• Freshers’ Week Fun

    Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been enjoying one of the few colder weeks back home. One of the popular rites of passage of University and student life is Freshers’ Week. This is typically the week that new students would be moving into Halls, getting to know their teachers in informal […]

  • The Student Union Bar!

    Hey all, I hope you’re doing well! One of the great things about the Edge Hill campus is that the Edge Hill Student Union have a bar on campus! There’s many a different reason why the SU Bar is fantastic; the events they put on, the food they offer and the fact it’s on campus. […]

  • The Benefits on Campus

    Hey all! Hope you’re doing well and are having an enjoyable ending to your October. One of the things that I loved about living on campus last year was the benefits that come with doing so. There are so many different amazing things about the campus that make it both excellent for studying, and also […]

  • My Fresher’s Week

    Despite it being almost two years ago, I do still remember my Fresher’s Week (Granted, my memories were jogged by a journal entry I wrote at the time). It was odd to be somewhere completely new, whilst knowing next to no-one. It was also odd getting used to “student living” and essentially becoming more independent. […]

  • Election Time!

    Hello all, hope you’ve had a great weekend and feel ready for what the next week has in store for you! Around campus, we’re currently suffering from election fever! The Student Union elections are currently taking place, so the campus is currently bustling and colourful, with sights such as below throughout the Uni! I thought […]

  • Poetry Slam

    Last week I attended Edge Hill’s first ever Poetry Slam. When I first heard about the event I was so excited because it’s a little bit different to the kind of thing that’s usually going on in the SU bar and something that is definitely up my street. I’m happy to say that I was […]

  • Busy Week

    Last week  I finally feel like I’ve settled back in to the semester which is a relief and is making everything a lot more enjoyable. Ormskirk even had a bit of snow which made me very happy! As an end of week treat, some friends and I decided to pay a visit to The Quad […]