• Paper-less Notes

    Let’s just start by saying that I am a huge stationery nerd. New notebooks, more pens, cute rubbers and pom-pom pencils. I live for it. When I first found out I was going to university, I raided my favourite stationery shops to make sure I had the cutest notebooks with matching folders and brand new […]

  • How to stay motivated

    We are all prone to procrastination. Finding motivation can be really difficult when you have a lot on your plate, especially if deadlines are looming. I definitely fall into Netflix trap now and again but I have my strategies to get back on track with my work and studies. Take away the distractions Personally, my […]

  • Q&A with a literature student

    Hi everyone, i thought today I would do a Q&A with one of my housemates and fellow literature student to give you an insight into what the department and coursers Edge Hill offers! Q: What has been the best part of your degree? A: Getting the opportunity to study a subject I’ve always been interested […]

  • Getting between home and Edge Hill University – Or how not to miss your flight

    Getting between home and Edge Hill University – Or how not to miss your flight

    If you have never lived outside your country before then it can be daunting thinking about getting here for the first time. I had never even seen a plane before getting on EZ614 from Belfast to Liverpool last September. It is going to seem scary and daunting making that commute back and forth to visit […]

  • For all you thinking about Uni!

    So welcome to Edge Hill’s blog for prospective students, in four years time you will have finished college… and your degree! As you will probably agree, time flies even faster the older you get so it won’t be long before you’re in a cap and gown! You will be the class of 2020.. how futuristic! […]

  • What should you bring??

    Hey guys, so easter is coming up now and it’s getting closer and closer to that time again! Freshers. Something which I really struggled with was knowing how much stuff to bring to university with me and essentially, what did I need to bring? I can honestly say that it took me so long gather […]