Socialising at Uni!

Hey everyone!

The sun has finally returned a little here, which means I’ve been outside a lot more this week and had the time to catch up with a few friends.

As it’s the middle of July many of you will have finished college for the year now (some of you will have finished for good!)

For those who are done: congratulations! And best of luck for all your results. For those who aren’t quite finished yet don’t fret, summer break is just around the corner.

With the end of college comes a lot of worries about the next step you will be taking: going away to university. It’s perfectly natural to be slightly worried, but I promise you, you will love the experience! All you have to do is take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy yourself along the way.

The number one worry people have about university is meeting new people and making friends. I was really worried about this before I came to Edge Hill. I’d had the same friends through the entirety of Secondary School and College, so moving away from all the people I’d known for so long and the prospect of making new friends was absolutely terrifying.

Looking back on it now I realise it was an entirely irrational fear! I’ve made lots of new friends both on my course and outside of it. The great thing about uni is that you meet people from all over the country or (quite often) from all over the world. Here are just some of the awesome people I’ve met, and some of the new things I’ve tried (mini-golf was my favourite.)

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If you’re worried about making new friends you’re not alone. And the best thing to remember is that everyone else is in the same boat as you.

I’m going to impart my best words of wisdom for making new friends at uni for you now, although chances are you won’t even need to use them!

Join Societies: Societies are a great place to meet people from outside your course who have similar interests to you. You can also learn new skills or have fun at the same time! At Edge Hill there are a wide range of societies from sports teams to the Dr Who Society to the Poetry Society. Sign up for something that interests you in Freshers week and you’re sure to meet some great people!

Take part in Freshers Week:  It can be tempting to hide away in your room when in a new place with strange people but resist the urge! Go out to the social events on campus and most of all make sure to attend the activities your course holds in the first week. This gives you the chance to meet people who could be on your degree for the next three years, so make sure you go along. Everyone will be just as scared as you the first few days, so it’s an easy time to make friends!

Join Accommodation Facebook Groups: If you’re living on campus then you will get assigned your accommodation shortly after Results Day. Edge Hill is awesome because they create facebook groups for students living in the same flats and buildings. Make sure to join yours when you receive the email. That means you can get to know your future flatmates before you leave home, which will ease your mind when you move.

Smile: Smiles really are infectious so put on your biggest smile and don’t be afraid to strike up conversation.

My number one tip is just be yourself! After that everything will be fantastic.

Quote for the day: “Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” The Four Loves – C.S. Lewis.

Have another great week! Until next time 🙂

Help Is All Around Us

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week (even if it may still be exam season for some of you!)

This week I’m going to be talking a little bit about Student Services, and the advice and support they offer to students.

If you’ve attended an Open Day, you’ve probably walked by the Student Services table or attended a talk that they’ve held on finance, accommodation or additional support throughout your degree. The truth is Student Services do this and so much more.

One of the great things about the Student Services team at Edge Hill is there is always a smiling, friendly face to help and advise you in any way they can. Every single time I’ve approached them with an issue or enquiry the staff have gone the extra mile to help out in any way possible, and the matter is always resolved efficiently, and confidentially if necessary.

One of my favourite things that the team at Edge Hill offer is the range of workshops they hold for students. Whether you want to beat your procrastination and make sure you finish all your essays with time to spare or feel the need to express your feelings through the medium of art then there is something on offer for you.

When I first came to Edge Hill there was a workshop on Overcoming Homesickness that I attended. Although I wasn’t living too far away from home moving away to uni was a huge lifestyle change, and it can be a bit scary. I was uncertain about a lot of things, but the workshop gave me a lot of great tips on how to deal with the change, and reminded me no matter where you come from home is only a phone call away!

There is so much on offer, and I would totally encourage you to give one of these workshops a try. They can help you in so many ways, and they could be that extra building block in developing a more confident, mindful and happy you.

If you want to see a full list of the workshops the Student Services team held this year then click here. Don’t hesitate to drop them an email if you have any questions/concerns, they will be more than happy to help out!

Quote for the day: Walked out this morning I don’t believe what I saw, a hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore. Seems I’m not alone in being alone” -The Police.

There’s help available everywhere, just don’t be too afraid to ask for it!

Hope you all have another fantastic week. Until next time 🙂

Money Talks

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the official summertime. Unfortunately the rain has decided to chase the sun away at home, and I’m really missing all the sunshine. However, I hope the weather is treating you well.

This week I’m doing a quick post to let you know about extra funding you might be entitled to while at uni. This includes bursaries and scholarships available to students, so listen up!

It’s always good to know if you can get a little extra help with your finance.

Your main source of funding will obviously come from Student Finance, which if you’re coming to uni next year you’ve gone through the application for. You have to reapply for your student loan each year (but it gets easier the second time around – I swear!)

However, a lot of universities offer scholarships, both academic and non-academic.

From sports scholarships that aim to enhance and support your sporting talent, to the Adam Bell scholarship that honours students who help out the university community in a significant way, there are many ways to have your individual talents rewarded.

For a full list of the scholarships available for students at Edge Hill go have a look here.

Currently Edge Hill also has bursaries available for prospective students, including a bursary that rewards high achievers for outstanding grades in their A level or BTEC courses.

The best thing about these scholarships is that they contribute to aiding your learning, whether that’s in the classroom or on the football pitch!

I’d urge you to check out some of these, you never know what scholarships you may be eligible for, and they can really make a huge difference to you during the course of your degree.

Quote for the day: “The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing.” -Carrie Wilkerson.

Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time 🙂

My Weekend is All Booked

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the nice weather, I’m glad that it has decided to stick around. It’s exam season, so if you have any upcoming exams best of luck to you!

This week I’m going to talk about reading lists, and give you some tips that might save you a bit of money.

Reading lists are super important at uni, no matter what your course. That doesn’t mean that you should worry about them though.

If you like to be super prepared then you can do some reading over the summer, but this won’t be expected of you in first year – especially if you don’t receive your reading list until you enrol.

When I got my first reading list I was a bit daunted, there seemed to be so many books and I had no idea how I was going to read them all or how I was going to afford them!

Tip number one: Only buy core reading books for each module. Most course modules will have core reading books, which are the main books you will need for each subject. There may be a list of recommended secondary reading. Usually these books are for specialised topics, so you won’t need to buy them in advance.

Tip number two: Hunt around for the best deals on your books. Although Amazon
sometimes has good deals on books, other sites often have the same books for cheaper prices. A lot of universities have a start-of-year book sale, when students will sell on their used books to first years. This is a good thing to look out for, as it will usually be the cheapest and easiest way to get all your books.

Tip number three: Never underestimate the library! If you’re having trouble finding a particular book, or need a specific book for an assignment then the library is the place to go. It’s almost certain they’ll have the book that you need, and if not then there are hundreds of online journal articles that might be of use.

Last top tip: never ignore a reading list! It’s there to help you with your assignments and exams, so make sure you’re aware of it. It will make life so much easier, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you first think.

Quote for the day: “So many books, so little time.” -Frank Zappa

Hope you all have a good day, until next time!

-Becki 🙂

These Are Not the Grades You Are Looking For

Hi everyone!

(Yes the title of this blog is a Star Wars reference.)

Today I wanted to talk a little about the tutors at university, and the kind of support and advice you can expect.

When you come to Edge Hill you are assigned a Personal Tutor. This is usually a member of staff in the department running your degree (they are your real life Obi Wan Kenobi.) If you have any problems with your degree, or have any worries they are a great place to go.

I spend a lot of time meeting my personal tutor when I have a coursework deadline looming. This is really helpful, as it calms me down and my personal tutor gives me advice and guidance on essays, how to cope with stress levels and occasionally we will just have a small chat about life.

Since there are so many members of staff it can be daunting knowing who to talk to, but as a personal tutor could be with you throughout the duration of your studies, you always have a friendly face and an open ear.

Your seminar tutors will also become very familiar during the years of your degree. I guarantee you will be sending them a lot of emails, whether that is about an upcoming essay, how to reference properly or to let them know you’re ill and can’t make it to a class.

As the end of the semester is fast approaching that means there are more deadlines. Thankfully, seminar tutors are super supportive. The last week of semester you can arrange a meeting with specific tutors for advice and guidance on essays.

Lectures and seminars can give you a great overview and introduction to a topic, but most essays will require a lot of independent research. Since there is so much independence though, it is always nice to check that you’re heading in the right direction.

A seminar tutor can prevent that last minute essay meltdown, and give you that little extra push so you have confidence in your essay. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone, and have someone to help you.

The thing I love most about Edge Hill is the fact that there is so much support on offer. The tutors are always ready to help, no matter what the issue is. Never be afraid to ask for help!

Quote for the day: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” -William Arthur Ward

Hope you all have a great week.

Until next time 🙂

To Be or Not to Be

Hi everyone!

Hope you have all had an absolutely amazing Easter. Thankfully most of us still have a few more days before we’re back to work.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the last few days, even more so than usual. Reading week is usually the time I use to do research or finish off the reading list, but with an exam on the horizon my life is all about Hamlet right now.

I’ve decided to take a bit of a break now (it is Easter Sunday after all) and am watching a production of the play instead. Still slightly productive, but slightly less work than researching the use of iambic pentameter in Shakespeare plays. . .

Which brings me to my advice for the week, and I hope it helps a few of you out. This week’s topic: revision!

Some of you might be sick of hearing the word already, and if so I apologise. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. There are more creative ways to revising than just copying chunks of text or re-reading your own notes.

Since everyone works differently, and enjoys different learning styles what works for someone else might not work for you. Don’t let that deter you though! If you haven’t found a way that works for you then you can try out a few of these techniques:

-mind maps
-note cards

Personally I love putting on a specially selected work playlist, and making a mind map or two. It increases my productivity, and gives me an incentive to keep working.

The trick is to find something that will help you work, and not something that will distract you. If you find yourself doodling when you’re in class turn that doodle into a revision aid! Pictures might help you learn and/or remember things more quickly than just reading it.

Give things a go, until you find a way that works for you! That way you’ll stop putting off revision until the last minute, and when you do revise it will be a lot more productive.

Quote for the day: To be, or not to be: that is the question.” Hamlet –William Shakespeare.

I have an extra treat for you today, considering this post is all about revision I will share one of the songs on my work playlist with you. And as I’ve been reading Shakespeare, this one has been on repeat for the past couple of days.

I hope you all have a great week, and I shall see you again next time! 🙂

BIG news…

Hi guys,

How are you? I’m super good, like really good, ahhhhhhh.

Right, well for months I have been trying to decide what to do after uni (and I mean it’s right around the corner so I really needed to get going on plans) and I’ve finally found it. I’M GOING TO CAPE TOWN, AHHHHHHHHHHHH! How amazing. Basically I’m volunteering in a hospital for just under three months and doing that really student-y thing of trying to ‘find myself’ (ha, cringe). But yeah, it’s all booked and I’m uber excited to get going. BUT until then, I have to first get the grades I wan and graduate, so no biggie ahaha.

University is the best place in the world to work out who you are and what you love (again, cringe) but that’s the truth. EHU has especially helped me in finding out what I think about things and what I don’t. My course, sociology, especially makes me question everything, from tv soaps all the way to world politics. I usually walk into seminars or lectures having a solid opinion on something, and then two hours later I walk back out with a completely different stance on the world. You meet people at uni from all over the country and world, with different backgrounds, opinions and beliefs. To be honest sometimes this can cause clashes, however, I find that debating nights have brought some of the best nights, followed of course by ‘agree to disagree’ drinks. You find independence on a whole new level, from cooking what you what, when you want, to opening bank accounts, putting deposits down on a house and staying out to all hours (and then finding the dedication to go that 9 am lecture ahah),

EHU helps shape who you become (overload on cringe today, I am really sorry!). The University provides a range of supportive systems to encourage students to meet their potential. Supportive staff, from tutors, course leaders and the student support team and in place to help any student at any time. Then you’ve got peer help, such as student mentors and class reps who are always willing to listen to students needs. When you’re having a bad day, always remember that everyone at EHU are working to help you. Their job is literally in place to make sure you get the best experience, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

Hope your studies are going well and you’re starting to get excited for September!

Until next time…

So Valentine’s day is right around the corner. U redE?

So Valentine’s day is fast approaching and this post is dedicated to all the singles spending it alone. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to focus on all the positives of being single and that’s a great thing.

So, love aside, how are you? I’m good. This week I’ve given blood, studied so hard I fell asleep reading a book and had a great week social-wise. So overall great things. What am I looking forward to hmmm… Well after uni I plan on volunteering in southern Africa for a while until I work out my life plan. Coming to uni is hard when you don’t know where you’ll end up after. Some courses are more geared for the future, such as primary education or education ingeneral, but with a sociology degree the world is my oyster cause it opens up so many doors. It’s picking the right door to walk through which is the hard part… and that’s not a bad thing. Don’t arrive hear and listen to anyone who tells you you need to know what you’re doing after uni, cause you don’t. Having a degree will set you up for life and take you places you never would have believed.

So, don’t worry about the future, just concentrate on getting here and EHU will take care of you… I mean, they have taken care of me.

Until next time…


Last semester, let’s do this!


I can’t actually believe I’ve made it here, like seriously. University is such a rollercoaster of emotions and I’d be lying if I didn’t say there has been days when I just wanted to walk away… BUT, I’m so so so so so SO happy I stayed. EHU has definitely been one of (if not the) best decision of my life. Obviously, you’ll think I’m biased towards this uni because I go here, but seriously I don’t know any other uni that provides as much support and care for it’s students as EHU. EHU has reassured me that I can do it, every time I wanted to give up and I’m so glad they did.

EHU has a range of supportive areas. Everything from personal tutors who are willing to drop their massive work load at the drop of a hat, to financial and special learning requirements support. Staff are willing to help in any way they can, whether the problem is big or small… so never feel you can’t go to them for help. Staff are friendly and very approachable and I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as me.

When you arrive in September you’ll know exactly what I mean…

Until next time…

HELP! I need somebody…

So student support?

Well.. when it comes to student services EHU provides a range of different support systems in order for their students to get the best out of their university experience. Which of course is FAB. Areas such as essay help or academic support can be located in the library and meetings can be arranged at the help desks for further information. The black building located next to the hub is the home for all areas relating to student support. In here, you’ll be able to find a financial team ready to answer all your queries, and other help such as guidance for looking for a part time job.

This year EHU also has a FANTASTIC team of student mentors, who have been fully trained to aid students in settling into uni life. Some students may take a little longer to find their feet at university, but fear not, you’re not alone! The mentors will be around through out your years at the university, so whether you need directions to your next lecture or a quick chat, you’ve always got someone, yay!

Support network? Well, you’ve got your family (can’t forget them), your friends.. then there’s your personal tutor?, lecturers?, seminar tutors?, society friends?, student mentors?… the list is endless (well obviously it ends, but you get my point.. right?).

So basically, to sum up… you’re never alone at EHU and we don’t want you to feel like you ever are. Make sure you use your links to your support network when things get a little rocky, cause suffering in silence really wont help… trust me!

Until next time…