My A-Z of Edge Hill University

A – Art’s Centre: The Art’s Centre hosts a wide range of entertainment available for anyone – film, theatre, and music. Currently, students can get a free membership that comes with a few free tickets.
B – Biosciences: Obviously the greatest department around, is the department of biology. The building is filled with great equipment such as the electron microscope as well as having the brand new tech hub lab next door. Of course, the department staff are as well phenomenal – the technicians, administrators and lecturers.
C – Campus: Our wonderful campus is fairly small but incredibly beautiful. With two lakes and plenty of green spaces, you will never be far from nature, yet the modern facilities are equally as stunning.
D – Ducks: If you don’t know already, you should know that the ducks on campus are essentially the mascots of our uni.
E – Edge Link: The Edge Link Bus runs from campus to Ormskirk throughout the day, roughly every 15 minutes.
F – Facilities: Many impressive facilities exist at Edge Hill, the newest of which is the Techhub. It hosts the new biotechnology lab, as well as the CAVE. Other buildings worth mentioning are Creative Edge and Sporting Edge – both being modern facilities for the computery creative and the athletic populations of Edge Hill.
G – Green: Facilities Management became the second university in the UK to gain the Green Flag Award for maintaining an attractive and welcoming campus. Our uni is also green in that it is environmentally conscious, sporting solar panels, ground source heating and thermal heat recovery.
H – History: Edge Hill College, as it was once known, was originally a women-only teaching college, until accepting men in 1959. The history of Edge HIll has links to women’s rights and the Suffragette movement.
I – International: The International office allows students the opportunity to study abroad on the ERASMUS+ program. We have links to Sweden, Cyprus, Belgium, and many more.
J – Joint Honours: Those wishing to study a joint or combined honours degree will find a number of options available to them at Edge Hill, particularly in the Humanities subjects on offer here.
K – Knowledge: Those studying at Edge Hill will gain knowledge into their degree subject that only a lecturer could give. Studying Biology at Edge Hill has presented me with many opportunities to learn that would not have been available to me otherwise.
L – Liverpool: A mere 30 minutes on the train from Liverpool, Ormskirk is nicely situated near the bustling city.
M – Money Advice Team: The Money Advice Team offer advice at drop-in sessions all throughout the term, providing support on money management as well as information regarding scholarships and the hardship fund.
N – Nightlife: There are few clubs and bars in Ormskirk, as well as the SU Bar and Quad, ensuring you will have plenty of choices if you decide on a night in town.
O – Ormskirk: A quaint market town that makes a lovely place to call your home away from home. From the clock tower to coronation park, I know I’ve come to love it.
P – PGCE: Qualifications for teaching are also available at Edge Hill, alongside other undergrad and postgrad degrees.
Q – Queer representation: Our students’ union have both an LGBT+ Officer and also the upcoming position of a Trans Officer.
R – Red Bar: The Red Bar – adjacent the Arts Centre – is the location of the Open Mic nights and serves delicious pizza! The staff are incredibly welcoming too. Also here are many board games for a nice quiet social time.
S – Societies and Sports: So! Many! Societies! Ranging from Sports clubs to liberation or recreational socs.
T – Tutors: I can speak from experience when I say that my personal tutor has been very supportive of me and has provided great support when I’ve needed it. Personal tutors definitely make an important part of the incredible student support system at Edge Hill.
U – University of the Year: Back in 2014-5, Edge Hill won the University of the Year in 10th annual Times Higher Education (THE) Awards – a title it rightfully deserves!
V – Varsity: The annual sporting competition between us and the University of Central Lancashire is a great opportunity to get involved in competitive sport. Bonus V – Vikings: The Edge Hill American football team!
W – Whatuni awards: This year, Edge Hill won top accommodation, third for student support, and placed in the top five for Courses and Lecturers and Uni Facilities.
X – Xenobiotics: One of the areas of study by our biology department is mosquitoes as a vector for human disease. A topic that accompanies this is the use of insecticides – xenobiotics – to kerb the spread of said diseases.
Y – You: Our Student’s Union values you, and is made by you. Our bar and house staff are students, as are the elected officers, president and vice presidents.
Z – Zoo: Chester zoo is not far, and was one of the trips I attended during the first few weeks of my biology degree. It was a great icebreaker and helped form bonds that would only be strengthened in Cyprus, another trip in the first term of my first term of Biology.

My Favourite Places on Campus

Edge Hill’s campus is full of beautiful places, it’s like its own little town with pretty much everything you would need. The friendly, community feel of the campus was a huge factor in my choice to study here so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite places with you.

The Arts Centre

I love the Arts Centre because it has such great facilities for the performing arts students. It boasts a large number of facilities for every aspect of the arts from dance studios to costume workshops. I personally enjoy going to see shows and events there, I’ve been to so many over the last couple of years from professional productions to those put on by students and I’ve even performed in the Rose theatre myself!

Chancellor’s Court

Chancellor’s court is where I used to live in first year, it has a certain nostalgia about it for me. My room used to directly overlook the river so it was lovely to wake up to such a gorgeous view. I Love sitting at the beach area when the weather is nice. The entire area is such a relaxing environment and definitely one of my favourite places to chill.

Sporting Edge

I managed to see Sporting Edge being built during my first year at Edge Hill, seeing how much it developed really interested me. I love how new and shiny everything is there, especially the swimming pool which is where I spend most of my time there. One of my favourite aspects of the sports building is that it has a café area overlooking the pool so you can grab a Starbucks after a good work out.

The Hub

I spend most of my time in The Hub nowadays, it’s the central point of the campus and is often very busy during term times. It has so many different places to grab food and a drink, you can get a meal deal from McColl’s or a hot meal from Sages, or my personal favourite a panini from the sandwich area. The Hub also has a number of different stalls that visit on a weekly basis that sell crepes, smoothies, candles, knitwear and a load of other things. It’s a great and very central place to meet up with friends before or after class.





The Brand New Sporting Edge…

As I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve checked out Edge Hill online or on any of our social media platforms, we have a brand new sporting edge, and I can promise it really is living up to all the expectations! Opened only a mere 5 weeks ago, it’s a lively hive for all things sport and fitness related, and I can assure it is even more impressive in real life than in the pictures.

For any info on prices, facilities and classes please check out the website here: SPORTING EDGE, but for today I thought I’d just share my thoughts and experiences on the all new and improved sporting edge…

During my first and second year, I got a gym membership at the Edge Hill Gym, and I found it was really good value and the facilities were great, so I can imagine they are even more amazing now! However being in 3rd year I was a bit unsure as to how much time I would have to hit the gym and therefore I didn’t renew. Additionally the new sporting edge initiative ‘Get Active Programme’ caught my eye and I decided I would give that a go instead. The programme puts on a range of activities each week for students to get involved in. They have everything from Jiu Jitsu, to Badminton for only £1 a week which I think is such amazing value! So far I’ve been to a few of the classes including Box Fit, Spinning and Abs Express and I thought they were so much fun, I am so pleased to see that the new sports centre are still thinking about student budgets and offering so much at such small prices! You can also sign up to the programme as an annual membership which is £30 to go to any of the sessions for free and to use the new pool, which again is amazing value and the facilities and quality of the classes are outstanding. I’ve been to the pool a few times since it has been opened and it really is great, and not too busy, and at £2 a session you really can’t go wrong.

I hope this gives you a little ideas of whats available on a small budget in the new sporting edge, obviously they have an amazing new fitness suite which you can check out on the website and a range of other classes on offer so definitely have a look there if you’re interested in what else they have to offer!

Edge Hill Sport

Entrance-1 Spinning-class
Before I came to university I don’t think i’d ever set foot in a gym in my life! I’d always been very into dancing, but when it came to sport and fitness I was useless! So one of the goals I had when I arrived at University was to join the gym, and with the university one being a short minute walk from my halls that seemed like the best option! I have now been a member here for a year and a half so I thought I’d let you in on a little insight of what its like…..

Fitness Suite
The fitness suite over looks the running track and offers a range of fitness equipment and machines. They also offer weekly 1- 1 personal trainer sessions, which is great if your new to the gym! You can also follow different fitness programme that are pre designed for you so you can get the most out of the gym!

This is where you’ll find me more often than not, I LOVE the classes here, they literally offer everything from Zumba, Abs Express and Circuits to Jungle Body and Boot Camps! My favourites are Yoga and Legs, Bums and Tums, the instructors are so nice and its such a fun way of getting fit!

Get Active Programme
The Get Active is our weekly social programme of recreational activities. There are a huge range of activities to choose from. It’s focused on providing a social environment, perfect for people who haven’t played for a while, complete beginners and people who’d like to add something different to their usual routine. Its only £1 per session so is amazing value and theres so many sports on offer!

And if all that isn’t enough were currently in phase 2 of a £30 million development to build a brand new state of the art indoor and outdoor sports complex! This will include top-of-the-range 3G football / rugby pitch, 6-a-side courts, hockey pitch and grass football pitches, as well as a 25-metre swimming pool and fitness suite incorporating the latest technology with 80 stations to exercise all parts of the body, an Aerobic studio and double sports hall to play badminton, basketball and squash courts!!

Sport at Edge Hill

Before I departed Ormskirk for the summer, I finally joined the gym at Edge Hill. I thought it was about time because I’ve been at Edge Hill University two years now and never actually used any of the excellent sport facilities there. These come under what’s known as ‘sporting edge’ and include:

  • A full fitness suite
  • A 18 meter swimming pool
  • A full-sized athletic track
  • Astro turf football pitches
  • Indoor tennis court
  • Dance Studio

In a previous blog I mentioned that a new sporting edge building is being built (see “”) and this due for completion in 2015. To use the facilities you can opt for a ‘pay as you go’ style membership, but I chose to opt for a premier off-peak membership with a one off annual payment of £105. This means my membership will last me throughout my final year of my degree and I have access to a lot of services.

As part of my membership I get personal training sessions in the fitness suite, which I plan to get set up once I’m back. I also plan to use the swimming pool and try out the classes that Sporting Edge offers. If you want more information on any of the above then the link to sporting edge is below 🙂