Year

Despite it being almost two years ago, I do still remember my Fresher’s Week (Granted, my memories were jogged by a journal entry I wrote at the time). It was odd to be somewhere completely new, whilst knowing next to no-one. It was also odd getting used to “student living” and essentially becoming more independent. Unlike many others I’m sure, I didn’t go out a whole lot during the week, but nonetheless, it was a week of firsts and a pleasant experience to get me settled in at Edge Hill University.

Before university, I had rarely (if ever) gone clubbing before, opting for social drinks in pubs or at house parties – and that didn’t change during my Fresher’s Week, although it could have! There were a number of opportunities available, however, I just didn’t end up going for one reason or another. Most of the people I had bonded with in the first few days weren’t big into drinking and there was also the case of someone I’d planned to go out with napping through the day and missing tickets for the Level takeover happening in Liverpool.

The Quad

I did, however, end up going to the paint party in the Quad with one of my flatmates, which was a nice experience. We’d found each other one our hall’s Facebook group and had got to know each other the month before university started, so we’re already friends by the time we met at uni. We ended up playing video-games one night with another flatmate, which in my opinion was as good a night as any other that week. We also went to the fresher’s fair together the next day, where I signed up for far too many societies and clubs.

Later during the week, after meeting some coursemates and even going to the zoo with them (field trip, woo!), a few of us had some drinks in our halls. The first week’s lectures are largely informative formalities but also aim to build relationships within the group. Activities in random groups and a few silly icebreakers were much appreciated and definitely helped cement some friendships that are still strong today.

If there’s any advice I would give to prospective students it’s to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be yourself, because those who appreciate your true-self are those you deserve to have as friends. On the same note of being yourself, don’t do anything you don’t want to. If you’re not the type to drink, then you don’t have to – again, those who are worth your time will understand.

Election Time!

Hello all, hope you’ve had a great weekend and feel ready for what the next week has in store for you!

Around campus, we’re currently suffering from election fever! The Student Union elections are currently taking place, so the campus is currently bustling and colourful, with sights such as below throughout the Uni!

I thought I’d take this chance to let people know just what the Student Union is and what they do at Edge Hill.

The EHSU are a board of current students that handle issues brought to them by other students at the Uni. These can be anything from opinions on improvements around and to the campus to ideas of events that students want to occur throughout the year. They take the students’ voices and make them have an impact on Uni life!

They also help to organise events, such as this year’s Freshers’ Week. Below are a few of the events that were on offer last September:

The Student Union Bar is located just by the Hub, which is staffed mostly by students, and run events such as Pub Quiz and Rock n Roll Bingo. The Student Union also have their own shop to sell Edge Hill hoodies, shirts, sports gear and much more!

So the SU is a huge part of student life at Edge Hill! If you were to ever have any suggestions on what can be improved at the Uni these are the people you can turn to.

If you wish to check out their website for yourself, click here, and I hope you all have a relaxing end to your Sunday night!

Poetry Slam

Last week I attended Edge Hill’s first ever Poetry Slam. When I first heard about the event I was so excited because it’s a little bit different to the kind of thing that’s usually going on in the SU bar and something that is definitely up my street. I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed. It was really great to see so many people get up and read their poems, and I couldn’t believe how talented my peers are. There were some really amazing poets and they were a pleasure to listen to.


I didn’t think there were many other people at uni who enjoyed poetry, but the bar was pretty packed which was wonderfully unexpected. I think that’s one of the great things about Edge Hill; there’s always something going on to interest you, even if you feel like you have quite particular tastes, and you’ll always find a group of people who have the same interests too.

Edge Hill has a massive range of societies to join, from the Circus Skills Society to the Medieval Re-enactment Society. You can see a full list of our societies here. Joining a society is a really good way to meet people who have similar interests to you, especially when you first start at university. You get the chance to sign up to societies during your first week at the Freshers Fair, although most societies are happy to let you join at any point during the year. In my experience, the students who run societies have always been really welcoming, so although attending your first meeting can be daunting, it’s normally more fun than you think.

As well as society stuff, there’s always loads of events going on to take part in if you want. For example, this week is SAFE (Sexual Awareness For Everyone) week on campus. As well as lots of really great, educational talks, there’s film screenings and even speed dating. There’s so much variety at uni, it’s almost impossible to get bored!

Busy Week

Last week  I finally feel like I’ve settled back in to the semester which is a relief and is making everything a lot more enjoyable. Ormskirk even had a bit of snow which made me very happy! As an end of week treat, some friends and I decided to pay a visit to The Quad which is the bar and club on campus. Back in first year (when it was still known as The Venue – I feel so old!) I used to spend a lot of time there, but since I moved out of halls it hasn’t been as convenient. It was so nice being back there and the whole place has been really modernised since my fresher days. You can even order your food and drink on an app now! Everything there is really inexpensive compared to some of the places in town but it’s still a really nice quality.

Sunday was also the Superbowl. I’m not really into sports that much, but it’s become a tradition that I watch it every year at uni with friends. It’s such a great event and we try our best to get our American on. We dressed up in the colours of the team we were supporting, ordered a mountain of fried chicken  and we were even practicing our beer pong skills in the few days beforehand to make sure we were at the top of our game! Whilst nights out are lots of fun, I’ve definitely found that staying at home can be just as fun if you’re with the right people. That said, when I had to get up for a nine o’clock lecture the next day I was definitely regretting only getting a few hours sleep! And I’m not sure I’ve recovered properly yet either!

Tonight I am going to the cinema in Liverpool to see Into the Woods which I am very excited about! It’s definitely been a busy week but I’ve had so much fun which I think is definitely one of my priorities since it’s my last semester here. I’ve also managed to keep on top of my work so I consider the week a success!