Beat the loneliness, Edge Hill style.

Living alone for the first time, or at least away from your parents and family can feel lonely, there’s no disputing that fact. However, you don’t have to give into that feeling of loneliness at Edge Hill, since there’s literally so much to do beyond your studies. 

In a prior blog I’ve spoken a lot about coffee, probably too much, so I’ll spare you from another piece about that. Though, getting a coffee either alone as a treat or with a friend who is also on campus in order to catch up is an option to combat that lonely feeling. 

Another aspect of campus I spoke about was the Red Bar, I have now been to the Red Bar and could easily classify myself as its number one fan. Amazing food and staff make it a great experience with friends or solo. The food is super cheap but super good, I was shocked at the quality. Pizzas, Nachos, Paninis, the list goes on and on in regard to what you can get there. If you’re visiting in the evening, there is also a selection of alcohol, though perhaps save that one for when you’re there with friends, solo drinking could make you feel more lonely. 

Side stepping from activities on campus, there’s an array of things you can do at Edge Hill that requires no spending. When feeling a tad down, I’ve taken my phone, found a podcast, and just wandered into Ormskirk. A slow walk to decompress, accompanied by audio that isn’t music can be extremely relaxing or a good method to decompress. If time isn’t on your side, kill two birds with one stone and do your weekly food shop at the same time. Morrisons is a lot more tolerable when accompanied by a good podcast of your choice. The Daily is a very good podcast to listen to, 30 minutes long usually about different topics. 

There are so many other ways to combat loneliness at Edge Hill that all my future blogs could approach each subject, but I think we’d all get bored of reading that. I could go on and on but in the interest of wrapping things up, my parting statement in this blog would be to find something that makes you happy beyond your studies, and tailor it to combat that loneliness, for me it’s my Video Game consoles, for you it could be something very different. 


What food is available on campus?!

I’ve been sitting here for about half an hour now trying to decide what to write about this week, and with a back log of about 50+ posts I was wracking my brains about what subjects I haven’t covered, when my stomach stared to rumble…FOOD. I suddenly realised I’ve never talked about the food that’s available on campus, which I think is probably a rather important one if you’re a massive foodie like me! So here’s a little break down of what’s on offer…enjoy!

This is the main cafeteria on campus that you’ll be eating in if you go for the catered option of halls. I can safely say that I stayed on campus for three weeks over summer working on the summer residentials and ate here for three meals a day and it was fantastic, there were at least 4 dinner options every day, absolutely LOADS of breakfast options and the salad bar was so nice just like the kind you’d find in Pizza Hut!

McColls and ‘Other Corner Shop (I’m sure it has a name but I can’t remember it!)’
We have two different little shops on campus which are pretty stocked up on all your essentials. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a meal deal lunch or quickly want to pick something up for dinner, its pretty much got everything you need and the staff are so lovely and helpful! – They are my flat mates after all!

We have two Starbucks on campus which although is absolutely fabulous, it’s really not working wonders for my bank account or coffee addiction…

Panini Bar
I like to call this Edge Hills answer to subway, you can pretty much just make your own customs baguettes, bagels, paninis and sandwiches, and they really do have all the toppings!

SU Bar
If you’re looking for classic pub grub this is the place for you. They have seriously cheap deals and the burgers are amazing, definitely worth checking out, we always tend to go on a lunch time after a big morning pitch to celebrate.

Nom Take Out
If you really just can’t be bothered to cook or are in serious need to chips after a night in SU, we have our very own take out on campus – what more could you ask for?!

And of course I’ve saved the best till last. The stalls we have on a Tuesday are seriously the best thing since sliced bread. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried ‘The Cake Man’ (yes that’s really the name he goes by) his brownies and cakes are literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted. There’s also a great coffee stall that does every flavour under the sun and also a crepe stand.

There are also a couple of other places for food available on campus including: Water’s Edge in the Faculty of Health, one in the Performing Arts building! Theres so many options available on campus that you don’t even need to leave!