• Note-Taking: Should You Ditch Paper for a PC?

    I am faster at typing than writing, so school lessons were always a pain when I didn’t have access to a laptop. In lessons, I always asked my classmates, “what was the last sentence on that slide?”. I would then go home and waste time typing up my notes thinking it was ‘revision’; truthfully I […]

  • A Business Student’s Guide To The Catalyst.

    The Catalyst will be the second or third most important building on campus for yourself most likely. The toss-up between the two comes down to how much you love your bed or not, or perhaps how much time you spend at the Student Union bar. Those two locations are blogs for another time. Today, this […]

  • What’s it Like to Study at Home After Living at University?

    Due to recent events I have moved home. I was sad to say goodbye to the campus and my room but I told myself I would remain focused on my studies. While I have, I have struggled studying at home. In this blog, I’ll explain my thoughts towards studying at home. My Workspace I have […]

  • Staying Positive While Studying

    I think it’s safe to say that studying isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime. It can be difficult to get into the right mindset to study, especially if you feel stressed. Don’t worry – everyone feels like that sometimes! In today’s blog, I’ll share my tips to stay positive when studying! That will be today’s topic. Think […]

  • Productivity for Procrastinators

    I have several part-time jobs outside of my full-time degree so I often have a lot going on. My grades are good and my performance at work doesn’t slip, so people assume I must be really organised and productive. I am not. Naturally, I am infuriatingly prone to procrastination and have a horrible habit of […]

  • Study Spots Beyond Campus

    As an Edge Hill student your study time, whether that’s writing an assignment, doing your reading, or organising your post lecture notes, doesn’t have to be confined to a spot on campus or where you’re living during term time and beyond in the academic year. The Catalyst, the Red Bar, upstairs in the Hub, and […]

  • Making the Most of Your Foundation Year in Medicine Part 1: Academic Aspects

    If you’ve clicked on this blog article, it’s probably because you’ve received your offer to study Medicine with a Foundation Year. In which case, well done! To even receive an invite to interview within itself is an achievement. However, you may be wondering what you can do in the Foundation Year. After all, by doing […]

  • How to stay motivated

    We are all prone to procrastination. Finding motivation can be really difficult when you have a lot on your plate, especially if deadlines are looming. I definitely fall into Netflix trap now and again but I have my strategies to get back on track with my work and studies. Take away the distractions Personally, my […]

  • University – Expectation VS Reality

    Hey everyone! I hope you are having an amazing week whatever you are doing. I thought I would write a blog talking about people’s expectations of university versus the reality of what that expectation is like. I know I am not the only one who binged watched so many ‘moving into uni!’ videos and vlogs […]

  • What I’m up to over the summer! ☀️

    Summer is finally here! I can’t tell you how nice it is to finally get some time to myself and rest. The first year of university has been absolutely amazing but also incredibly tiring and it’s nice to take a breather and relax for a bit. I flew back out to Saudi Arabia to spend […]