Freshers’ Week Fun

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been enjoying one of the few colder weeks back home.

One of the popular rites of passage of University and student life is Freshers’ Week. This is typically the week that new students would be moving into Halls, getting to know their teachers in informal lessons or workshops, getting to know the campus and the local town/city and getting to know the people you’ll be living with or on course with!

It really is a fantastic week, and not only do Edge Hill make 100% sure you’ve settled in, but they always make sure you’ve got some great events to look forward to too!

One of the great things I found about Edge Hill was the way they looked after new students; there are always help desks open and ready to help with any queries or worries, the well-being team offer their services to anyone struggling with the changes that come with University life or who are feeling homesick, and they do events such as the Freshers’ fayre, in which students can find both fun stalls and local businesses as well as general Edge Hill info. There are also some day time events, for example in the past there have been sports events or meet ups that students are more than welcome to come to.

As well as the support from the University staff and teams and the day time events, the Students’ Union do a range of events, mostly in the SU Bar on campus! There have been comedy nights, UV raves, Hodor from Game of Thrones DJing last year and, a popular annual event, the toga fancy dress parties! These are great if you’re looking to make more friends or get to know your classmates, because they often leave you with fun memories you’ll remember till you finish your final year and beyond!

As well as the campus’ events, the local businesses in Ormskirk usually do specific Freshers’ week events or deals, so it’s always lovely to check those out too! For example, Wetherspoons do a Freshers’ booklet with deals on food and drink and some businesses do a student discount for a certain time period.

If there are any past or current students reading this who would like to share their Freshers’ wisdom please do in the comments, and similarly if you’d like to know more about something specific just ask!

The Students Union

Hi everyone 🙂

Here at Edge Hill our students union is so important to us as they do lots of things throughout the year to make our time at Edge Hill the best it can be, so today I thought I would let you know a bit about them and what they do!

Every year student reps are voted for by the students and their job is to look after its students, they have an office based upstairs in the Hub and they basically are there everyday for students to go to for advice whether that be on personal issues, advice and any problems with your studies. They are the student voice of the university and they can air any issues raised by students to members of staff. For example, this year a Subway opened on campus that was requested by students as well as a students union shop that sells lots of cost-effective products from stationery to Edge Hill merchandise and food and drink.

The students union also make sure that you have lots of fun, our VP of activities Dan is always on campus holding events for students and encouraging us to get involved with uni.  For example, book sales, Miss Pap sample sales, the big student clear out. They also hold the freshers’ fair each year in which all the clubs and societies have their own stall and it’s where you can join up as well as inviting lots of outside companies such as Domino’s pizza and Lucozade to provide students with lots of freebies to take home with them!

There is also the students union bar which is located right in the heart of campus. In this building is the Students Union shop, Subway, the laundrette, the bar, Nom takeaway, as well as the Venue in which the weekly social and other club nights are held. The SU bar is great for lunch and dinner and is a great social place as they hold karaoke, Bongos Bingo, and they also organise freshers’ week every year which always has some amazing events from Glitter Parties to DJ sets from Scott Mills and silent discos!

Ellie 🙂



Ormskirk night life

Hi everyone!

It’s not unknown that for many student’s, nightlife is an important factor when choosing a university. So today I thought I would tell you all about what is on offer here for Edge Hill students.

First of all, there is the Edge Hill student union bar which is open all day everyday for students and they host lots of amazing events such as Bongo’s bingo, karaoke, medication, and a pub quiz. At the weekend they also screen lots of sport on large screens for you to watch. Every Wednesday is Social where all the different societies get together and have an amazing night in our club, venue! Also, the sports centre at Edge Hill has lots of activities on at night for students as well as the general public such as fitness classes, trampolining and sports teams.

If you fancy venturing outside of campus then Ormskirk has lots of pubs an bars for you to visit. Alpine is your best bet if you fancy a cheap night out, Lime Tyger does amazing cocktails and Styles is great if you fancy a more chilled vibe.

If you’re feeling really adventurous then you can hop on the 30 minute train to Liverpool where you can visit the ODEON cinema, Ghetto golf as well as the many bars and restaurants around the concert square area.

Always remember, especially if you are drinking, to know your limits and always drink responsibly to ensure you have the best time possible!

Ellie 🙂

SU Election Interviews – Kate Vickers (Women’s Officer)

So, this is the follow-on from Project Open Door. Now that the elections are over, I have begun to interview each of the “new officers” (they won’t officially enter office until July) so that you get to see who will be your representatives next academic year!

First in this interview is Kate, who ran for Women’s officer this year! The full interview is below!

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Student Union Elections

Like all good universities, Edge Hill University has a Students’ Union, they even have offices upstairs in The Hub. The Students’ Union team is comprised of the president and three Vice-Presidents, one for Activities, one for Welfare, and one for Academic Representation, and are 18k salary positions. There are also six Support Officers: BME Officer, Disabled Officer, International Officer, Post-Grad Officer, Mature and Part-Time Officer, Women’s Officer, LGBQ+ Officer, Trans and Non-Binary Officer. Whilst the President and VPs are full-time jobs, the Support are part-time.

Voting took place online but could be accessed at various polling stations on Edge Hill campus throughout the week. This year, voting took place from Monday 5th to Friday 9th. Students could submit their manifestos for the positions a few weeks prior to the voting and could start campaigning a few days before voting began and throughout the voting week. The voting system uses a single-transferable vote procedure, meaning that you rank the candidates in each category, then if your most preferred candidate doesn’t receive the most number of “first” votes, they are knocked out, and your “second” vote counts to another candidate, etc. Personally, I prefer this system to the first-past-the-post system used to elect MPs to Westminster, as it eliminates fears of a “wasted vote” that arise when there are two ‘main’ parties running. This year, students who voted were also entered into a prize draw to win an Apple Watch – yet another incentive to vote.

This year, I actually ran for one of the support officer positions, the Trans and Non-Binary Officer. The Trans and Non-Binary Officer position is fairly new. In the past, there was just the LGBT Officer position, but now one has become two positions – as seen in the list above: LGBQ+ and Trans and Non-Binary. This allows a lot more focus to be applied to both positions, one focusing primarily on sexuality and the homophobia, biphobia, acephobia, etc. that might affect students; the other focused on gender and the transphobia that might affect either some of those same students or others students entirely.

Student Union Elections 2018 / Project Open Door [Part 2] – Candidates’ Question Time

So, this is the sequel that I mentioned in Part 1 of Project Open Door yesterday.

Candidates’ Question Time is where all the people running get to make their manifestos and plans known to everyone who turns up (there was probably about 80 people there, excluding any candidates) in order to try to get more votes.

Each role has its own separate time-slot for candidates to give their manifestos and answer questions, so that does mean that not every question “from the floor” will get asked, but they do try to get as many done as possible!

Every section is headed by a Chair (this year, it was one of the lecturers from the Department of Politics) so that everybody – candidates and audience – follow the rules laid out at the beginning. Essentially, don’t be a heckler and direct your question to the entire panel.

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2nd Annual Pride Week 🌈

If you were at Edge Hill University last week, you might have noticed that it was Pride week. How would you have known, you ask? Why the main building being lit up in true rainbow fashion, of course! A great show of solidarity from the university, and with their continued support of all gender toilets and inclusivity it’s not without merit.

Last year was the first ever Pride week at Edge Hill University, before that, the LGBT+ students had usually headed over to Preston for their annual Pride event, lacking anything closer to home. This year saw the return of the pronoun workshop on Monday, a short educational event on how to ask someone’s pronouns and pronouns outside the binary of him/her. Also on Monday was the Student Union Bar quiz, featuring a bonus pride round.

Tuesday was a day for sports and societies to show their support for the LGBT community, with the Pride in Sport and Societies workshop on in the afternoon just before the BUCS sports teams signed the 2018 Pride Pledge, at the Team Edge Hill Forum. The BUCS teams all wore rainbow laces during their Wednesday games, making a visual statement of support to go alongside their signings the day before. Pride Social also saw a return in 2018 on Wednesday evening at Venue, with confetti cannons and rainbow face paint to boot.

On Thursday evening in the Hub, banners were made alongside the film, Pride, being played upstairs – right by the flags hanging proudly from the bridge to the SU Offices. This was of course in preparation for the Pride March that occurred on Friday at midday. Also on Friday, starting at 7pm, was the SU Drag Race, being presented and judged by Manchester’s own, Miss Blair.

Fear not if you missed the events of Pride Week, for, on March 15th, Venue is hosting “Milk”, the North West’s NEWEST LGBT+ Clubnight that promises drag acts and stilt walkers. Open not just to students but to all members of the LGBT+ community and friends.

5 Things every student will love about Edge Hill

Hi everyone,

I’m Ellie and I am currently in my second year at Edge Hill studying English Literature. I thought as my first post as a student blogger I would tell you all about five of the best things about there is at Edge Hill!

1. Living on campus

When you enter your second year you will soon realise how much you miss living on campus. Campus is the best place to be, especially in your first year, the convenience of being a two minute walk from McColl’s is perfect for any midnight cravings. Also, Subway which is situated in the Students Union can be equally as tempting. Whether you live in Chancellors Court, Forest Court or Main Halls, living on campus really does mean you have everything the University has to offer at your very fingertips. Did you know that Edge Hill was voted as best value for money in the National Student Housing Survey awards 2017?

2. The Chancellors Beach

Many of you probably thought your nearest beach was Southport, well Edge Hill offers its own beach situated right in the heart of Chancellors Court. It is the perfect backdrop for some summer reading or just chilling in the sun, don’t forget SPF! You may even be visited by the campus ducks waddling round campus; they have previously been seen wandering around the Hub.

3. Student Nights

One of the best things about Edge Hill and Ormskirk in general is the night life available to its students. Whether you go to Alpine Tuesdays for £1.50 drinks or would rather stay closer to home and attend Social on a Wednesday night , you are guaranteed an excellent night out wherever you go! This year is extra special as the Students Union announced ‘Frat Party Thursdays’ cheap drinks, great music and celebrity guests, for example; Kem and Muggy Mike from Love Island! What more could you want?!

4. Ormskirk

Whilst Ormskirk is a small town it has some amazing places to boast about. Cobble Coffee does the best potato wedges you will ever have in your life, we also have New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Hype for all your fashion needs! And don’t forget the famous Ormskirk markets! There is always something to do and always somewhere to go as we are only a 30 minute train journey from Liverpool. You won’t ever get the opportunity to be bored!

5. Student Support

Finally, last but not least, the support for students provided by Edge Hill is outstanding. If there are any problems you can always find someone to help whether it’s a lecturer, student assistant, or even a flatmate there will always be help right around the corner to ensure that your time at Edge Hill is a happy one.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and if you decide to join us at Edge Hill, then you will fall in love with it just as much as I have!