• Keeping Your Plates Spinning: Help @ Edge Hill University

    During university, you will be spinning a number of different plates: studies, work, family, friends, money, to name a few. Now and again, one may look like it’s about to fall off. Or two. Maybe even three. You have to work harder to keep these plates from falling, but sometimes, no matter how hard you […]

  • Second-Year Accommodation

    As Housing Week as recently passed, I thought I would talk about my housing experience during my second year of university. Who? This year I am living with three other girls from my course. Two of them are in classes at university and we looked for a 4-bed house. House sizes can go up to […]

  • Shopping for University on a budget!

    Hello! I know shopping for University can be exciting, at least it was for me! However, it is so easy to spend money on things you don’t need or too much money on things you could get cheaper. Keep reading for some tips and ideas on how to save as much as you can while […]

  • Missing my yesterdays…

    So, let’s take a little trip down memory lane… FRESHERS’ WEEK? Well, where do I start? My freshers’ week was amazing. During year one I lived in accommodation in Liverpool and ended up having two weeks of freshers’ activities. Our block of flats partied nonstop for 14 days, combining Liverpools uni’s events with our own. EHU supplied a […]