So what is Freshers Week?

The line up for Welcome Week aka the infamous ‘Freshers’ Week’ was announced a few weeks ago! Are you ready for mini golf, headphone discos and Scott Mills!?

So what is Freshers’ Week? Well, it’s a time to get used to uni life. By that I mean, your classes, the location/your whereabouts, the people you’ll associate with and probably newfound cooking skills! Freshers’ Week is like an induction week, where you’ll go to a few classes that give you an insight into the course you’ve chosen as well as helping you use the facilities open to you.

During Freshers’ Week, as well as introductory classes, you will experience the infamous nights out at the Student Union on campus, in Ormskirk or Liverpool! Whatever you end up doing, even if it’s a movie night in with your new flatmates it will definitely be a night to remember!

There’s also a Freshers’ Fair which is my personal highlight as there is basically a lot of freebies from lots of companies and other businesses! This is also the time where you will have the opportunity to sign up to societies, whether you’re sporty or not there’s a society for you! On the Wednesday come to the hub and have a look around, grab some freebies, talk to societies and make new friends!

Can’t wait to see you!

Meet The New Edge Hill Student Union Representatives!

So last week we held our annual Student Union Elections, where a few new faces were voted into the SU Officers Team! The week was an exciting and intense one for many, filled with countless campaigning, manifesto making and sleepless nights putting up posters!

Today I thought I’d share with you the results, to introduce the people who will be representing you when you come to Edge Hill University in September 2015! I will include their manifestos to show you what you’ve got to look forward to in the new year and what they are aiming to do with their new roles!

Your President: Steven Rouke
Steven Rouke

Your VP Academic Representation : Rosie McKenna
Rosie McKenna

Your VP Activities : Pat Soan
Patrick Soan

Your VP Welfare : Lauren Blundell
Lauren Blundell