Edge Hill Students Union – More than a bar, shop and Subway.

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Edge Hill Students Union is at the forefront of representing students within the university. As a future student of the university it is important that you understand that there is an organization there looking out for you. The EHSU is run by students for students. Representatives are elected by students and this years elections were covered by fellow blogger Caleb Anderson. You can read more about the elections and find out the results in his blog post:

Student Union Elections 2018 / Project Open Door [Part 3] – Election Results!

EHSU is run and funded almost entirely by the on campus businesses they operate. Such as the Subway, Bar, Venue and the SU shop. So it’s important to understand that shopping here supports the university as a whole and makes the EHSU better. More funding means more free pizza for that event that you want to organize or better chairs in the SU bar. Everything that the SU does pumps back into the university to make it better.

Image result for Edge hill students unionThe union is there to help and support you and bring your needs forward to the staff of the university. Official statistics places them dealing with ‘Around 70 students per month’ who are dealing with issues such as ‘course issues, housing, landlords, finance, course problems, exam failures, home sickness, depression’. If you experience something that is upsetting the SU is there to help. Always.

Edge Hill University lights up for PrideThe SU also hosts events throughout the academic year. Almost every night you will find something going on in the SU bar, from karaoke to bongos bingo. This year they lit the main building, pictured on the left, in support of PRIDE. Their ‘Give it a go‘ program hosts events constantly and if you’re bored it’s a good way to meet people and have fun.

That’s all from me, but if you want to find out more about EHSU and how you might get involved when you attend the university check out their amazing website here!

And if you want more free and great information email [email protected] or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!


Student Union Elections!

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a good week so far and have a fun filled weekend ahead of you!

Something that’s coming up on campus right now are the Student’s Union Elections. If you don’t know what the Edge Hill Student’s Union is or haven’t seen my post about the Student’s Union, I have put the link below:

All Things Student Union

The SU Elections are held annually to decide which Edge Hill students represent the student voice throughout the University. There are so many different roles in which you can either apply to be the representative for or vote for who you feel is best suited to the job.

SU President: the president is the head of the Student’s Union. Our current President is Ben Whittle, and amongst the aims that were in his manifesto was his intention to increase mental health support and raise awareness. The SU’s website lists the responsibilities of the president as;

  • Acting as a spokesperson and ambassador for EHSU, alongside the rest of the Sabbatical Officer team. This will include appearing in publicity materials and, if necessary, representing EHSU in local and national media.
  • Chairing EHSU’s Board of Trustees and serving as a member of relevant University Committees, including the University’s Board of Governors. You will also be a member of EHSU’s proposed student council (or any equivalent student-led, democratic decision-making platform).
  • Supporting the delivery of EHSU’s strategic plan.
  • Engaging with and listening to the views of Edge Hill Students, using their feedback to develop policies and campaigns that enhance student satisfaction.
  • Lobbying the university on relevant issues, shaping positive change on behalf of Edge Hill Students.
  • Representing the interests of Edge Hill students to the National Union of Students (NUS) and acting as EHSU’s lead delegate at the NUS Annual Conference.
  • Supporting the work of EHSU’s Part-Time Officers.
  • Promoting the activities and services of EHSU, alongside your fellow officers and staff.

Vice President of Academic Representation: this VP ensures that any concerns or requests regarding the education of students is discussed and solved. Our current VP of Academic Representation is Luke Myer, who is involved nationally in education-based campaigns and networks, and also facilitates the recruitment, training and support of the course reps. The SU’s website lists the responsibilities of this VP as;

  • Acting as a spokesperson and ambassador for EHSU. This will include appearing in publicity materials and representing EHSU in local and national media in relation to issues within the remit of your role.
  • Serving on EHSU’s Board of Trustees for the duration of your post. You will also be a member of EHSU’s proposed Student Council (or any equivalent student-led, democratic decision-making platform).
  • Supporting the delivery of EHSU’s strategic plan.
  • Representing Edge Hill students on university committees, including Academic Board, Learning and Teaching Committee and Academic Quality Enhancement Committee.
  • Developing EHSU’s academic representation system in partnership with students, EHSU staff and the university.
  • Gathering student feedback on academic issues to support the development or relevant research, policies and campaigns.
  • Coordinating EHSU’s annual Student Led Staff Awards in collaboration with EHSU staff.
  • Supporting the work of EHSU’s Part-Time Officers.
  • Promoting the activities and services of EHSU, alongside your fellow officers and staff.

Vice President of Activities: this VP influences what activities are offered to students on and around campus. Our current VP of Activities is Dan Bocharnikov, who oversees the wonderful Give It A Go programme (see my blog about this here). The SU’s website lists the responsibilities of this VP as;

  • Acting as a spokesperson and ambassador for EHSU. This will include appearing in publicity materials and representing EHSU in local and national media in relation to issues within the remit of your role.
  • Serving on EHSU’s Board of Trustees for the duration of your post. You will also be a member of EHSU’s proposed Student Council (or any equivalent student-led, democratic decision-making platform).
  • Supporting the delivery of EHSU’s strategic plan.
  • Attending relevant committees and meetings.
  • Working with EHSU staff to develop student media and volunteering opportunities.
  • Chairing and coordinating EHSU’s Societies Council and Team Edge Hill Forum.
  • Co-creating a programme of extracurricular activities and events, in collaboration with EHSU staff.
  • Engaging regularly with students, using their feedback to develop relevant policies, campaigns and events that enhance their experience.
  • Supporting the work of EHSU’s Part-Time Officers.
  • Promoting the activities and services of EHSU, alongside your fellow officers and staff.

Vice President of Welfare: this VP looks after the welfare interests and concerns of students. Our current VP of Welfare is Rosie McKenna, who has helped raise awareness of sexual consent and how important it is and has also created an Emergency Sanitary Station for people to pick up free sanitary pads or tampons if they need them. The SU’s website lists the responsibilities of this VP as;

  • Acting as a spokesperson and ambassador for EHSU. This will include appearing in publicity materials and representing EHSU in local and national media in relation to issues within the remit of your role.
  • Serving on EHSU’s Board of Trustees for the duration of your post. You will also be a member of EHSU’s proposed Student Council (or any equivalent student-led, democratic decision-making platform).
  • Supporting the delivery of EHSU’s strategic plan.
  • Attending relevant university committee meetings and, where appropriate, liaising with student services.
  • Identifying the welfare needs of Edge Hill students through regular outreach work. You will also work closely with the Student Advice Centre to identify potential trends in issues relating to student welfare.
  • Working in partnership with students, EHSU staff and relevant external organisations to develop policies and campaigns that support the welfare of Edge Hill students.
  • Supporting the work of EHSU’s Part-Time Officers and ensuring EHSU meets its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity.
  • Promoting the activities and services of EHSU, alongside your fellow officers and staff.

As well as the full time officers, there are part time officers. These are listed below;

So the SU have a lot of influence on the University! And are the main port of call for when you want your voice to be heard. So it’s fantastic that the elections are held and students get a say in who exactly will be representing them. One of the many great things about the Edge Hill Students’ Union!

Pride Week 2018!

Hey all, I hope you’re doing well!

Two weeks ago today, the Edge Hill Student’s Union started their annual celebration of the LGBTQ community- Pride Week! They organise events for both people within the community and allies, and also raise awareness of certain things surrounding the community. As it was such a fantastic week, I thought I’d tell you what was happening so you can get an idea of what opportunities there are!

Monday 5th

  • Pronouns Workshop (5pm)- a workshop to raise awareness of how pronouns are used and how to approach the topic
  • SU Pub Quiz (7pm onwards)- there is a pub quiz in the SU every monday, however, this week they included some Pride rounds!

Tuesday 6th

  • Pride in Sport and Societies Workshop (4:30pm)
  • Team Edge Hill Forum (5pm)- the BUCS sports teams signed the 2018 Pride Pledge during the forum

Wednesday 7th

  • BUCS games- the teams wore rainbow laces for their games today!
  • Pride Social (9pm)- the SU bar’s social event, but in honour of Pride week!

Thursday 8th

  • Banner Making and Film Night (7pm onwards)- in the Hub, people were invited to make banners for the Pride March the next day and they screened the film PRIDE for those who wanted to watch

Friday 9th

  • Pride March (12pm)- students and staff were invited to take part in a march for Pride week
  • SU Drag Race (7pm onwards)- the SU held its very first Drag Race inspired by Ru Paul’s Drag Race! The Drag Race was presented by two of the SU representatives, Ben and Luke, the judges were students and teachers at Edge Hill, and all the performers were students of Edge Hill! £1 of every ticket was also donated to Stonewall
The contestants, judges and presenters of the SU Drag Race! (P.S. I’m the one in the purple wig!!!)

So that’s a general overview of the events! The University was decorated with rainbows galore, and the front building was even lit up in the Pride flag for the week!

Overall, it was a fantastic and fun-filled week, and I’m really looking forward to next year’s!

All Things Student Union

Hey all, hope you’re doing well!

I’m sure some of you will know that Universities have their own Student Unions. I knew of these before coming to Uni, however, I never actually knew what these were. So, if you’re in a similar position and would like to get to know about Edge Hill’s Student Union, I hope this post helps!

The Edge Hill Student Union are basically the face of the students attending University at Edge Hill. If you were to ever have a problem with anything, you can go to them for advice on what you can do. There has been a couple of times where I personally have needed some advice on what I can do to solve a problem I was having and they not only gave me some great advice and information, but also ensured that I had the help I needed to solve the problems and emailed me afterwards to ensure that I had gotten what I needed and was happy with how things turned out. There are some things that they cannot help with directly, but they can direct you to the group of people in the Student Information Centre or elsewhere on campus so that you can get help.

The Student Union also put on a lot of fantastic events throughout the year. I posted a blog recently about the Give It A Go programme which you can read here, but in general, it is a programme which allows students to try out new things such as Taekwondo or crafts. As well as programmes such as this, they run the SU bar- the club on campus! The SU bar is open throughout the week, but also holds specific events, such as Social on Wednesdays, where they open the Venue (the club section) up and have a DJ. They also hold a Pub Quiz once a week in which students can win cash prizes or prizes such as free pitchers.

The Student’s Union also have their own shop on campus where they sell Edge Hill shirts and hoodies, and other such items. They even sell teddy bears with little Edge Hill shirts on them! The SU Shop is next to the new Subway that’s been built on campus, so you can grab yourself something tasty for lunch and a comfy hoody if you wish!

If you have any more questions about the Student’s Union, feel free to drop me a comment, or you can check out the SU website here.

Give It A Go with the Student Union

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great start to your 2018! For some of you reading this, this will be the first year of you going into University. Whether this is exciting to you or nerve-wracking, I hope your interviews and auditions are going well.

One of the things that most people look forward to is student life itself. Edge Hill has a wide variety of activities and societies to fulfil any student’s wants in terms of this, and the Student’s Union caters for a lot of these. Not only are there the events they hold during Freshers’ Week in the SU Bar and the Fairs that they help organise, but they also have a wonderful programme of activities called Give It A Go!

There’s something for everyone; the most recent schedule for January to May has sports-based events such as a Taekwondo taster, Nature Walking events, Crafternoons such as candle making and cactus planting and advice workshops on topics such as assertiveness.

I’m not so interested in sports or the advice workshops myself, however, I have attended some of the Crafternoons and SOS sessions they have to ease students into exam weeks and such. My favourite SOS event they hold is the Guide Dogs event. They invite trainers and guide dogs into the University for the students to relax and stroke them. As a dog lover, I get excited whenever they put this on! I had an exam on the 10th and they had this event on, so after my exam I went and stroked the most gorgeous dogs for a bit and it made me feel a lot less stressed!

I also went to a Crafternoon last year where I got to make my own dreamcatcher from scratch. I had wanted to make my own dreamcatchers before, but as it can be an expensive hobby I hadn’t managed to do it. But this required no payment at all, so I managed to make a dreamcatcher because of this event, so even if I can’t make any more I have my very own handmade dreamcatcher hanging by my bed now. Another of the Crafternoons I went to was the cactus planting session. I’d been wanting a house plant so this seemed to be perfect timing!

One of the events I’m looking forward to is the SU Drag Race which will be taking place next month during the Student Union’s Pride Week which they hold on campus. Lots of students are looking forward to not only watching this event, but taking part in it too.

So that’s a little overview of the Student Union’s activities on and around campus! If you have any questions about Edge Hill’s Student Union’s activities or just what they do in general, then either pop them in the comments or check out their website here.


Hey all, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed a well-earned break from college/sixth form! I know I certainly have.

Around Christmas time, Edge Hill always has loads of exciting things to be a part of. Both the years I’ve been at Edge Hill, the Campus Life team put together a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets. I’d never been to the markets before, and the fact they organised the transport for free helped out massively, as trains can always be a big expense if you’re running low on money!

If you can’t make it to the Christmas markets outside of town though, Edge Hill have their very own! Here you can see what the local businesses have to offer for presents and join in the general festivities!

This year there was also a Christmas crafternoon which was set up by the activities team within the Student Union, where you could sit with friends and make Christmas decorations for free! The Arts Centre have been showing films such as Home Alone too, and the Christian Union put on a carol service for students to attend, so you’re always spoilt for choice!

So if you’re worried you’ll miss out on that festive feeling if you go to Uni, don’t! Edge Hill make sure you’ve got lots of fun things to be a part of!

The Benefits on Campus

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well and are having an enjoyable ending to your October.

One of the things that I loved about living on campus last year was the benefits that come with doing so. There are so many different amazing things about the campus that make it both excellent for studying, and also beautiful and calming during stressful times.

Edge Hill Library

The Edge Hill Library is an amazing asset to the University. Not only does it have any book or journal you could need for your work, but the help services there are amazing and the team work really hard to ensure you never have trouble with the services and your work. There are also rooms you can book out so that you can study with more focus. There are both group and individual study rooms available for booking so there’s something for both types of work.

I have done a post about the library before, which gives you more in depth details, and I have linked it below:

Edge Hill Library- The Font of all Knowledge

They are currently building a new and better library, so the future looks even more beneficial for the students of Edge Hill!

Edge Hill Sport

Edge Hill has wonderful sports facilities that are available to the students. The first thing on offer is the gym- there is some amazing equipment, and you can even create an account on the MyWellness app that the equipment links to to keep track of your progress and your normal exercise regimes, which is perfect for if you’re training! There is also a Swimming Pool, and courts in which you can play sports such as badminton and football. Anything you could want to do, sport-wise, the Edge Hill Sport centre has it all!

The Views

One of the amazing things about Edge Hill that a lot of other campuses don’t have, is that the campus is absolutely beautiful. From the two calming ponds, to the little beach that the campus has, in any weather the Edge Hill University campus is lovely to walk around, especially during the exam period or if you just need a break from life.

SU Bar and the Venue

Edge Hill has something every University needs- its own club! The Student Union Bar hosts all kind of fun events, including the Wednesday Social night, and the new Frat House event every Thursday, that has had guests like the Beast from the TV show the Chase, Kem from Love Island and next week we’ve even got Dappy coming to the event! The Freshers’ Week events also happen at the SU Bar, so it’s really the place to be!

Takeaway and Subway

One thing that every student loves is food… and we have the best places to go! Edge Hill has its own takeaway, which makes some amazing food, especially for if you want to treat yourself to some guilty pleasure food. We also just had the amazing addition of a Subway branch to our University!

These are just some of the many things that are great about being on or near the campus, there are so many more too! If you have any questions about anything in this post go ahead and pop me a comment below 🙂

How to be a Fresher

Hey all, hope you’re having a wonderful Summer and enjoying the warm weather when it’s happening!

In only a couple of months it’ll be Freshers’ Welcome Week at Edge Hill. This is the week that you should definitely take advantage of as a new student, as not only do you get to know the campus and your course, but you get to go to some awesome events and get some really cool student offers!

I’m going to split Freshers’ week into day and night, as there are different things happening in the daytime in comparison to what’s happening at night.


During the week, there’ll be the talks you’re expected to go to about your course so you can get to know the staff and the outline of your year, but there are also fayres the Uni put on. At these fayres, there are both stalls that are useful for independent life and social life. At the fayre last year there was a whole range of stalls by people like the Police, the Recycling team, local beauticians, driving instructors, and my personal favourite: Domino’s! And yes, there was free pizza! In fact, there were a lot of awesome free stuff, I grabbed myself some practical things such as water bottles and lots of vouchers for local businesses such as hairdressers and food places.

There were also a lot of stalls for the societies that are at Edge Hill. At these you could sign up to become a member of the societies and meet the people who run them or go to the meetings.

The course talks were also great. It made me feel a lot less nervous and also gave me a bit more information on what I would actually be doing on my course. It was a chance to meet my course mates for the first time too.


There are a variety of events put on by the Student Union at night that cater to everyone. The events of last year might be slightly different to the ones that are planned for this year, but I can definitely tell you the kinds of stuff that I went to. There were a number of bar-based events, such as a UV paint party which was DJ’d by Scott Mills and another famous radio DJ and the toga fancy dress party, however there were also events such as the comedy night, which was a great laugh. The events will be advertised on the SU’s page once they’ve been organised and you can get your tickets, so keep an eye on this page.


So I’d definitely suggest you take part in as much as you can on Freshers’ week, as it will be something you think about for the rest of the year, and gives you some great opportunities, plus a chance to meet new people!

Election Time!

Hello all, hope you’ve had a great weekend and feel ready for what the next week has in store for you!

Around campus, we’re currently suffering from election fever! The Student Union elections are currently taking place, so the campus is currently bustling and colourful, with sights such as below throughout the Uni!

I thought I’d take this chance to let people know just what the Student Union is and what they do at Edge Hill.

The EHSU are a board of current students that handle issues brought to them by other students at the Uni. These can be anything from opinions on improvements around and to the campus to ideas of events that students want to occur throughout the year. They take the students’ voices and make them have an impact on Uni life!

They also help to organise events, such as this year’s Freshers’ Week. Below are a few of the events that were on offer last September:

The Student Union Bar is located just by the Hub, which is staffed mostly by students, and run events such as Pub Quiz and Rock n Roll Bingo. The Student Union also have their own shop to sell Edge Hill hoodies, shirts, sports gear and much more!

So the SU is a huge part of student life at Edge Hill! If you were to ever have any suggestions on what can be improved at the Uni these are the people you can turn to.

If you wish to check out their website for yourself, click here, and I hope you all have a relaxing end to your Sunday night!

Sustainability 🌍 EHU

Last year I signed up to be a member of the Tree Charter’s student council – representing Edge Hill University – and since then I have gone to meetings and even ran a stall in the hub with a competition to support their efforts. In arranging this event, I got into discussion with people in the Students’ Union about setting up a society for matters involving environmentally friendly action. So myself, along with two friends, formed the Society of Sustainability.

To start a new society is pretty simple. You need only three initial members, to fill the roles of President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Then you need to fill in a form online that expects you to provide your societies aims, and the society will have a membership fee.

If you’ve been on campus lately, you may have seen some posters around advertising our new society. We just missed the re-fresher’s fair, so unfortunately missed a good opportunity for exposure, leading us to spread the word in other ways. We may only be small right now, but we hope to achieve some great things in conjunction with the SU.

The Society of Sustainability is soon due to have its first meeting, where we will gather the thoughts and ideas of the attending students to better see what it is that everyone wants to achieve through this society. Through collaboration, we can get things done!

Already, we have been in correspondence with the SU and have been able to spread word of Fairtrade Fortnight, which began on Monday 27th Feb and lasts until Sunday 12 March. On Tuesday 28th, there were free sample tasting of Fairtrade goodies sold on campus, in the Hub. This Tuesday – 7th March – The Hub, EHSU and The Fairtrade Store are selling a wide variety of Fairtrade goods. Also, there is the opportunity to win a hamper full of luxury Fairtrade food by answering the question of “how many Fairtrade coffee beans” Edge Hill uses on campus in a year!

Another great opportunity is an International Essay contest on the theme of “Learning from nature” organised by the Goi Peace Foundation. The deadline is the 15th June, and is open to children (<15) and youths (15-25). Here are the guidelines and details of prizes.

In the future, hopefully we can get the student allotment up and running, as well as any other campaigns that NUS or the students of EHU would like to put forward!